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Progressives Pushing on Executive Appointments? Scandal!


Progressives Pushing on Executive Appointments? Scandal!

Robert Borosage

While Sens. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown stump across the country for Hillary Clinton, they are also spearheading progressive efforts to influence key appointments in a future Clinton administration. Following Warren’s dicta that “personnel is policy,” progressive groups are compiling lists of qualified candidates for key economic and regulatory posts, while gearing up to jam the Wall Street to Washington revolving door.

This naturally makes Wall Street apoplectic.


Excellent and important article here. If nothing else, Sanders' surprise success in the primary seems to have emboldened some of the more liberal Senators to finally speak up, and that's not a bad thing if you ask me.


Good article. The proof will be in the pudding. Shall we, for once, not see cabinet and sub-cabinet appointments from the "usual suspects" -- those who come from multimillion dollars gigs on Wall Street and go back to Wall Street after serving in office, in order to make more money trading on the Washington "experience" that can be touted to clients?

I am not at all optimistic progressive appointments will happen under Hillary; too many favors to pay back. I believe we would have seen such reform under Bernie. But it is a noble effort by Mr. Borosage and like-minded progressives, and I wish them well, along with Bernie and Elizabeth Warren, for trying. In the meantime, I'll vote for Stein/Baraka.


It's what "affirmative action" actually means.


Well, I won't hold my breath for HRC to 'do the right thing'. She owes the Banksters big time. The pressures she gets from progressives with voices make me hopeful, but not optimistic. This will be a very early indication of what we can expect from her majesty.


The appointees that Obama announced during the 2008 lame duck period was a preview to the 8 year horror show that followed. Put your tongues in cheek, folks.


... "surprise success"??
... like Hell! Sanders was ROBBED of the nomination! And lost his Agenda with it.

Given just HOW MUCH these "progressive" Dems have succeeded in pushing for HRC votes, SHE should be offering positions, not making them pressure her!

When Hillary DOES make additional appointments, we will likely see just why the "progressive bretheren" have essentially betrayed any true progressive agenda and have shown themselves complicit in an even-deeper oligarchic power-grab as true progressives like Stein have warned.

I would love to be shown wrong, but what are the chances?


A bit overoptimistic hoping Hillary will fulfill even a few of her "promises" on the campaign trail. I'm not sure she really made any real promises. Usually she punts a slider off to the side, not even a full fig leaf, just barely enough to keep the delusional believing that she is with them ("us"). This will just be more Wall Street and Pentagon double down.


It was certainly a surprise to the Democratic Party!

And just what do we gain by your (and others', such as @LadyK's) cynical expectation of the worst? Using dismissive epithets against HRC before she's even elected really damages the national spirit. I'm by no means enthusiastic about the coming administration, but I don't blame people until they've actually done something to be blamed for. You can't be betrayed by a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Yes, surprise success. As Sanders himself was fond of pointing out, when he started his campaign he was polling at 3%. Most people had never even heard of him. I think he did pretty well.

Compare to Martin O'Malley. Do an informal poll yourself and see just how many people remember who the third guy was onstage during the Democratic debates.


The only question regarding WAPO's editorial board piece is whether owner Jeff Bezos wrote or just edited it.


So what's the actual alternative? HRC and progressive pressure is what we have to work with. So let's work with it.

Delusional? If that's what it takes to get my country progressing again.


Hillary has already done a great deal to be blamed for! Are you suggesting that we should just ignore her previous reprehensible behavior?? I would be thrilled to acknowledge and applaud HRC when and if she should deserve it. That time is not now.


Of course not. That's where the progressive pressure comes into it. I'm a believer in grace, in evaluating current behavior/performance rather than hanging the full weight of past action over everyone's heads. I'm willing to get behind HRC, through Sanders, Warren, Feingold?, etc., and push her to do better when she gets through that glass ceiling.

Look, she turned FLOTUS into an activist post, to the point that the DJT campaign had to find some issue to assign to poor, trophy Melania. And then she got to work and built her own, independent political career. She has been a public servant. That she hasn't done everything we'd like, and indeed has done and said many things that make me shudder, is no reason to take the terrible chance of turning our nation into Trump, Inc. (And no, there's no chance of turning it Green, and I won't discuss that. It's too late for this round.)


Well, you may be able to get behind HRC despite her very recent obnoxious behavior during the primary, but many will not. I, personally, cannot ignore the blatant disrespect she showed to progressives, and given that disrespect (nearly contempt) she will have to earn my respect and support.

I agree that this election will not turn Green. I feel that it is, however, my responsibility to vote Green and begin the process of reducing the power of the current duopoly. It is long past time to discard the Lesser Evil Voting hypocrisy.


Senator Dick Durbin: " THEY RUN THE ( WALL STREET) PLACE."

And after their selection for POTUS is sworn in, in 2017, they will continue to "run the place".
Jill not Hill.


I agree, but the way to do that is to do away with partisanship and professional campaigning, and the Electoral College.


I would say that your chances of being wrong are between Slim and none...and Slim just left town!


"and their is no chance in turning it green" Not with your attitude. Both parties are corrupt and exist only to dole out lucrative government contracts and further their own political careers. "She has been a public servant." A servant, yes, a public servant, hardly. Her term as Sec of State can be best described by the body count resulting from her influence.


Your alternative solutions are valid, but no where in sight. Increasing the credibility of the Green party is. We do what we can, when we can.