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Progressives Urge Democrats to Reject Any Covid-19 Relief Deal Without Election Assistance Funding

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/06/progressives-urge-democrats-reject-any-covid-19-relief-deal-without-election


It’s time for Donkeys to grow a spine and take a stand. The repugnants would do nothing less if the circumstances were reversed.


The Democrats have no intention of passing a meaningful Covid assistance program for regular people. The worse the economy is and the more people blame the Republicans (which is happening), the more likely it is the Democrats’ racist sexist demented rapist candidate can overcome Republican election theft and win in November (or whenever the election is, if it happens) over the other mentally ill misogynist racist, rapist candidate. Helping people out wrecks that brilliant scorched-Earth plan, so as long as the corporate duopoly rules, M4A, non-corporate COVID assistance, affordable education, climate action, preserving Social Security and pension plans and more are off the table.