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Progressives Take Stand as Fast Track Fight Kicks into High Gear on Capitol Hill


Progressives Take Stand as Fast Track Fight Kicks into High Gear on Capitol Hill

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With legislation to speed up congressional approval of the Trans Pacific Partnership and other corporate-friendly trade deals on the verge of being introduced in Congress, a coalition of elected officials, labor unions, and environmental groups gathered outside the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday to voice their vehement opposition to such a bill.


My blue dog democratic party congresscritter responded to my email concerning TPP with a form letter that team Obama distributed to congress, a letter loaded with very predictable, worn out “China will write the rules if we don’t” rhetoric.


Consequences post-NAFTA have alerted ordinary Americans to the damage a nice-sounding agreement pushed by a likeable president can do. Their raised voices opposing another bad deal for the working people of America will receive nods of agreement from most members of congress and then a vote in favor of allowing the prez fast track authority. I guess the majority doesn’t hate this prez enough or are they just looking ahead and remembering who lines their pockets at election time? Form letters suck!


If The Pentagon supports the TPP it must be pretty bad:


Any cabinet member that didn’t support TPP would have never been nominated for their position by Obama or confirmed by the Senate.


Let’s see: Democrat Bill Clinton gave us NAFTA. Before deciding to play candidate again, Hillary Clinton was working on promoting the TPP. The media marketed to liberals have gone into overdrive to sell Hillary Clinton for president, showing that they must actually be promoting the TPP that they’re condemning. MSNBC practically became a dept. of the Clinton campaign, thereby pushing for the TPP that they also criticize. This is one bizarre election cycle.


B. Clinton gave us NAFTA, H. Clinton has worked hard promoting the TPP, and our liberal bourgeoisie adore them. This makes it a pretty lost cause, I think.The Working People of America are actually quite dispensable, easily replaced with bottom-wage, workers today – those who are desperate for any job ay any wage.


Add the National Farmers Union - warning of being very leery of the trade deals - worth considering getting on their email list


Progressives are more easily run over when their leaders are in the truck driving over them.


China can’t write the rules for us if we don’t play. Let other countries give up their sovereignty.