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Progressives Warn Against Accepting—Let Alone Applauding—Twitter Ban of "Garbage" NY Post Story

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/15/progressives-warn-against-accepting-let-alone-applauding-twitter-ban-garbage-ny-post

Could someone help me to understand? If the story is untrue, it makes all the sense in the world that Twitter and Facebook should block it, just like The Intercept and any other reputable new publication would not publish it. Is that their stated reason for blocking it?

Is the story untrue or has it just not been able to be verified?

Otherwise, if it’s being blocked only because true information was taken from a computer that the owner supposedly failed to pick up from a shop, then that is wrong.

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Corporations, such as Twitter, Facebook, General Electric, et cetera, have “rights”, but because they claim to be be the equivalent of persons, but have fewer responsibilities than actual people have. It would be easy to tag each tweet with a “consider the source” tag, but no one would be so bold as to look beyond the tweet, post, or comment. Adding “weight” or any level of importance to the often inconsequential tweet, accomplishes little. There is a thin line between evidence and an audit trail. Don’t tempt, or taunt, people to cross that line. Tweets are almost always sound and fury, and really signify as much as we let them

The article here makes it clear that Twitter has chosen to apply a 2018 decision to block links to (or apparently even discussion about) the NY Post story based on it being stolen personal information not based on a judgement on the information being true or fraudulent. Ro Khanna makes an interesting point about how a journalist should pause and think before publishing information found by an actual burglary of a house. But then, Twitter is not a journalistic endeavor that I can see.

I think Facebook is attempting to apply a more general claim, but I don’t know much about their logic.

I agree with Grim that if your standard prevented you from linking people to the discussion of the Pentagon or Panama Papers, there is a problem.


What is it that all the whiners don’t want to understand? Social media is not a public street corner. These are private companies with services you use under their rules. #FirstAmendment doesn’t apply. Sucks; but, thems the rules. CD blocks links. #TwitterCensorship

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Just who is following rules any more. We can start with bogus ballot drop off sites in Cal.


We simply cannot handle the TRUTH… 2016, or now? Those journalists, whistleblowers or academics: banned, fired, blacklisted, incarcerated or far worse; during David Brock, SKDK & PropRNot’s repressive tsunami of obvious K Street lies, blatant agitprop & social media censorship (by these exact same Ukrainian nazi, Atlantic Council, CAP shills) has silenced many of the last accurate, astute, pertinent and independent voices left online. This wasn’t covered by conglomerate, multinational media & then silenced by social media advocacy solutions firms as embarrassing to three wealthy DNC families. It just HAS to be silenced?

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The NY Post is the FUX “News” of print media.

Why bother? What people post on Social Media, is not news. Never should have been news. Twitter and Facebook should go the way of MySpace & the dinosaurs.
Like the guy talking to loudly ( on purpose& scandalous) on the bus. Does any thinking person really, truly, care what a business posts on their social media? Let alone the Q-bots?

…and there you have it. It’s already here.

Who knew we’d been living in china the entire time - the infrastructure for totalitarianism has been built up and established - we just needed someone to flick the switch.

I love facebook…
I love twitter…
I love voting LOTE… I love big brother.


Agree except for “& the dinosaurs.”

Using ‘dinosaurs’ as an analogy for anything that has failed to ‘adapt’ or ‘keep-up with the times’ really means that those using the analogy have themselves not kept up with the science regarding ‘dinosaurs’ for around the last half century or so. We now know that a branch of the dinosaur family not only survived the mass extinction around 65 million years ago, but currently has the most extant species of air-breathing vertebrates. (Do a search for ‘birds are dinosaurs’ and I’m sure you will never besmirch these magnificent animals again!)

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The Ratfucker Association needs to revoke Ghouliani’s membership. He’s clearly no Karl Rove or Roger Stone.


Remember - anything that could prevent the election of Biden and a return ‘business as usual’ only delays the ‘peoples revolution’ that surely will arise during a Trump 2nd term.

(Who knew that Rupert Murdoch would be a ‘useful idiot’?)


This is making a mountain of a molehill. Twitter and Facebook are neither journalistic sources nor are they a common-carrier telecommunications service. Anyone who wants to read this story can simply go onto the shady and sleazy and far-right biased NY Post’s website! The WP and NYT has articles about this article and its allegations too.

Also, one would think that the Brazilian Glen Greenwald, of all people would understand that fabricated or wildly inflated claims of corruption by extremist right-wing forces attempting (and succeeding) to gain power is not “freedom of the press”. Yet he continues to be the useful fool of the neofascists. Greenwald helped impeach and eject Dilma Rousseff on false claims, elect the right wing extremist Temer, then elect the neofascist psychopath Trump in 2016, then imprison Lula DaSilva on totally false claims leading to the election of full-blown fascist Bolsonaro in 2018.

And now, we have Glen Greenwald defending the discredited far right wing rag the New York Post. Who will he defend next the “Daily Stormer”?

And no, just no. This is not equivalent to the Pentagon Papers - which, you recall, the NY Times DID publish.

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/s, (i.e. satire of the tankies) right?

I recall the NYT published Judith Miller’s and an entire host of other CIA planted articles.
Please find a REPUTABLE rag to defend.


Geez, for a second there, I thought you were talking about the reptilians who evolved into politicians.

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It’s not untrue. The Bidens’ corruption has never been a secret and Hunter’s in particular.


The Biden e-mail story run by the Post is totally discredited.
Steve Bannon and Rudy amateur hour fails to sell.
thank God.

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Same with the trump ordered investigation of Obama. Zero evidence of spying on trump. They do this all of the time. Time to show him the door.

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