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Progressives Slam DCCC for Tapping Only Pro-Business Centrists for Leadership Roles—Ignoring Energy of Left-Wing Movement


Better yet, run a winning Green, Socialist or independent campaign and let the people know that the real thing is possible.


It would be understandable that persons with seniority should get their chance at leadership. At the least, a younger, newer, congress person should be allowed a vice-chaiman’s position so they can work together, learn together, and keep a closer eye on what the people need, not what individual congress critters appear to want. Want for self and corporate need a backseat for awhile.


Nothing as odious as lukewarm because it exemplifies lack of courage. They offer us nothing in such an era of multiple existential crisis.


If their shitty candidates lose, they still have their power, their jobs at “think tanks” like CAP and their gigs on TV saying horribly predictable and tone deaf things to other rich people will still be there. If the left wins, they are out on their ass, because most of these people have no societal worth at all. They probably want to defeat Trump, but losing to him doesn’t result in them losing power. Not the case with Sanders or those to his left.

Bill Black wrote a book called The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One, and has talked a lot about control fraud. These people at some point got absolute control of their party, and it is their means to gain power, which is the means for them to accumulate more personal wealth. And this is why anyone arguing that reforming that rotten party is any easier than forming a new party are out to lunch. They are roughly equally in regards to difficulty.

If Sanders were to, by chance, win the nomination, he would fracture the party because of how many in that party view him as an existential threat. For that reason, among others, I fully support him and hope others on the left do too. If the assholes in the media and people like David Brock or Neera Tanden and their friends like someone, run in the opposite direction.


Realistically, the road to abandoning the Dem Party can only come by
activism in our states and communities to move RANKED voting so that
actual votes for third parties will count –

Another way is to use the liberal candidates now moved into the DP as a
alternate Dem Party. Perhaps that’s what we should be calling it?

That could work as a beginning to finally wrest control of the party from Elites/
corporations (which is actually who have control of the party) or to serve as a
growing BASE for a new ALTERNATE DP?

The DP has a long history now of not only failing to support challenges to
corporate members, but actually attacking liberal members – and continuing
recruitment of new right wing/corporate candidates.

IMO – the two strongest challenges to corporate leadership is to have enough
voters working in our communities and STATES to move STATEWIDE National
Health Care as NY and other states are doing –

And this RANKED voting system which Maine has now been able to achieve.

Work on those issues helps to inform the public – and to weaken corporate control
of our government/national parties.


Me too. Thank you.


The DNC can ignore them but they will not ignore the DNC


She gave a speech at the Whatcom County Democratic Convention in 2016. The vast majority of delegates were Bernie Supporters. But the convention was ran by establishment Democrats who all were for Hillary. Only one person was allowed to speak for Bernie- the organizer of the Bernie campaign in the county. Besides the Hillary organizers all the establishment types got to speak.

I most remember DelBene’s speech because it was the most vapid. Her entire argument for Hillary was that Hillary was a woman and so if she becomes president it is an inspiration for her daughter.

That was it. No issues discussed. No character qualities presented. No record cited. No contrast to Bernie. Just full blown shallow Identity Politics.

What really was disgusting was that these Hillary supporters, with DelBene the worst of the lot, seemed totally oblivious to the reality that near 3/4s of the convention delegates were for Bernie and such speeches weren’t going to inspire them to support Hillary if she won the nomination (which still was undecided then) but alienate us. It was basically telling us democracy is not the issue, anointing by the powers that be is.

Unfortunately she is the other representative from my county, so I couldn’t vote against her in the primary.


I am actually watching CNN a bit in evenings right now to try to stay current with
Trump’s daily antics and reactions to them, but that’s pretty much it. And there’s
enough silliness on those shows to go around, as well.

I’d think that at this point, SOMEONE in media would raise the question of how this
country and its citizens are now faced with the “Art of the Deal” which is basically
blackmail by Trump to keep the government closed down (which I suspect is really
more about a Mueller report and what Mueller knows) …

And NO ONE is asking why citizens have absolutely no leverage over officials in office
and no legal tools to deal with this other than surrendering to end the shutdown?
Our Founders gave us no immediate way to deal with anything like this.
But they did plenty in enabling Elites from day one.

Then there’s also this –
If we recall that Sanders’ campaign was actually funded by donations from the public …
IF the public should begin to feel that the DP corporatist leadership that denied Sanders
the nomination in 2016, could do the same thing in 2020 then they might not decide to
fund him and may begin to abandon the party totally. That would be fine if we had
RANKED voting.


Do you support the continuation of this chicanery that has dug itself in?
As an Independent, I urge people to #DumpTheDems.

OH and another thing.

A lot of us gave money toward downballot candidates in 2016 and learned later it was siphoned off for Hillary. DONT DO THAT AGAIN. This means we’ll have to fund candidates directly rather than going through the Democratic Party.


erisx –

I’ve always been concerned that even when we fund candidates directly that the
DNC gets some kind of a cut –

and they can use that money then to fund the right wing candidates they prefer.


I have donated, supported, and worn out shoe leather promoting Democratic candidates for office for more than 30 years. That is now over. I’ve given the party the benefit of the doubt most of that time and kept supporting, all I have in exchange for that is a continuous series of slaps in the face. Well, I have no cheeks left to turn and I will not continue to support a party that does not support me. Too bad there isn’t a rational Green party.


And don’t trust the ActBlue or other Democratic organizations that siphon and funnel donations to Dem candidates, it isn’t only the Party organizations who play this game! Beware of individual candidates as well, many of them donate their unused campaign funds back to DNC coffers when they lose or drop out of their race.