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Progressives Sound Alarm Ahead of Tuesday House Vote on 'Bank Lobbyist Act'


Progressives Sound Alarm Ahead of Tuesday House Vote on 'Bank Lobbyist Act'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Progressive lawmakers and advocacy groups are sounding alarm on Monday ahead of the U.S. House's vote on a financial deregulatory bill dubbed the "Bank Lobbyist Act."

Declaring her opposition, Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) tweeted, "We need to #ProtectConsumers, not big banks."


This, like everything else important. will just get lost in noise.


What’s that you say? I can’t hear a word your saying…


Orwellian and mendacious use of language


One thing U.S. “progressives” are good at is sounding alarms. Now when it comes around to actually DOING something, well…never mind…whatever…


I disagree. Progressives are more than willing to do what it takes and actually do much in the power to further the cause.

We are frustrated by incumbents who exert their power to frustrate us – that is not our fault, it is the fault of those who participate in the system that prevents progress. Are you part of that system, or are you a progressive?


This is the difference between having someone who cares about America and Americans represent us …

… or having very cheap and sleazy hookers represent us …


This bill is garbage and I still don’t see what’s in it for the Democratic members of the Senate that voted for it. “Hey voters, I helped Wells Fargo overcharge you! Vote for me!” Fuckin stupid.

To be fair, let’s not forget that the majority of the Democratic caucus is against this bill, the Republicans provided the majority, and it’s the President that signs it into law.


So, which Democrats voted for this with the Republicans?
We have a problem w Democrats acting like Republicans taking Koch money. One of them is running for Gov of NM.
You see, a political candidate’s voting record is fair game for exposure to the public.
This is a Political Revolution & “Progressives” want to know who is voting with Republicans on deregulatory Neoliberal bills like this.


I agree. I wasn’t intending to say this bill should pass. I was responding to another point altogether. This bill is a recipe for disaster.


Dodd-Frank is to Glass-Steagall as PPACA (Obama/Romney/Heritagecare) is to HR676.


I would say that anything the big banks think is a great idea…is a bad idea.


Not hard to see who republicans represent and that goes for some of the moneyed democrats also…To vote for this bill means you do not represent people but money…VOTE these assholes out…All Trumpanzees who support this proves you are not smart people but the dogshit dumbest assholes to ever draw a breath of air.