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Progressives to Voters Skeptical of Bernie Sanders: This 'Big Tent' Movement Is a Winning and Practical Choice

Yes! Consortium News

For Example: By Caitlin Johnstone

Puppet Pete Says Revolution & Status Quo Aren’t Mutually Exclusive
Change is not going to come from existing institutions, writes Caitlin Johnstone. It’s going to come from people using the power of their numbers.


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By Noam Chomsky? By Moore? By Bernie? My big issue with this being presented as a big tent shift is my issue with Our Revolution™ as concept, and Democratic Socialism as rhetorical trope? Bernie’s certainly not a Socialist, he’s more neo-Keynesian than J. K. Galbraith. This all gets in the way of our message: The Dixicrats STOLE our party and their Tag-team Kleptocracy keeps ratcheting us all, ever deeper into theocratic, nativist, Imperial Oligarchy. Their media, judiciary, “allies,” security apparatus, corporatracy, academia freaked right the fuck out, back in the Powell Memo days, that their dumping Henry Wallace and letting Negroes, Latinos and poor-ass women vote simply had to be stopped! Cui bono, from this mis-characterization? Guess we’ll see, once he’s stomped down, yet again?

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…but I won’t

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All three of those you named are Blue-No-Matter-Who types, including Bernie.

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The cynicism was always palpable. Like John, Debbie & Robby spewing David Brock’s Russia RussiaRussia Resistance™ protection scam on craven fahklempt, speciously gullible yuppies? Like Obama’s “Sheriff Bart” confidence scam? They’re not even trying too hard, can’t even be bothered to pretend, as if they’re entitled to feed upon us, to become 0.01% oligarchs. “It’s MY turn, this time. I’ve EARNED all MY graft the old fashioned way!” Imagine, how this all taxes Amy’s patience, to STILL have to answer to Hillary?



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