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Progressives to Pelosi as Trump Lawlessness Mounts: 'Stop Playing Craven Political Games' and Impeach

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/23/progressives-pelosi-trump-lawlessness-mounts-stop-playing-craven-political-games-and

Ms. Pelosi risks destroying the Democratic Party (and America) with her stubborn refusal to initiate impeachment investigations. Mr. t has proven himself repeatedly to be a loose cannon who threatens the world order.


It’s like the democrats are trying to lose in 2020.
The next national election cycle is nearly upon us, one that may just be the single most important election in the history of the US. An utterly corrupt minority political party has taken over the nation and has quick marched and goosed stepped us towards fascism at a blistering pace. No political norm, no tradition, and no law has stood in the way.
The other entity that has not stood in the way has been the Democratic Party. Despite not even trying, they won the House back in 2018. The voters wanted this march to fascism to stop. They wanted it reversed. But mostly they wanted those who orchestrated it to be held accountable. However, the powers that run the Democratic Party, the Third way and the clintonites, managed to place their True Believer, the company girl, Nancy Pelosi, in command of the this great democratic uprising.
It has come to a grinding halt.
It has become plainly and depressingly obvious what the Plan is. Let Trump and the GOP destroy as much of the foundation of the US as possible. And then try to swoop in in 2020 with a moderate center/right agenda that will accomplish nothing but re entrench the Third Way Nixonian ideology for another democratic generation.
In short, there will be no impeachment. The democrats only plan is not to steer this ship away from the iceberg, but to merely hand out life jackets.


And pursuant to my previous comment, maybe Donald Trump and the Koch brothers party are doing a positive thing for America. Maybe they have shown us just how fragile this republic has always been, and just how easy it was to tear apart. They have shown us that this republic is being run by a minority. Maybe they have shown us that our republic has run its course, and the time has come for a new government, one that truly is of the people, by the people and for the people.
They have shown us that the time for direct democracy is upon us.


IM(H?)O: The Democrats destroyed themselves when they went neoliberal, “third-way” in response to Reagan. Now, they’ve fallen and they can’t get up.


…to the first class passengers.


I tend to view it as oligarchic globalization. Globalization of drowning of the rule of law by a system that CANNOT SURVIVE without abuse, lies, bullying, extraction, colonization practices thousands of years old … and THEN smarmy, smug standee/puppets “selected” to stage the theater of knuckle-dragging narcissism to convince the vast balance of humanity that their way is the only way. It ain’t just Rome thats burning this time around. Why? Because they got their way last time.

Think globally - act locally and document, document, document, document the facts


Why do the Democrats want to bring up the Ukraine mess? Joe Biden has his hands all over that. He threatened to withhold a billion dollars if a certain prosecutor was not removed. The prosecutor was investigating a gas company Joe’s son worked for, along with a Kerry relative.


I give nancy until 9pm to make her move, if it doesn’t happen all hell will break loose and she knows this. I look for some public announcement around noonish, she has to get her wagons in a circle first.

Everyone one is dirty. It is a matter of just who is dirtier and that piece of shite in the Oval Office stinks to high heaven.


There must be fundamental change in the way Congress works. The day to day ‘rules’ in place are not set in the Constitution, they are there because they were created by the politicians to make sure certain figures retain all the power.


Here’s Weak Nancy’s D.C. office phone number. The message machine works if you want to call after hours. I call every day, and say it’s time to impeach.
I point out that it’s besmirching Nancy’s reputation, and making people think Trump is blackmailing her, because she’s resisting impeachment.
Her ego and reputation are more important to her than the constitution, so I feel that’s a good way to prod her.
Memorize this number and call often:
(202) 225-4965


Here’s the deal, troll.
Number one, your narrative of what Biden and his son did or didn’t do is inaccurate.
But guess what, unlike the Trump cult GOP, progressives only want candidates with integrity.
If Biden or his son have broken the law, we want them held to account.
Number two, regardless of what Biden and his son have or haven’t done, Trump is definitely a gangster, using the presidency for his own greedy purposes.
He asked a foreign enemy to help him win in 2016, and used his government powers to pressure a foreign leader to help him win in 2020.
Trump is a criminal and deserves to be impeached, jailed, and even worse.
Hope that’s clear enough for you–I know how cognitively impaired Trump supporters are!


I’m a progressive who wants the Demos to stop US endless wars, scream out against the environmental devastation our wars are causing, and wipe away the shameless divide between the rich and poor in our country. We should not waste our attention on impeaching this inept President with a Senate that would never find him guilty of ANY charge.


I totally disagree with all due respect. To fail our Constitutional duties defines the end of our Republic. It must not fail. The Constitution must prevail. If the Senate will not convict it is on their heads. Not the democratic House.


I’m afraid you’re correct. The shit has hit the fan, and it sprayed all over everybody. Trump, Biden, his son, PNAC, Hillary, and all the other cronies involved in this whole sleazy Ukrainian mess, have poo poo on their lapels.
Just like Trump, the last thing in the world the DNC wants is for the details of what has been going on in the Ukraine for the last 7-8 years to come to light.
Man, this fish stinks from the head down.


Your fatalistic and confused view of the House’s constitutional responsibilities regarding impeaching the gangster Trump are totally irrational and counterproductive.
If you were a prosecutor, you’d be the kind who said, “well, we best not prosecute this murderer, because there’s a chance the jury won’t find him guilty.”
It’s a totally feckless, defeatist and nihilistic attitude that you have.
Plus, Trump is not “inept.” He knows exactly what he’s doing, and he and McConnell have taken over much of the federal government and courts, are are turning them fascistic.
House impeachment will hobble Trump, regardless of what the Senate does.


Thanks, I think, maybe. I hate reading tea leaves and entrails but it seems I’m kinda good at it. Warren is correct when she talks about the whole town being corrupted but it makes Bernie look soooo goood because he’s always been who he is, while she was once a repub and is still a capitalist. Heads will roll and it may take a truth commission like they had in South Africa to clean things up. We do have to demand accountability and recognize new blood like AOC as to play a bigger roll, are they up to it??? 3 things must be, morality, ethics and accountability. LOL, shall we kneel and pray? :-)))


There’s a much more nuanced version than Trump’s framing of ByeDone’s actions as a bribe.

Nonetheless, the media – in their never-ending effort to give both sides of a story some airtime, even when one side is a lie – are talking about Joe ByeDone’s position being a springboard for his son’s career, which is indeed the case and another classic example of crony capitalism. In other words, if Hunter ByeDone hadn’t taken that job with a Ukranian company, there would be nothing to discuss.

In the end, it puts Nancy P in a bad spot, and Uncle Joe as well – when you’re explaining, you’re losing.

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One crook (Trump) investigating another crook (Biden) is now 'lawlessness? Yeah, that sounds about right.


Is that you Donald? Welcome to Commondreams!