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Progressives, Now's Your Chance To Secure Healthcare For All


Progressives, Now's Your Chance To Secure Healthcare For All

Gregg Bloche

Decades from now, the collapse of Republicans’ campaign to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) may be seen as the moment America finalized its commitment to healthcare for all.


“I wince at the thought of allowing Insurers to exclude…”

I wince at the thought of Insurers being involved in Our Health Care at all.


Indeed. Why do we need an article (or efforts) about piecemealing a ‘for profit system’. The answer is easy “publicly run single payer”. It has worked well for almost a century in so many other nations.


Washington bipartisanship usually means Democrats and Republicans united in who they can screw over for the benefit of their donors.

They vote together on killing foreigners in some shiny new war, or making it harder for consumers to reduce their debt through bankruptcy, or cheering for the latest Likud party policy. Now, apparently, they’ve found common ground in preserving health insurer subsidies. You know - those same health insurers whose executives are getting rich off of the poor health of American citizens.

Medical savings accounts, a patchwork of state “cultural” exemptions, and another public option bait-and-switch is not a path to universal care. Its another plan for leaving people uninsured, under-insured, and going broke over medical bills - just like every other insurer-based plan.

Progressives, now is the time to organize to demand health care for all.


Progressives, now’s your chance to note that the author …

helped to develop President Obama’s 2008 campaign healthcare reform plan and advised the 2008-2009 presidential transition.

Progressives, now’s your chance not to settle for tweaking another industry, first, people second, bipartisan compromise. Running a healthcare system on a for profit basis only guarantees that much needed healthcare resources go to paying obscene executive salaries and insures that campaign donations to both parties from the insurance and pharma continue to flow.


Recall Obama serially criticizing Congressman turned insurance lobbyist Billy Tauzin during the 2008 campaign, only to see Obama kick off the ACA process in January 2009 with a secret meeting with Tauzin where he agreed that the ACA would prohibit gubmit negotiating drug prices with Billy’s clients.

Insurance is a financial product, not a health care product.

Although insurance companies need to be removed from the equation, I DO agree that states need to have more control over the scope of Medicare for All, Currently Medicare does not cover naturopathic medicine or acupuncture while most state and private insurance programs regulated by state insurance commissioners do. As long as Washington DC continues to be a one stop bribing station, any program that is controlled by DC will serve the lobbyists and their clients, not the citizens it should be serving.


What you may not realize is that insurers exclude all the time. That is why Medicare was created and Medicaid to fix what Medicare didn’t. It also established federal law protections that over the years limits what can be eliminated. What is happening now is that they are going after (as they always have) are those protections. Currently some of them will end up in the Supreme Court. Attempts to privatize Medicare through managed care has not worked so now instead of privatizing it a piece at a time they are trying to privatize the whole thing. HR 676 global budgets=equal managed care with a Presidential appointed Board that advises the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Why anyone thinks that is a good idea is beyond me.


The regional centers of DDS have dealt with this issue too at some very personal levels. It is all about who decides. There are easier ways to do this. One would be to increase taxes on Medicare that haven’t been increased since 1985. And actually establish equality instead of beating around the bush as this author does. There are some serious disconnects that are coming to light here.


I was just using the quote as a jump off point.

But, oh yeah, do they exclude.


Its an excellent point, and government replacing that is not a bad idea IF protections stay in place and are improved. I didn’t see anything like that mentioned in the bill.


If you keep the for profit pieces in place as this author suggests- it is not single-payer, medicarcare for all.


You must live in a progressive state. There are good things about state control but it is also the reason 19 states haven’t expanded Medicaid to their citizens. What Medicare for All does is creates budgets regional and state directors that get their funds from the Federal program that may or may not be what we think it is because that is curiously absent.


This seems like more Rube Goldberg to me.


Great Post, jneastra.


Good grief - another Medicare for All stall - why is CD publishing this article - one can only guess , (smile)


A complete mismatch between the headline and the views expressed by the author.


Just another incrementalist neo-liberal proposing a plan to prevent Medicare for All. The solution is HR676. The majority of House Democrats are currently co-sponsors. The incrementalist neo-libs tells us that health care is complicated. When they do this they conflate health care with paying for health care. Health care is complicated, that is why we require a high level of education and training for health care providers. Paying for health care through a single payer system is not complicated. It is only complicated in our extremely dysfunctional and corrupt for profit non-health care system.


I would change the title to Progressives, Now’s Your Chance to Secure Medicare For All (HR676). And then, just forgo the neo-lib blather of the article, which is nothing but a blatant but underhanded attempt to dissuade Progressives from pursuing Medicare for All.


Perhaps the author hasn’t been paying attention to the Democrats since 1948. A two-corporate party system is no chance at all.

Progressives, now’s your chance to make it clear that your votes are no longer free.


Yep. Single payer was corrupted. Now everyone is confused and no little credit to Bernie for talking out both sides of his mouth, and the dnc who brought him to us.
Medicare for all. Anyone who won’t even say it or acts like it’s a stall - run. We need the insurance companies OUT of health care.