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Progressives to Voters Skeptical of Bernie Sanders: This 'Big Tent' Movement Is a Winning and Practical Choice

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/12/progressives-voters-skeptical-bernie-sanders-big-tent-movement-winning-and-practical


Let’s have Medicare pay for all MRIs.
Let’s have an up-or-down vote.

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Golly, Bernie Sanders just must be Elected!


This is a comment I made to the NYT this morning — and the “Times” posted what TD is not willing to post.

Alan MacDonald
Wells, Maine 5h ago:

"Bernie’s win is described here in traditional moderate post-election and inside politics form by the “Times”, despite the fact that “the ‘Times’ they are a changin”.

Secondly, the supposedly ‘radical’ Bernie Sanders made a more than ‘slight understatement’ in his victory speech by calling his victory the beginning of overcoming “President Trump, who is the most dangerous president in U.S. history”.

The double error was in calling Trump both “President Trump” and tagging him as only “the most dangerous president in U.S. history” accrues to the term ‘President’.

More radically, from an accurate and progressive media reporting standpoint, the “Times” and Bernie should have exposed this honest truth, which would be quite shocking but necessary to ‘we the American people’:

“Bernie Sanders won in New Hampshire and started the essential drive to re-establish a truly and necessary radical state of democracy which may well “overcome Emperor Trump as the figure head and merely visible ‘symptom’ of the most dangerous virtual Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Empire in America’s 21st century”.

FDR in speaking of the start of the Second World War of Empires described it as a “day of infamy” and continued to somewhat strangely say, “a state of war ‘has’ existed between the United States and the Japanese Imperial Empire”.

What Bernie Sanders, is revolutionarily doing with this one small state victory may hopefully be starting to overcome Global Empire with global democracy."

Despite, EMPEROR TRUMP getting away with massive lying, corruption, ‘orders’ to that bastard Barr at DOJ, this effin Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE and EMPEROR TRUMP this EMPIRE has so distracted, divided, and dis-empowered people that few are even compaining that we are under the thumb of an EMPIRE!!!


Someone who is a moderate in any group is the one who is most representative of the majority. The middle of the road per say.
The majority of the democratic electorate wants single payer, Green new deal, legal marijuana, legal and safe abortion, higher taxes on the wealthy, more regulations on corporations, public education, infrastructure, and less war.
By those measures, Biden, Buttigieg, and Klobachar, are not moderates. They are CONSERVATIVES. Let’s start calling them that in all public forums.
There is only one candidate for POTUS that currently represents the views of the majority of Americans.
Bernie Sanders.


if the neoliberal yuppies on my facebook page are any indication, “anyone but Bernie” is catching on in the right wing of the party.

this party really needs a divorce.

“Mayor Pete Guaido” really is getting support from the neoliberal/id crowd, and they really do hate Sanders.

Going to be an interesting attempt to reconcile these two wings.


I look forward to hearing from you that it got posted.

I feel ya. I’ve been banned from TD for four years now. Mother Jones as well.
It’s as thought the truth is actually painful for them to hear. While I realize that it can be very difficult to find out your whole ethos is a lie, banning opposing viewpoints is reminiscent of something usually equated with pious religious folks or republicans.
But no, a small but significant portion of democratic supporters, funded by the parties largest donors do the same thing. Anything Bill Clinton or Barack Obama did was and is sacrosanct. Unfortunately we are now left with the reality that we not only have to beat the Koch brothers political machine and Donald Trumps cult, but we have to first beat these carpetbagging phony liberals as well.


That’s a good one. How about “the Langley liberal” for another?


Sorry but…what is TD???

The sooner the better!

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Lol, the faux progressives comprising the commentariat over at Splinter’s (RIP) sister sites are absolutely losing their shit at the prospect of having to do what they’ve insisted genuine progressives should do: “vote blue no matter who.”
While im tempted to assuage their concerns by informing them that the DNC’s doing everything it can to block Bernie’s path, i realize that that fact will only further infuriate them, since it’s an implicit reminder that they’re not living in a democracy :smirk:


LEAKED! Bernie’s planned executive orders! (PLEASE SHARE!)



Mark Weisbrot, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), explained to readers that despite how often Sanders is painted by the corporate media as a “scary” socialist who can’t possibly win a general election, his politics are in fact quite pragmatic when it comes to addressing the very real needs of everyday people.

That Mark Weisbrot would need to point this out in a nation that babbles much about a so-called “christian” ethos is very telling regarding the corruption of that Golden Rule.


Sorry, it’s Truthdig.

O.K. Thanks, BigB. I haven’t been there in a while so it didn’t cross my consciousness. I was thinking of going there now to check it out but I don’t want anything to do with a site that censors and tosses a poster so easily for expression. THIS is my all-time favorite site because I feel free to express and feel like THIS is an actual “community” as so many other sites like to say.


40 years of corporate tyranny since Reagan. 40 years since government by the people, and for the people. America, do not blow this opportunity! Bernie Sanders has a better plan for you!


My cynical side says FAT CHANCE!
My hopeful side says I will do whatever it takes to elect Bernie without the brain-dead coming along!


Obey your hopeful side , Carl. It is a time to be hopeful… and prayerful


I’ll keep my hope-full side but the prayer-full side doesn’t exist.

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