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Progressives Slam DCCC for Tapping Only Pro-Business Centrists for Leadership Roles—Ignoring Energy of Left-Wing Movement


Progressives Slam DCCC for Tapping Only Pro-Business Centrists for Leadership Roles—Ignoring Energy of Left-Wing Movement

Julia Conley, staff writer

Corporate Democrats have made it known that although progressive candidates represent the views of the majority of Democratic voters on a number of high-priority issues including healthcare and the climate crisis, the party leadership will continue to marginalize progressives in the 2020 congressional elections—angering groups including the Justice Democrats and Our Revolution.


Since the DCCC is a primary collection and money distribution agency for its capitalist owners, exactly why should progressives expect it to do anything other than place right wing neoliberals in leadership positions?

The problem here is with progressives who remain in the capitalist-owned neoliberal party. How can they be so naive as to continue to deny the reality of what the Democratic Party is – and what its role as the Inauthentic Opposition Party is in the duopoly Kabuki Kongress?

And if they are not naive, they are flat-out corrupt, incompetent, hypocritical opportunists. Please spare us the Tweets and Whines.


For the DCCC, losing an election means winning the corporate bribe lottery.


The DCCC is part of the RepubliCon-lite wing of the DINO DP, serving much the same forces and greed as RepubliCons and business as usual. With an at-best tepid and complicit “opposition party” like the entrenched DINO establishment, who needs R’Cons to screw us!

Its all Kabuki Theatre to serve Vulture Capitalism and big-money profits above all else!


So much for the vaunted “Blue Wave”. This letdown was entirely predictable due the bought and paid for hacks who control the Democrats like Limousine Liberal Pelosi and those DNC corporate shills. Chris Hedges was right - we need a non-violent revolution in the U.S. to take our country back but I doubt if anything like that will ever happen.


Just more corroboration that the Democratic Party is sooooo corrupt that it can never be reformed no matter how many well meaning progressives get elected. If nothing else, what happened to Bernie in 2016 when the corrupt, DNC threw him under the bus, even though he would have been the far stronger candidate should have told that truth to many.


Following the election of Trump, rather than acknowledging major structural shortcomings of the Party, conservative Democrats have been attacking those who don’t parrot the Party line that ‘Putin stole the election’.

Now, with 2 years before the next presidential elections, I’m already hearing some, in the Dem’s leadership, denigrating progressives who are critical of the Party’s leadership, decision making, policy agenda, funding sources, etc. I’m also already hearing Dem’s spewing venom at progressive who suggest alternatives to voting for conservative Democrats in general elections. Locally, conservative Dem leaders where I live, have made it clear that, if they don’t fall in line, grassroots organizations in communities of color will find funding drying up, public facilities no longer available, and the ability to hold public activities bogged down in red-tape.

This is not surprising. Plutocrats, plutocrat enablers, and supporters of the military/espionage, have entrenched themselves at all levels of Party infrastructure from the DCCC down to town councils. Of course there are exceptions, and occasionally progressives, like Ocasio-Cortez, get elected. But they even they can not do much given the Party infrastructure. Changing the plutocrat friendly, imperialist, anti-democratic nature of the Party will take a generation, at best. The most viable option for progressives, given the present state, is to put out strong efforts to build grassroots community based organizations. Our goal should be to build community based organizations strong enough to ensure that, when we take action, business as usual can not continue.


I agree. They are used by the democratic, political, elite to keep the lie going that their party is the party of change thereby eliminating any third party threat.


The “center” has moved so far right that Richard Nixon would be considered a leftist in today’s political world, consigned to the same group W bench that Bernie Sanders, AOC Warren and others having a gram of populist blood in their veins find themselves on.


Looks like they’re again running to elect Trump. No surprise.




Nancy Pelosi is a Millionaire many times over. She made her money in Real Estate. People in Real Estate buy properties low and sell it high.

San Fransisco has a housing crisis with high homelessness and housing costs out of reach of most people. These high prices for housing are good for the wealthy and not so good for the poor. Ms Pelosi gets her support from the people that generally own their own homes and see those home values go UP each year.

How on Earth can anyone think she can ever be on the side of anything BUT business and the rich? Does anyone really think she has an incentive to see the costs of housing in a city like San Fransisco drop so the working class can afford to live there?


Agreed. If that happy day ever comes when we declare a general strike, we’ll have to have social infrastructure in place to feed, house, and otherwise care for each other for a possibly protracted period of time. The time to start building that infrastructure is now.

And voting Green is the cure for the “Blue Wave” blues.


Democratic Corporate Conservative Capitalist


Fundraising requests from the DCCC, DNC and DSCC go directly to my SPAM folder, and are eventually deleted.

All Putin’s trolls had to do to help Tweetle-Dumb was spread the truth about Podesta, Krooked Hilliary, Dirty Debbie and the DNC.  Helping him beat Bernie would have been MUCH more difficult.


. . .  And they won’t hear ONE WORD about the scariest Big-Brother Bullshit since the “Patriot” Act:


Functionally, the mass unwillingness to embrace Hillary in 2016 was a message to the Democratic National Party. Clearly they didn’t get it.

What is clear from Pelosi’s appointments is that Progressives are not members, but fringe, at best.

If the Dems are going to continue to fail to represent the best interests of the people, perhaps a mass resignation campaign is what needs to happen. Just the organized threat may be enough for some tokenism, but for wholesale change of the Dem Party, the capitalist representatives need to all be primaried.

How long will it take for elections to actually hang on a clear set of policy initiatives that polls have shown the vast majority of people want and expect? --even millions of republicans.


When the majority express and demand real solutions to our collective crisis this is not leadership. This is being the fearful, fawning lap dog of business.


At least some of the new Dems can begin to claim themselves “independent” as Bernie has (even though he’s pretty much a supplicant Dim in key situations). That gives them some wiggle room. AOC and Ilhan Omar pretty much have their districts locked for life. And it’s probably good electoral strategy to go independent or Independent Democrat as most voters are fed up with the duopoly parties. And then there’s always the “individualist” cultural thing. You can get some people with that and then educate them that their interests rely in class solidarity, rather than individualism. Point is: the Dims are a dead end for their voters, for the nation and for the biosphere. It’s time to get off the death-train.


we have to make it happen or we, our species and our biosphere are done as places habitable by human and other life.