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Progressives Rally on Election Day to Ensure Overwhelming Turnout Thwarts GOP's Voter Suppression Playbook

Progressives Rally on Election Day to Ensure Overwhelming Turnout Thwarts GOP's Voter Suppression Playbook

Jon Queally, staff writer

It's Election Day in the United States—the first national opportunity for voters in the country to voice their collective position about the governance of President Donald Trump and the Republican Party that has ruled the White House and both chambers of Congress for nearly two years.

When a dog turns bad and bites it’s master, showing it’s bloody teeth and growling at everyone, we do the humane thing, we put the bad dog down.

Today, it is everyone’s duty to go to the polls and put the bad dogs down!

For good.


Damn right I voted, and for the most part every election since 1974…

First, we take down the republicans, then we go after the democrats…

Enough of the political, economic, military and, most importantly, climate BS from the “only two viable options”…


What’s the “viable” alternative?

I voted as many times as I could.


I understand your perspective…two questions…

Why do you still live in the US?

Have you made preparations to defend yourself (as best you can) from the coming “hell”?

If there were a green(s) to vote for in my area, I would…regardless of the level (federal, state, or local)…


Their are a lot of progressives and good people on the democratic ticket but unfortunately, they are used by the democratic, elite to fool so many well meaning people that the democratic party is the party of change. In my view, the democratic party elite say: CHANGE IS COMING! CHANGE IS COMING! AND NOTHING EVER REALLY CHANGES!

Why hasn’t the sell out and capitulation of Bernie in the 2016 election awakened the democratic faithful to that fact? but like I have posted before, the democrats are very good at being the fake… opposition party!


My dog is not too smart. He wrote in Herbert Hoover in the last presidential election because he promised “a chicken in every pot”. (Okay, I’ll get away from the computer and go do something constructive.)


Yep! Thanks.


Have a drink and a smoke and lay low.

Someone or a group of someone’s are aiming to boot you off Common Dreams.

Take it easy…

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Vermont threw their votes away with Other, how sad.