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Progressives Vow to #StopKavanaugh After Trump Selects D.C. Circuit Judge as Supreme Court Nominee


" You talkin’ ta me, punk? Who you talkin", to? You talkin’ to me? Suck on this " lemon. Have some sour grapes. Care for some cheese with that whine?


It’s only a non-sequitur, bub, if you forget everything you should know about the Boston Tea Party.

Remember taxation without representation? This is exactly what causes people to revolt.

And to your point, Trump’s interview about British PM May certainly did denote extreme competency, reflecting the ultra prudent thing to say at this time in Britain, chock-full of “the best words” from the self-described stable genius.

For the record, you don’t debate. I doubt seriously that you ever participated in a real debate in school or university, one with rules, judges and scores. And objectivity. And intelligence.

Your mode of argument is to read Walmart bumper stickers and then drop imaginary mics. You are a useful idiot of the right wing establishment and you’re supporting a leader who is ripping the US apart, perhaps at the bidding of a foreign leader who meddled in your democracy, someone who wants to see the US and Europe self destruct. That crazed and craven hearing in Washington yesterday could not have provided better proof of the point.

So congratulations. Please, by all means, do continue to cheer on the immolation of your republic.

If this is making America great again, Europe, China and Russia have no more worries about the new American century.


The tea was thrown into the Bay because of a 2% tax and you’re comparing that to now? With REgressives advocating a 100% tax on anything over a million/year? Or saying the rich need to pay an even greater percentage? Or starting a wealth tax? A VAT?

I guess surging employment, billions paid in higher wages & bonuses, a vast decrease in regulations, businesses lining up to build here in America, the end to the Korean War…I could go on…but if that’s not MAGA, what exactly is?

Oh yeah, open borders, President Trump impeached, Speaker Pelosi, ICE banished, Confiscation…sounds like a nightmare to me. Good thing you guys are a sliver of a fraction of a dying dem party.


Ok. Stopping at this.

The employment problem in the US, and every other first world nation, is an under-employment problem. It is a living wage problem. It is a dead-end job problem. I actually agree that global trade has damaged the working class and agreements like TPP and NAFTA need amendment to protect domestic industries. That said, I don’t think Trump has a sufficiently good plan to remedy this problem and I certainly don’t think republicans and their fierce defense of corporate capitalism will provide any real solutions.

I don’t know where you get your facts regarding wages and bonuses for the working poor. The increases are nominal at best and will be negated by losses in publicly funded health care, education, and social [in]security.

I actually agree with Trump’s attempt to resolve the North Korean issue. His boldness in this case is commendable and may even work. I don’t feel great that Bolton, a war hawk’s war hawk, is influencing policy. For the world’s sake, I hope Trump’s peace efforts succeed.

I do not think America should have open borders. Canada has stronger immigration laws. But the answer to tamping down illegal immigration is quite simple: fine, severely, individuals and companies that hire illegal aliens. Do that and there is no need for a wall. The problem disappears. The answer is not to inhumanely punish poor immigrants by separating young parents from their even younger children and babies. That is shameful and immoral. But I agree on the principle: America has every right to say who can come in and who can become citizens. I disagree on the tactics. I believe they are insincere. They protect the real villains, the Americans who hire illegals instead of legal citizens.

I am not a big fan of impeachment. I am a bigger fan of voting in Democrats and focusing on enacting laws to civilize the country. That said, I don’t know why folks like you pick on Pelosi. Because she was speaker when the US passed the ACA? She is a good politician who holds no particularly egregious positions unless you’re a right wing extremist. She does hail from California, that could be a stumbling block for the inferiority complex ridden fly-over folks.

I don’t know exactly how to interpret your last sentence. But you should not count the Democratic party out so quickly. With a bad candidate, it managed to get 3 million more votes than your boy in the last election, who got about 6 million less than Obama in 2008. As well, the old white base is dying off, more and more, every election cycle, while the population of the democratic base is growing.

America has 10 to 15 years left before it swings hard left again. Enjoy it while you can.


A lot there I agree with and several points of disagreement but if you’re begging off…well, bye. My mind is really on the men’s semis at Wimbledon anyway.

Have a good one.