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Progressives Push Back After Congressional Black Caucus Attacks Justice Democrats Over Primary Challenges

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/12/progressives-push-back-after-congressional-black-caucus-attacks-justice-democrats

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From the article:

“This is a democracy and voters deserve choices.”

You’d think that any group calling itself “The Democratic Party” would understand that simple point—but you’d be wrong. Brand D colludes with its Brand R doppelganger to restrict voters’ choices to themselves, an effort in which they’re supported by corporate media and Big Tech.


CBC: Corporate Black Caucus.


unDemocratic Party


It’s time to bring the house down and all of the self interested people who have betrayed the best interests of the people of our nation need to get out of the way. It is time to call people out for what they really are - not what they appear to be - or what they hypocritically use to retain power.


Or the fake Democratic Party!

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We really need another Option on the left.


I prefer using ‘un’ because of its previous usage as the unCola and the ungame.


We have other options, most notably the Green Party. The problem is that we also have a majority that says that we must fight them harder than we fight the Republicans. We must have “party unity,” and not go off “chasing unicorns.”

Which of course means that we must not allow anything to get in the way of predatory capitalism, because it’s only a matter of time before I get mine…



This interesting article from The Intercept sheds light on the “we must support moderates, even in progressive districts” mentality. Meanwhile, the opportunity ripens to create that third party:


A circular firing squad?

As I commented on another thread a couple of days ago, the compliant CBC has been the lynchpin in what keeps the Third Way in control of the Democratic Party for the last thirty years.
MLK and Malcom X would bitch slap the bunch of them.


Sometimes you need a circular firing squad. If for no other reason, to see who is smart enough to duck.


The innocent protests of CBC toads are similar to Biden’s line about being at “the forefront of civil rights for decades” – we know you were there, Joe, the question is: which side were you on?


Republicans successfully moved American politics far to the right by attacking a defeating members of their own party with more socially conservative/neocon/neoliberal challengers, and Democrats need to do the same. Neoliberalism is destroying America and the Earth, and must be driven out of the Democratic Party.


Some truth to that, but context is important: The investment of millions and ultimately billions in that rightward shift, not only of the Republican party through “grassroots” electoral pressure, but of the Democratic party as well through “campaign finance” of anti-New Deal neoliberals and the DNC.

If we are going to shift the Democratic party to the left through electoral challenges, we have to recognize that we are not capital, and we do not have billions of dollars of concentrated wealth to invest in the project. We have to use other tools that we have.

This dustup is about seniority and chairmanships on the House committees, subcommittees, et al.
Pork, whether it’s tenderloins, bacon, roasts or ribs, is still on the Congressional menu every day.
It’s how the business end of political power in America works. The 1%er capitalists use the tactics of fear, scarcity and the threat of more " austerity measures " to keep about 50-60% of all House members on their trampolines. When Nancy, Jim & Steny yell to the Dimocrats , "Jump " the chorus call back is usually " How high? ".

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“Incumbency and blackness aren’t qualifiers,” said Taylor. “Run on your record. Listen to your constituents.”

It is absurd to use race and the color of your skin as criteria for support for re-election.

If you are taking Donations/Bribes from Corporations and voting the way they tell you then you do not deserve to be re-elected.

Your job is to vote in the interest of what your constituents want and not let large donations influence your vote.

If you are a Democratic Corporate puppet then you should be Primaried regardless of your nationality or the color of your skin.

How else are we to get a progressive agenda through Congress, which will be beneficial to everyone and not just enrich Corporations.

We must weed out the greedy members and replace them with ethical representatives.


No. It’s called removing dead wood.


We have the progressives, the so-called centrists, and the corporate wing among democrats. There should be a separate party for each, and possibly more…Frankly, it should be the same for the Republican Party, Independents, Libertarians, and a couple of Green options.
We would likely have to change to run-off elections, but what we have ain’t working so why not.

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