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Progressives Vow to Stop 'Unconstitutional' War as Trump Paves Way to Attack Iran Without Approval From Congress

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/19/progressives-vow-stop-unconstitutional-war-trump-paves-way-attack-iran-without

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Again I have to ask: on what possible basis does an attack on a Japanese-flagged vessel—by whomever matters not—warrant a military response by the US?


Unconstitutional war? All U.S. wars since WWII have been unconstitutional wars! The only way to stop this dictatorial insanity is for Congress to grow a spine and re-instate their constitutional authority to declare war.


I have a question…for those who are more qualified than myself to give an educated opinion …if we do go to war with Iran… would we be able to do so with a volunteer army …or…would the draft ha e to come back?

"Progressives, Take Real Action And Stop Trump,"

Before Our Johnnies Come Rolling Home.

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"War Powers

Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the U.S. Constitution grants Congress the power to declare war. The President, meanwhile, derives the power to direct the military after a Congressional declaration of war from [Article II, Section 2], which names the President Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. These provisions require cooperation between the President and Congress regarding military affairs, with Congress funding or declaring the operation and the President directing it. Nevertheless, throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, Presidents have often engaged in military operations without express Congressional consent. These operations include the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Operation Desert Storm, the Afghanistan War of 2001 and the Iraq War of 2002."

Will the American people continue down this path or say STOP and demand Congress fulfill its required duty and obligations!?


The blond one looks strong and resolute. I wonder if there were foot location markers for him to stand at the exact photo proper place for the podium’s back framing.

They are frantically covering up dinosaur era CO2 levels due in two years.

Giv’m another tax break now while it still counts.

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A capella done with a great and true message.

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“Once more for the people in the back: Trump and Pompeo can’t go to war without congressional approval.”
Barbara issues a true statement, that has no meaning to the far right at all. With zero congressional checks on the administration’s power overreach up to this point, this is where Nancy’s “no impeachment” proceedings is going to bite the world in the ass. The gang in the Whitehouse has no reason to follow the law, and no fear of breaking it.


I love the Rolling Stones, saw them once in 1980, but I adore Grand Funk Railroad who I was fortunate to see thrice.

Great version of a classic.

The draft would probably have to come back , since things will not go as planed.

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“Mad bull lost it’s way”. Hmmm, now who could that be?

It doesn’t. Simple as that.

I second Pony…I love the Rolling Stones! Hot Lix

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There is a real possibility that it won’t just be a war with Iran, which would be bad enough, but a war with Iran, China, Russia, Iraq and quite possibly the rest of the world once America’s usual accomplices joins in.
This could become WW3, or more accurately, the point in ww3 when the rest of the world decides to fight back.
So yes, the draft and anything else they can dream up will be a possibility.

Looks like they will get their “war” now:

Maybe sent deliberately into iranian airspace to create the desired reaction.