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Progressives Urge Democratic Leaders to Fight Back Against '200 MPH Right-Wing War Machine' Targeting Ilhan Omar


Progressives Urge Democratic Leaders to Fight Back Against '200 MPH Right-Wing War Machine' Targeting Ilhan Omar

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Progressives are increasing pressure on the Democratic leadership and 2020 presidential candidates, demanding they stand up for Rep. Ilhan Omar as she faces vicious and dangerous attacks from Republican lawmakers and the right-wing media.

"Democrats running for president in 2020 need to rally behind Ilhan Omar," tweeted Max Berger, co-founder of the youth-led American Jewish advocacy group IfNotNow.

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Time to f’ing join the fight

Hell, I’d be happy just to see them choose a side!



For the d-party to fight back, they’d actually have to have a different view than the r-party.

But on Israel/AIPAC, perpetual war, doing the bidding of their corporate overlords, getting tough on crime, and so many other issues, most of them don’t have a different view.



Interesting that “Progressives (have to) Urge Democratic Leaders” on this AT ALL!
This should have been a no-brainer, even for Pelosi…

Oh yea I forgot about her puppetmaster AIPAC



The constant attacks from parties of all stripes just shows the despicable nature of pro Israel propaganda. I can’t say much here for fear of being silenced but judging from what I’ve seen from corporate, centrist democratic leaders they are so biased they don’t even see what they are doing as wrong. Which just proves my point. The indoctrination of Congress for a foreign state. Absolutely appalling. Sometimes they seem to be working for the foreign state yet do little here for the Americans that voted these vile people in. Get rid of them all!!



I defend everything she has said that I knew of (especially the Benjamins tweet on AIPAC). However her recent quote on 9-11 is so tone deaf no matter what the context that my assessment of her savy has gone down quite a bit. She shouldn’t make it that hard for us to defend her.

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At the risk of putting an image in your mind that will never go away…

The Democratic leadership and their shills are all about to be shown to have no clothes. Their dislike of of the new Progressives, especially those of the Muslim variety and those of color, has lead them to the dead end of refusing to protect their own from right-wing attacks.

Yet, they try to pass themselves off as some form of progressive – NOT!



O that’s right Dara, we should only have to defend the right of free speech for those we like, those who are easy to defend, submissive to our values. People who are savvy and know how to play the game. Jesú help us!



If these types of attacks were against Trump, the SS would show up.
If these types of attacks were against Pelosi, she would be traveling with Guards.

But we all know there is no bigotry against Muslims,
no white suppremist shooters, so it’s all imagined.


Sorry…keep forgetting you’re republican.



I disagree. I believe her point was that the perpetrators of 9/11 were not and are not the same as all Muslims or any other larger set of people who were unconnected to their crimes. You can disagree with her semantics, but there was nothing wrong with her message, especially in the context of the current wave of Trumpian white nationalism and anti-Muslim bigotry



Why would Dim Losership stop the Cons from doing the dirty work?

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Dim Losership has chosen a side. They’ve chosen corporatism.



Oh, stop it. We lose 10x more Americans from gun deaths, YEARLY, than has been lost to “terrorism” in our entirety of existence.

And why are only Muslims being held to account for being tone deaf? Where did you post your outrage when Steny Hoyer was throwing Omar under the bus when speaking at the AIPAC conference?



Would it be helpful if all democrats stood, faced the republican side, and shouted in unison, knock off the Islamophobia.



As I said I defended her (in particular to the more conservative crowd I work with). On this idiotic comment, I’m not even going to try. I’m not saying I wouldn’t vote for her if I lived in MN, but I would get nowhere, in fact I would go backwards, if I tried to defend the description of 9/11 as ‘doing something’. That is stupid for any politician to say who wants to achieve something (this is an ok use of something) and I’m not giving her a pass because I like her policies. I actually want her to be effective and I hope she figures out the game before she might be pushed out. You have to be careful in this country when talking about Jews but the care you need take on 9/11 if you’re a politician - that is quite a bit more.

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Er, ah… that assumes that Pelosi and the other “New Democrats” even want to"fight back". I say they are too busy appeasing their shameless asses off and trying to turn the Democrats even farther to the Right in the Washington, DeCeit power game that could be summarized by this strategy - watch how the Rethugs plan to harm most of the people of the U.S. and then tell those same people that the Demos will hurt them less.
Besides, isn’t the DNC interested in primarying new representatives like Ocasio-Cortez and Omar and replacing them with more “reasonable” Demos who will tow “Limousine Liberal” Pelosi’s line?



It wouldn’t surprise me if the democratic leadership is behind the attacks.



How so? The attacks are on quotes made in public. Believe me the right doesn’t need any prodding to attack Omar. Now is the Democratic leadership happy with her being on hot water often? You betcha.



It’s unfortunate, but we live in an age where a one-off quote, slip of the tongue, or a poorly expressed half-assed sentiment can be weaponized by an entire spectrum of radio and a news channel. I get what she was trying say, but she’s a member of Congress now with cameras trained on her. I hope she’s more deliberate next time because, unfortunately, there’s a good part of the country that will give an asshole like our president the breaks they won’t give her. It sucks, but it’s reality.

She could walk herself into a legitimate primary if this continues. I was in a district where a local Republican was turned out over the negative attention he kept receiving. People just got tired of it. They booted him and elected a quieter stooge.

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Eliot Engel, Democratic head of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said of Assange on the official twitter feed, "It (the US Consitution) doesn’t protect criminals who weaponize stolen information.” These are the people you think will come to Ilhan Omar’s defense? The same people who accuse her of anti-semitism on a daily basis? Democratic leadership agrees with Fox News when it comes to Omar.