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Progressives Warn Against Democrats Pushing 'Diluted' Half-Measures as Alternative to Medicare for All


Progressives Warn Against Democrats Pushing 'Diluted' Half-Measures as Alternative to Medicare for All

Jake Johnson, staff writer

A Medicare buy-in. A Medicaid buy-in. Medicare for retiring police officers and firefighters under the age of 65. Defend and strengthen Obamacare.



Things have gone so far to the right in both parties that right now even if our districts are not so gerrymandered that the nastiest candidates are shoo-ins (think Mitch!) there is still no one to vote for. This is why Pelosi and friends can win… but the tide is turning. More like the DSA Dems will be running … AND winning … will it be in time? Unfortunately many will die needlessly in the meantime.



Pelosi was there 10 years ago when the “Obamacare” Obomination was railroaded through without any discussion of single payer. Pelosi, Clinton, Obama; none of them supported single payer nor do any of them now.

Pelosi is in charge again—who expects a different result? The largest funders of Pelosi’s campaign after the Democratic Party itself, were from the health care industry.



First off, the giant gap between what people want on policy versus what these people actually do is unacceptable in a democracy, or a democratic republic. We shouldn’t be in a position of begging them to do a damn thing, especially when most people want this. Doubly in the Democratic Party. They shouldn’t be able to ignore what over 80% of their own party wants on the issue, as if the rank and file in their party don’t exist. Beyond that, I am sick to death of these damn worthless people. Whenever there is just a solution, they have to come in with their crappy compromises (before negotiations even begin, which is a stupid bargaining strategy if they were serious about needed changes, which they aren’t), which make actual solutions non-solutions. Then, when their non-solution falls apart, what happens? They would shift blame. These people are mediocre individuals, and they are less than that as thinkers.



And she faced no real challenge from those to her left in her party either as far as leadership.



What is DSA



I think they should hufff and puff and more of us should do that with them. Stop lying down and taking it!



Pelosi is an old bag.

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The d-party exists to thwart and subvert truly liberal policy.

Are you ready for our own liberal third party yet?



Ok.: Coming up is a great opportunity to join in the conversation and get ideas on how to organize, etc for Expanded, Improved Medicare For All. Go to www.healthoverprofit.org to sign up for their teleconference slated for January 28 and more information.

Northern Vermont is kicking off a new campaign to win true national coverage for every man, woman and child the first is on February 11 and we have two events that day and more to come past the NNU events sponsored and led by PNHP and co-sponsored by Rights & Democracy.

All legislators have been contacted including Bernie–it will be interesting and great if he came as we are all for HR676.



Democratic Socialists of America

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When Bill Clinton tasked Hillary with “reforming health care” back in 1993(?) her solution was a version of the Heritage Foundation’s plan, later to become Obamacare/RomneyCare. It was pushed mightily by Bill Clinton, but was defeated by Republican opposition and probably by the fact that it would have been so cumbersome and bureaucratic that it would have sunk under it’s own political weight.

The point is that 1993 was 26 years ago, and that is at least how long Democrats have been openly fighting against single payer.

And the minions blame Republicans for all our woes…



The problem is that as far as those old guard Democrats are concerned , they are on the same page as the Republicans.

They can not AFFORD to have Socialism succeed. A truly universal program of health care , premised on the single payer model will show how well Socialist programs can work and the people will begin to question all of the other things they have been lied to about.

This the same reason the US Military and its CIA intervene in any foreign Country that adopts the Socialist model.

Half-diluted measures are intended to ensure failure.



My understanding is Bernie Sanders is among those watering down medicare for all. Please correct me if I am wrong about his senate competitor to HR 676 that is said to dilute free federal medical insurance provided as what we call medicare for all.

Democrats are also lusting for war. Why do people bother with democrats? I don’t get it.



Sorry to keep repeating myself on the subject of Medicare for all-or single payer: It will never come to pass in the USA! Never…unless some cataclysmic event akin to what prompted Great Britain there current model. This is the ruling class’s line in the political sandbox-sand.



My husband and I spent most of our adult lives without ANY health insurance (b/c our jobs didn’t pay for it, and for many years it would’ve cost as much as rent). When Mike got sick I took him to the VA hospital in our city, not only have they taken care of him for the last 14 years, they have also sent us a check every month b/c he is so severely disabled, and now that I am on Medicare my CHAMPVA benefits pick up what Medicare doesn’t without me having to pay anything above what those 2 pay. THIS is what EVERY man, woman, and child should HAVE, and it is wholly unconscionable that our elected terrorists are fiddling while far too many of our fellow peons BURN! Not to mention that they all get their medical care paid for by US!



Exactly. The recital of determinism in most of these posts is odious. Do something. Be part of doing something instead of stating how impossible the situation is.



They can’t afford??? They are all millionaires and billionaires.



Well , this is going to greatly depend on all of us to stay focused and committed which means organize or even write letters to the editors, make constant calls to your reps and be relentless on keeping your eyes on the prize. We need to become a tsunami on this issue and on all the rest.



Oh you know as well as I do that Millionaires and Billionaires never think they have enough.

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