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Progressives Say 'People Know Who Real Looters Are': Not Those Angry Over Police Killings, But Oligarchs Robbing Nation Blind

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/28/progressives-say-people-know-who-real-looters-are-not-those-angry-over-police


Socialism for the wealthy and crumbs a few of us and nothing for others.

What about the $6 trillion feds infusion into private for profit corporations and hospitals and buying low rated corporate bonds and out like subsidies.

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Dixon told Common Dreams that the people are wise to the real looting in America and that the movement is only just beginning.

The American people? Please, they are in a collective coma. And the oligarchs know this. That’s why they do what they do. Its so easy for them.


Most murkins across the political spectrum are solely focused on getting back to their pre-COVID social lives (if they haven’t already), ignoring COVID-19 and economic news that bums them out.

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The primary function of our elected officials is redistributing wealth to the owners from the poor and middle class.
"They’ll get it all from you, sooner or later. 'Cause they own this fucking place. " -
George Carlin, “The American Dream” (2005)

I feel like Dorothy must have when she woke up in the land of OZ.
Where am I, and where is my country? Where did it disappear to?

Where is our Robin Hood? We may have to sharpen up our archery skills.

It’s not about race, religion, creed, color, or any other “ism” - it’s about money power and acquisition.

We are in a class war to the death - 1/10 of 1% versus everyone else. The 1% regard your hereditary circumstance and/or instilled beliefs as a weapon to use against you - to divide you from the masses of others who share your plight and goals within our society.

A white man or woman can never know what it’s like to be black in america - and vise versa. Focusing on this obviously divisive detail leads nowhere. 60 years later, same old story.

Bottom line - it’s about the obscenely rich versus everyone else.


Nationalize their wealth - put it in the US treasury - then hang them


A vote for a D or R is another nail in the collective coffin

Like Phred said, nationalize excess wealth. With a different tax rate for instance.
The Besos money will roll in and pile up now without him doing any work at all.

It must be difficult for the administration and it’s supporters to rationalize shortchanging the general public with a $1200 dollar check, when they so loosely gave $1.5 trillion to the rich that didn’t need it.
There is no way to square that.

Lock Them Up, Lock Them Up.

True – the speed they’re stealing from the public at seems to suggest that the
world is coming to an end soon …

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The same people who are looting the country are the ones who can decide too if the world will end or not. To them they would rather the world end than capitalism and empire end.

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And always remember that it is not just the administration but all the Democrats too, including “progressives” like Sanders and AOC

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Maybe everyone should be audited for as far back as 20 years if served that long. Would shed some light on the biggest winners

By the way, not a very artful way to crap on everybody left of a MAGAt.

the only thing is voting for a third party is a nail in the coffin also. Sick and wrong.

Many of our fellow Common Dreamers here MCH have a real difficult time believing their favorite progressive might be not looking out for their best interests.

It’s the worst thing that comes from a two-party system of government, the inability to be critical of the party “you” align yourself with.

Pride, has helped to destroy our country these last 40+ years.

Hope the younguns’ straighten things out after we’re dust in the wind.


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Oh and I was one of them. As mad as Bernie was making me during the primary I still held out hope for him despite the naysayers, then he gave up his run and voted for a bill that gave trillions of dollars to corporations during a pandemic and even I have given up on him. Hell I’m half expecting him any day now to come out against the protesters.

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