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Progressives to Nancy Pelosi: Keep Wall Street Democrats Away From Powerful Committee Seats


Progressives to Nancy Pelosi: Keep Wall Street Democrats Away From Powerful Committee Seats

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Recognizing that merely having a slate of progressive champions on key congressional committees will not be enough if their voices are drowned out by Wall Street Democrats, a coalition of grassroots organizations on Thursday sent a letter calling on presumptive House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to significantly limit the nu


If the public could vote securely by cellphone like our military can, how long would politicians like Pelosi and Hoyer last?


I note with fear and loathing that Joe Lieberman is co-chair of No Labels, the parent group of the whimsically-named Problem Solvers Caucus. The problem career pols like Lieberman—and Pelosi, and Schumer—will be trying to solve is how to keep a straight face while selling out their constituents to Wall Street, Big Insurance, Big Pharma and Big Oil.


This feckless cow is committed to those “wall street democrats” and business-as-usual, not the coalition needed to defeat and roll back trumpism, not reform of the DP, not a Green New Deal, environmental action, or ending corporate piracy, or rolling-back tax obscene cuts for the wealthiest…like herself and hubby!..she is one of the richest among the rich in Congress!


I know Democrats spend a lot of time fund raising in New York (although probably not in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s district) and California (the Republicans prefer Texas for their source of money). I am not sure what that means but it probably means something.


Thank is uncalled for. Rep. Pelosi and Schumer have done a great deal for the average American during their tenure in the House. Both are known as skilled “horse traders” and have done a lot to get legislation through the House. The newbies need to get off their high horse, shut their mouths, open their eyes and ears and make an effort to learn how the House works and how to get legislation done. I realize that these newbies have been elected, but so has all the rest of the reps in the House. But then again, I guess those from NY just know more, except, they spend way too much time walking over everyone else. Their tactics will not get their pet projects enacted into law or funded. It is high time some like Cortez show some respect, especially to Pelosi, who has EARNED it.


A coalition party, such as the current makeup of the Democratic Party, is a 24/7 & 365 cat herding project.
In 2018 there was a -13% drop off in 3rd, 4th, 5th Party ( as opposed to the Duopoly ) voting, even as voter turnout increased substantially, in most states.
While I’m no friend of No Labels, there is a claim to be made that some of the policies of the Libertarian/Democratic or Democratic Libertarian faction of the Democratic Party was responsible for the 40+ gain in the House. It is something I’ll throw out there because 24 members is only 12% of the entire Democratic House membership. To paraphrase Rev. Horton Heat, " smoke it if ya’ got it " plays into it, too.
Just sayin’.


i am so sorry for your affliction, i wish you a speedy recovery.


It is good i suppose that these progressive organizations representing millions of people are politely requesting the Democratic Party apparatus take some steps in the direction of actually dealing with the real-world crises that afflict us.

But these real-world crises are deeply rooted in the grossly distorted economy, and the grossly distorted politics that the super-wealthy buy for themselves. Unless and until We the People drastically reform the economy and politics, there will be no dealing with the mega-crises that afflict us.

What we need, in order to move toward real change, is millions of people in the streets, making hard demands and inflicting real pain on the powers-that-be.

Took about two weeks of mass demonstrations in France to win a couple of real shifts in tax policy, postponing the regressive energy tax and reinstituting some wealth tax that had been rolled back. Those are small steps, insufficient to the grand challenge we face, but they demonstrate what it takes to actually get the attention of the politicians who serve Capital.


Good snark, thanks. I needed the laugh.


My chronic lament when I read your posts.


Time to check your meds, I think. Neither of these two are skilled horse traders, although they do like to eat lots of pork, when they’re not serving it to their donors.

The newbies, as you call them, are doing exactly what they should be doing – they’re shining a light on the corrupt, ineffective, Democratic Party and its incompetent leadership.

Pelosi’s current actions show that she is not entitled to respect. Instead of moving issues forward for the American people, she’s protecting her power structure and keeping those big donors happy. She’s become part of the problem and is not championing any solutions, even in the face the climate crisis and the healthcare crisis.


About a nano-second?


And here is another Wall Street Democrat:


Rocker1 … I read you comment several times trying parse whatever it is you say. At this point it could be satire, rhetorical, snarking, exactly what you say or just plain bull s… I will admit you are good at it or could be you came out of a twenty year coma this morning and have yet to catch up on the new American politics.


Well, I making the request helps to publicize Pelosi’s denial. So bravo.

If she puts enough denials on record, maybe someone can shoehorn her out of office up there in San Francisco.


Watch this Jimmy Dore segment, or lose:


I’m guessing you’re not a working class lug, are ya.

Thanks for the chuckles, though, Chuckles.


Not gonna happen. Nancy PeLousy is a Blue Dog Dim through and through.


Yeah Pelosi! Destroy the vermin to the last man woman and child! Raise the s-hole to the ground! Do not show the slightest mercy or compassion! Let them know who they lovingly elected and supported year after year, decade after decade. Bring them to their knees and smite them where they kneel! Serves the vermin right!