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Progressives Warn Against Accepting—Let Alone Applauding—Twitter Ban of "Garbage" NY Post Story

At this point, I wouldn’t believe anything. It’s clear that Republicans will stop at nothing to win so it might be fake or not. Millions of people have already voted. There should be national censorship of any of these articles because it confuses the people who can’t think for themselves. As for the progressives, do you want Trump to win another 4 years? All this whining by the progressives yet no real plans on getting rid of Trump or a viable progressive candidate.

Show us your source.

Don’t count on it. If Trump is elected or steals a 2nd term, he will clamp down on everything. Our rights are hanging on by a single thread. I’m not saying Biden but I think there will be a better chance of affecting change with Biden than with Trump.

We’ll leave that up to your good judgement.

Seeing the general ‘cold-bloodedness’ (especially on the GOP side), I would say ‘unevolved’.

Careful! Questioning slanderous agitprop against WaPo’s PropR’Not victims (any astute, accurate journalist not cut & pasting IMF’s Duopoly “Washington Consensus” PR hand-outs) is likely to be flagged & banned, until THEIR Judiciary, Executive & Senate are reinstalled? Ignorance is strength!

~https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/10/17/cens-o17.html (the more slandered, usually the most prescient?)



~https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/hunter-joe-biden-emails/2020/10/14/2740c702-0e4c-11eb-8074-0e943a91bf08_story.html (NO paywall?)