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Progressives Say GM's Decision to Cut Off Employee Health Insurance 'Yet Another Reason Why We Need Medicare for All'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/18/progressives-say-gms-decision-cut-employee-health-insurance-yet-another-reason-why

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You would have to be completely propagandized or a total moron not to get this!!!
Well…I guess there are many out there that qualify for both categories.

I can only imagine that the SANE world out there is laughing at us, rolling their eyes, or simply silently shaking their heads in wonder. The richest (allegedly) country in the world treating their population like worthless pieces of chattel.


Bernie Sanders has a plan for that:


In response, the ByeDone campaign issued a statement:

“We had been assured by our friends in corporate leadership at GM that they would hold off on taking away health care benefits for UAW members until I’d been safely coronated…I mean elected. I consider this a betrayal and I’m even tempted to return GM ‘leadership’s’ campaign donation. But I’m not. Because reasons. Also record players fight cancer. Hummuma hummuna…wooooo.”


When we the taxpayer had to bailout GM and the other car companies back in 2008-09, those companies should have been nationalized. All the fat cats with their poor business decisions and fancy perks should have been fired. The workers should have been given ownership of the companies, as well as make the business decisions. But that’s not the American way. Instead, it’s welfare for the rich and risk for the poor.


This is exactly what I thought. At my university the union had to keep bargaining to keep our fine health care benefits instead of pay increases. Outsiders were mad at the union. Finally, the administrators facing problems from jacked up prices from the insurance companies charged us $900 per month to keep the insurance or change to an HMO. Everyone changed over. We would have done much better without having to bargain health care year after year.


Dear General Motors:
Hmmm GM stands for General Motors-----we all thought. LOL, but apparently, it stands for Greedy Morons.
I guess the greedy part is obvious, because does cutting the employees health insurance make the cars better? NO, and let me tell you, Greedy Morons, why this is a really BIG mistake.
If your 50,000 employees lose their health care, they will no doubt have to take another p.t. job to make ends meet to pay for their healthcare which they will scramble to find and pay for . They will no doubt be tired from extra jobs and stress, and mistakes will be made. After all, I suppose that they will lose sick days—right. WHY? What employee could afford to take sick days if a person has no health insurance???
MORALE suffers----loss of morale can take a company down—even a big company.
Without health care , are you going to pay employees more so they can pay for their health care on their own?
No mater what happens, your business will cause prospective buyers to see this unfairness, AND and if a BIG company like GM can do this, then you’ll be leading the little business guys astray too. If GM won’t pay, then why should we —they could say.
Then of course, the buying public might say to you GM, well gosh if you are screwing over your workers---- then what are they doing to the customers???

Maybe you should read about Henry Ford, although a lot of his life is meanness, and he was unfair to a lot pf people—BUT, he did improve the method of stream lining the production line and he understood one important thing that you GM, have overlooked!
Henry Ford might have been a SOB to many, but he understood that if he paid his employees well, and made it easy for them to purchase their own product, and that seeing lots of Fords on the street would help to build FORD into a really great product, which was seen everywhere,--------and most importantly, Ford was a product that made employees PROUD and HAPPY to make an EXCELLENT product that more people could afford to buy! i.e. MORE SALES
So, in conclusion, ( yeah I’m almost done) GM, take a lesson out of the Henry Ford Playbook: Make an excellent product, treat your employees like kings, and queens ( and yes this includes health insurance) and finally—like the old saying goes. “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.”
Right now, GM, you are mousetrapping yourself----because if your employees can’t trust you, then WHY should the general public?
So GM are you General Motors, or are you GREEDY MORONs-----because to diss your employees is really a diss at the public----and sadly --when the employees can’t trust you, WHY should the General Public?


This is a clear representation of the psychopathology of the 1%. In the early 90s when the Clintons were trying to institute a better regulated insurance system, still not considring single payer, GM and the rest of the auto industry initially supported the plan. Then the insurance execs explained to their fellow club execs in the auto industry that though the auto companies would have less expense and higher profits with the plan, they would lose some of the control over the work force. The auto execs quickly chose control over profits and changed sides. That is the opposite of the way capitalism is supposed to work, but of course that is a fairy tale since it has always been about control of the 99% by the 1%.


We could enjoy a Jetson’s life style. Or Star Trek. No more money. Everyone is required to be productive to their general ability. Then all reasonable things are free. You know, one vehicle per person. More boring, but more communal, and happy. And you even get free healthcare and schooling.

Welcome to Trumpty Dumpty world, where the workers are slaves to multi-national corporations and ar dispensible. To think that Bojo the bozo has thrown his lot in with the fascist in the White House makes me sick to my stomach. As Karl Marx said 'workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains. We need to rid our world of the trumpty dumpties, the bojo the bozos and the bolsonariistas - power to the people !

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Major union have for decades (as in since the 1950’s) opposed universal healthcare under the auspices of “we get a better deal for our members so, everyone else F off.”

Now- once again, that stance is coming back to haunt their rank and file.

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In 2009 the government should have taken over General Motors in stead of giving/lending it a huge amount of money. At the least it should have kept a majority controlling interest in it. Every one should remember to do it the next time there in a financial crash, which certainly will come.


Might be difficult, especially if you want to make single payer as generous as union health benefits.