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Progressives Slam Oil-Soaked Steny Hoyer for Backing Joe Kennedy III Over Green New Deal Champion Ed Markey

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/19/progressives-slam-oil-soaked-steny-hoyer-backing-joe-kennedy-iii-over-green-new-deal


I’m not a fan of Markey. He’s essentially spent his entire career in Congress as an empty suit, and I believe the only reason he’s supporting the GND is that he’s seen the electorate in MA move to the left.

That said, I have an innate distrust of monarchy. Therefore, I’ll support most anyone over Joe Kennedy, who’s only real “qualification” is that he’s grown up in the family business of ruling Massachusetts


Move right, punch left, talk bullshit, kiss corporate ass.

Can I have “d-party tactics over 40 years” for $800, Alex?


The Kennedy’s had more their share of reformists. Moment of silence. No GND proposal yet meets scrutiny unscathed. Self-driving nonsense? Hyperloop and Bore Tunnel Teslaworld traffic-less to the airport to fly away and land near private marinas, there to float tanned sipping tropical iced refreshments. Oh, the Landlord Class and its indifferences.

Oh, hmmm, sometimes I read things and don’t see them correctly—but I had no idea his name was Steny Hoyer. LOL, I thought his name was STENCHY Hoyer. That does seem to be a better fit! : )


gee, another Dem “leader” behaving like a raging hypocrite?


Remember to go vote in November! Steny and Stimpy need a new yacht, baby!


tell me how these fuckers are better than the republithugs! damn them all.


Democrats are constantly trying to eliminate progressives by any means without regard for ethics, honesty, legality, or human or other survival. Progressives are the only ones demanding practical solutions to climate catastrophe and approaching fascism; Democrats have collaborated with Republicans to deny the vast majority what they need, deny the direness of climate catastrophe, and keep the current system of theft and oppression going as long as possible.

Given their behavior over this election cycle and Coronavirus crisis, the majority of Democratic officials are as criminally insane as the Republicans


Steny has an antidote: Mckayla Wilkes. He’s been against governing in the People’s interests his whole career, the Kennedys have evolved into useless heirs.


Tell you how? You should know better. Democrats serve broad interests.
Republicans serve landlords, polluters, exploiters, manipulators, thugs with guns racists, drugged, drunken hopeless hating xenophobe misanthropes in despair. Breathe deep the gathering gloom, watch lights fade from every room, pensitor people look back and lament, another days useless energy spent. And now to suit our great computer, your magnetic ink. Moody Blues

I’d like to believe none of these are on the list of those that Democrats serve. But, alas, it just isn’t true, at least from the beginning of your list through manipulators. Worse, Democrats have others on their list, mostly shared with Republicans, including the K Street crowd and the financial, defense and healthcare sectors.

As in all things political, to understand reality, follow the money. In this case, that will lead you to virtually every member of both houses of Congress. There are a few, but not nearly enough, exceptions.


Without a massive comprehensive emergency Green New Deal civilization is unlikely to survive another century and millions of species will be wiped out. It may not be the most judicious use of time to obsessively argue against peripheral technologies that don’t exist yet and so are not in a single Green New Deal proposal I’ve seen.


pensitor = bedsitter


your = you’re

Ed Markey has been one of a handful of champions for the Green New Deal, the only direction the US can take to avoid catastrophic climate change. His League of Conservation Voters score for 2019 is 100%, lifetime score for decades of work is 94%. He couldn’t move any farther to the left. He deserves all the support we can give him.


Transportation is not the first area I would take issue with the GND policies. First and foremost we need to recognize that the GND is being presented as an energy policy, yet contains zero analysis or projections related to the energy industry and does not reference any scientific literature that agrees with its scope of work.

Good points. Frankly, I don’t understand why Kennedy decided to primary Markey anyway. The guy is not flashy, but he’s solid on lots of issues and did a good job leading the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming in the House. Kennedy has a right to primary him, of course, and I think it has little to do with undermining progressives as commenters believe—It always is isn’t it?—but I wonder if it’s something more personal?


Don’t know anything about the race or Kennedy, but my wild guess is ego with a side of oligarchic psychopathy.

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Per what I’ve read, Kennedy’s primary challenge isn’t even supported by lots of fellow party members from the state. Barney Frank had some harsh words about the challenge after it was announced and Boston Globe reported Kennedy was surprised by the lack of institutional support. My guess is ego is the biggest component to it, they are pretty aligned on policy.

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That and a sense of entitlement to the seat. He is a Kennedy after all.