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Progressives to Voters Skeptical of Bernie Sanders: This 'Big Tent' Movement Is a Winning and Practical Choice

You gotta try it Carl. You might be amazed. I’m constantly amazed.

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Be careful what you wish for. Soon you’ll be told to hold your nose and vote Bloomberg.


Been there, done that. I am VERY AWAKE and aware that religion is man-made. Not a put-down of you, though. Maybe some day you’ll see The Truth too…

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I think you are exaggerating what most Americans, as moderate as they tend to be, want and support. They don’t want substantial change to capitalism, to militarism, to the erosion of our civil liberties–these things are not on high on their list of concerns. I also tend to think that despite what cheer-leading progressive pollsters say, most do not want single payer as well. I do agree, however, that the candidates you mention are conservatives–they are probably in support of several of the items you list and assume they don’t support, but they are nevertheless conservatives because they favor gradualism, profits, growth, MIC, AUMF, the AIPAC/Israel axis, traditional measures of world domination and “leadership”, and are cold war thinkers who are committed to expanding our already large list of enemies (Russia! Now China!!) that are oh, so, threatening. Sometimes it seems to me that many of us on this site are living in a bubble, and it frightens me. We have a map in our heads, but sometimes it doesn’t accurately describe the territory out there. I fear we may be deluding ourselves about how damn dangerous and difficult our situation is. And the people who don’t get it–just don’t get it–are nice enough people, millions of them, living next door to you and me. Bernie 2020.


Sanders is no “radical”, to be sure. He’s a New Deal Democrat domestically, which is the furthest left you’ll find on the national stage, and hardly a rock ribbed anti imperialist on the global front.

That ain’t far enough to avoid the abyss, but his ass in the Oval Office cushy chair is the best chance we’ve got to get where we have to to do so.

It won’t take him

It will take us.


As I have previously said otherwheres, Bernie needs to marshal all his skill and address the socialist issue in a way that truly enables people to understand what the benefits are, why it should not be feared. Needless to say, this cannot be done piecemeal with one minute responses to challenges on some debate stage. It needs to become a systematic teaching moment, probably supplemented by his advertising department. A failure to bury this question once and for all will upset everything we want to have happen. Because the challenge is coming, and the people out there, truly out there in the millions, do not get it. We are lying to ourselves to think otherwise.

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I criticized the founder and editor Robert Scheer in a comment on an article he wrote back in 2016. I got the email the next day inviting me to never post again.
Oh well, I’ve been kicked out of a lot better places!

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Truthdig is airing commercial ads now. VERY intrusive and annoying to me. Chris Hedges’ arrogance surpassed his intellect in his rants last fall. No longer going there. Tell us what you find if you choose to go.

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I won’t go from CD unless tossed. I love the insightful people here (for the most part) and have been part of the “community” off and on since 2004.

Have you been to Jacobin?

I spend a LOT of time with some very awesome people on youtube such as: Jimmy Dore; Tim Black; David Doel; Mike Figueredo; Christo Aivalis; Kyle Kulinski; Krystal Ball.
They dissect the bullshit of the corporate media and share FACTS to prove their points. Hope you’ll visit some of them…or ALL! Good luck!


Bernie on CNN / Anderson Cooper about James Carville tonight 2/12/20

Bernie : “With all due respect, James is a political Hack…”


Bernie speaking the truth - again


Thanks, carlmarks. You must be leaving breadcrumbs that I’ve been following around the web! Except for Jacobin, which I will check out. I like Fridays with Jeffrey St. Clair on Counterpunch. I check in regularly with Caitlin Johnstone, wikileaks news on JA, and FAIR. Plus Greg Palast. I love Jimmy Dore but haven’t listened lately: his show isn’t one to which I can sort paperwork or write the novel. Dishes are good. I confess I followed the DNC lawsuit to its bitter end, went to consortiumnews to sort through the VIPS’ findings, and I still look up Seth Rich every few months hoping for justice. I’m an optimist.

I love Don Caron’s Parody Project, and in Aug 2019 I sent him a CCR John Fogerty rework, “Who’ll Stop Their Reign?” which Don produced and put up on YouTube the next day. Let me know what you think…

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My response to that sort of thing has been

I’ve been call worse, by better People.

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May I suggest consortiumnews dot com. Excellent posts and they now have a blog cnlive! They feature the likes of Ray McGovern, Caitlin Johnstone and editor Joe Lauria.

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Thanks, Arch. I’m sold and will give it a look!

May as well just go straight to the source and vote Dumbf if it comes to that.


Phred, did you see Jimmy Dore tonight! WOW! I have never seen him so pissed and on fire! His hate for CNN is center stage!!!



no didn’t, But I’ll catch in tomorrow!

Truthdig—haven’t been there in a while. It’s always funny when you hear about those sites you used to go to but faded out for one reason or another.

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I’m certainly fine with Sanders but I still see al ot of wishful thinking in the post. I take the hypothetical match-up with a grain of salt as the GOP, thinking he was usefu to undermine Biden and Clinton, has never really gone after him. If he were actually the nominee they would go after every radical statement they could attribute to Sanders and also harness and enhance anti-Semitism against him. Plus many voters are leery of his age, and as we know, there are many leery of his medicare plan because they are OK with their current coverage. Results in New Hampshire indicate he has to do better with older voters and voters in relative affluent swing suburban districts. Finally, the post made unfair attacks on Bloomberg and Klobuchar, not even on policy differences. Treating supporters of other candidates with respect is necessary to build the needed coalition.

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Dangerous post here at CD where lots of folks see Sanders as beyond reproach. Voters in the primary over and over have told pollsters they want Trump out of office. Bloomberg is rising in the polls no doubt because his ad campaign is laser-focused on that theme—Trump. I noticed on Meet the Press last weekend, Sanders did a better job of pushing unity and focusing more on Trump. At the same time, you’ve got leftist reporters from pro-Sanders outlets starting to let folks know the Sanders’s agenda is only going to go as far as Congress so he’s safe to vote for (see Ryan Grimm’s tweet). Obviously, Sanders is beginning to slightly adjust his presentation.

It’s clear Republicans want an election that’s a referendum on socialism and other issues, not Trump. My feeling is Sanders sees this and is starting to adjust, if only slightly.