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Progressives 'Overjoyed' as John Bolton Leaves White House

Nice. Military generals have especially short tenures in the Trump administration.

Then again, outside of ass-kissers like Carson, Ross, and Mnuchin, most Trumpistas do.

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this is funny on several levels. gonna have to be some narrative touching up on a few fronts.

good for trump. as awful of a human being as trump is, Bolton is orders of magnitude worse.


that’s the amazing thing. you’d think from the “liberal” press that Trump would be trying to recreate the conquest path of the Mongolians.

yet no new wars, and a few lame attempts at stopping a couple.

if Trump gets through this last year not starting any new guns firing anywhere else, he matches a record not seen since…wait for it…FDR’s first term.

now there’s a comparison to give one some hefty gas!


Considering the Zionist hand out dual citizenship like Kentucky hands out Colonelships you are close enough. There are numerous dual citizen Zionist in the US Congress and Senate. Most of them would not know a Synagogue from a corner liquor store but are proud to be among the ‘Chosen’.


Now the rump can put the old nuclear deal back on the table, change a couple of words and declare it as a new and better agreement because ‘not Obama’s’. Oh, and let’s not forget that the ‘person’ who fired Bolton is just as vile and dangerous as Bolton himself. Which brings me to an off topic question. Who the heck is still working for this orange dips**t? Seems like he’s fired, well, just about everyone.


I used to think that we would never have a worst president than G.W. Bush. It didn’t take long to prove me wrong.
I disagreed with Bush 95% of the time, trump has not done anything I would agree with.


Sadly this jackass will probably end up on MSDNC as a paid contributor. All he needs to do is a little hating on Donita Assolini and he will be a permanent panel member on morning Joe and Andrea Mitchell. The money train always props these crazy war monger nuts up.


I think that would even be too much for them. Probably going to Fox. BTW Breitbart is loving Bolton’s firing.

Yea, you are right. I guess when hell opens its gates unexpected disasters show up.

I don’t watch TV and would recommend that practice to anyone wanting sanity and clarity.


It will not change everything, but it will immediately lower the blood pressure of thousands or, better, millions of Americans. And will likely increase the lifespans of many outside the U.S.
CELEBRATE! Even if it’s only for a day!


Only a Sick Demented President would hire a Homicidal Maniac to be his Foreign Policy Advisor.

John Bolton has no respect for Human Life, especially if they are Foreigners.

What any President needs on his Advisory Staff are people who believe that ALL Life is Sacrosanct and we should never be Bombing Sovereign Countries unless it is in Self Defense.

It is hard to imagine hiring a Sick Psychotic Deranged individual who is constantly promoting the Killing of Foreigners that we disagree with.

Bolton Never promoted a Peaceful Solution to problems, he always sought to Bully our Adversaries and Bomb them into submission or Impose Crippling Sanctions until they complied with our demands.

I guess these Charles Manson types are the kind of People our Sadistic Bigoted President welcomes into his Administration.


He even got out of Putin’s way and helped keep Al Qaeda out of the presidency of Syria.

No fan of Putin or Assad’s, but I’ll take them over AQ any day.

And really, wasn’t the straw that broke Bolton’s back the fact that he wanted to keep fighting the Taliban?


me too…

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celebrate!! dance in the streets everywhere !!

The young lady is one of the very best athletes - ever.

I have not yet seen his short list of potential replacements, but I understand the Chump would like you to hold his beer …

I think so. It’s pretty likely that Bolton’s been the source of a lot of leaks whenever Trump had the impulse to minimize bloodshed. This was clearly not his first transgression. I also suspect he’s been working with more than a few Democrats to torpedo and peace overtures to pretty much anyone, but especially N Korea.

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the story of her dress is a good one. it had fallen apart literally minutes before going on stage, and in this entire performance, it’s being held up on her torso by a single pin. Imagine trying to dance like that. Butler’s a master.

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Sorry, reader … it appears I jumped the gun on that short list. Here is Chump’s “interim” replacement from an adjacent CD article …

“Charlie Kupperman has been an advisor to me for more than thirty years, including during my tenure as National Security Advisor to President Trump.” — John Bolton


It is not over yet. “In a statement, the Council on Islamic American Relations celebrated the decision and said the group hoped for a more reasoned and rational replacement.” Unfortunately, Bolton’s replacement is Charles Kupperman. He was on the board of The Center for Security Policy which according to Wikipedia The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated a hate group. Specifically for spreading false conspiracy theories and Islamophobia. Charles Kupperman is Jewish so is not going to well for the Council on Islamic American Relations. It is over when Trump leaves office.

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