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Progressives Warn Barrett's Right-Wing Ideology and Past Rulings Signal She Could Intentionally 'Make the Country a More Unjust Place'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/28/progressives-warn-barretts-right-wing-ideology-and-past-rulings-signal-she-could

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Amy Coney Barrett Worked on Bush v. Gore
Donald Trump says he expects the Supreme Court to decide the 2020 election, as it did in Bush v. Gore. If Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed, the court will have three justices who worked directly on the case that undemocratically determined the 2000 election.



Amy Handmaid’s judicial rulings will intentionally:

  • Force women to have babies they don’t want to have and lose access to contraceptives.
  • Get rid of health insurance for tens of millions.
  • Give Trump the presidency the same way it happened with W v Gore in 2000.
  • Remove citizen ability to sue law enforcement, employers, polluters, etc.
  • Install a Christian Sharia theocracy
  • Remove hard-won new rights from LGBTQ
  • Get rid of regulations that protect the environment and public health.

Here’s what the Catholic Church teaches about other-than-human animals:

According to the Catholic Church (in which I was raised and taught this), “Brute beasts, not having understanding and therefore not being persons, cannot have any rights. The conclusion is clear. They are not autocentric. They are of the number of THINGS, which are another’s: they are chattels, or cattle. We have no duties to them…. Nor are we bound to any anxious care to make [their] pain as little as may be. Brutes are THINGS in our regard: so far as they are useful to use, they exist for us, not for themselves; and we do right in using them unsparingly for our need and convenience….” Jesuit Joseph Rickaby

Add to that this:

That shop-worn cliché ‘THE SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE’ sums it up in a phrase. This concept is probably the most damaging, and well-rooted sophistry ever propagated, because examination of its implicit corollary clearly means "the de-sanctification of ALL LIFE OTHER THAN HUMAN .” – JOHN ASPINALL, “The Best of Friends” (1976)

Short example of what the “implicit corollary clearly means” (there are literally billions of examples like these and billions more of others]:

The gunning down of wolf pups in their dens and baiting bears so they can be shot. “Cruel and harmful hunting methods like killing bear cubs and their mothers near dens have no place in our national reserves,” said the Center for Biological Diversity.

In an attempt to reverse yet another Obama regulation, the Trump administration has proposed to strike rules that forbid inhumane hunting methods on federal land in Alaska.

This proposal would allow bear and wolf families to be gunned down where they sleep. Cruel hunting methods like bait, hounds and artificial lights would be used to target bears. And even swimming caribou could be shot by hunters chasing them in motorboats.

It’s all part of a new Trump policy to expand hunting on public lands and defer to states anytime there’s a conflict.

In other words, Trump’s sadistic and cruel treatment of wildlife is a clear example of the meaning behind the implicit corollary of the “sanctity of human life” pandemic on steroids, propped up by the Catholic Church.


She’s a Catholic. She knows that Trump is morally corrupt. He’s not a fit family man, not a fit role model father. How could he, when he’s screwing a porn star while his wife is having a baby? Come clean, Amy dear! STEP ASIDE!


This trump nominee is a right-wing closet case that was chosen by trump for reasons - his reasons are not those that will do America any good, quite the contrary. There are photos of her when her mask slips and the devil inside her is revealed.

It would be interesting what she believes of Pope Francis and his views. Her group, People of Praise, are a de facto cult outside traditional Catholic or central teachings of Jesus. “Former members have called People of Praise “secretive” and a “cult”” “When Barrett was nominated for her federal judgeship in 2017, she didn’t disclose her involvement.” membership in “people of Praise” Why?

Coney Barrett is a religious bigot whose narrow mindset is an extremism that comes from a place that is oppressive, restrictive, based on fantasy, and serves the master, not the worker or environment - her environmental consciousness - if that term can even by used - is likely astonishingly ignorant, cemented to profits over conservation, and has zero concern for corporate pollution, The Wild and wild animals and their habitat. At this critical time of MM Global Heating, corporate pollution and exploitation/destruction/pollution of public lands and National Parks, must not be tolerated

The mindset of “religious” people believing in a supernatural being, not human will, our Planet, GAIA, or Her creatures, and that religious belief and bigotry should disqualify her for any consideration!


Nearly 1 million women alive today report being shot or shot at by an intimate partner.14

Women in the United States are 21 times more likely to be killed with a gun than women in other high-income countries.15

And with this Domionist, Religious RW nut it will only get worse. And she will think that is just fine. All she cares about is her own kind and the Sky God foolishness she revels in.


Perhaps it is time to review federal court appointment method.
Today, we have almost instant news, usually within four to 48 hours of an ‘incident’.

Printed newspapers and magazines will soon be gone.

The executive choosing a single candidate and the senate simply a rubber stamp approval likely irks folks who think we are now a democracy.

If we become a democracy, we will go to actually voting for federal judges as we do for county and state judges.

Federal district judges could be individually elected by the voters within the boundaries of their district. They would be independent, never affiliated with any political party. They run on their own reputation of ethics, hard work, knowledge, experience and big smarts.

The elections would be in the odd years in November and the judge takes office immediately. Terms of service can vary. from 2 years to whatever you want.

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There is a cruelty, a desire and perhaps a delight to punish, in right-wingers like Coney Bennett.

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I was very saddened to find that except for RGB, all the other justices are Catholic. That should not matter—but it does because like the Evangelicals----it seems that many of those groups are interested in power and not in their own Constitution. : (
If any of their followers had a teen daughter who was raped—would they make sure she had an abortion or pretend it didn’t happen and sent her off to a "girls school , " for a year.?

However, Chief Justice Roberts does follow the law instead of making a law paramount over a human. Gorsuch did not
appear to use religion as a reason, and Kavanaugh—who knows?
But after reading of Barrett’s religious views, it is worrisome, as RBG worked very hard to educate both other justices and the public as to what fairness and equality is and how it does benefit the whole nation. . Besides, based on what I have read of Barrett’s religion and some of her opinions------she does not seem like a complete human being. Perhaps her handmaiden title of her religion is worrisome—and truly too harsh for the 21st century I can’t recall any of the RNC asking for the government to stop putting small children in cages either.
Along with cutting health programs during a pandemic and seeming to feel as if government can legislate how all women are to behave --that seems a lot psycho. The first element of anything that calls itself a democracy is to be fair to ALL the people, and I don’t think Barrett can separate herself from her churches beliefs.


That ConeyBarrett is a religulous cult fanatic SHOULD be enough for the minority Dems in the Senate to derail her nomination - if that is, they want to.


The religious cult is a eucenemical christian group attempting to improve race relations.
You know, South Bend,Indiana - the place where super dooper mayor was democratic prez candidate.

southeast Michigan has a group attempting to improve racial relations in Detroit area.

Here the thing. Before Roe vs Wade in the USA a certain group of people could always get abortions if it was deemed necessary. If the daughter of some prominent businessman got in trouble she would go on a visit to some foreign land to “expand her horizons”. On her return no one would ever know she had been gotten with child.

Rulings against abortion will not affect the rich one bit. They will suddenly see a need to visit Canada or France.

For the poor it a return to back alleys.


Barrett would have to recuse herself from any decisions regarding Trump as he will have been the one to nominate her.

Sounds to me, the same principle of conflict of interest would also apply to Gorsuch and the "guy who likes Beer."

Shocking, guess now they will all HAVE to vote for Biden, huh?
This is a joke for them, its all acting, dont you all know what a actor politician looks like?

Despite what Barrett is saying now —

She has previously written that judges shouldn’t be held to upholding
Supreme Court precedents

Additionally -

Democrats point to comments Barrett has made years before about a legal career
being a means to an end, "and that end is building the Kingdom of God."

Certainly a JUDGE’'s thinking and opinions should be based in reasoning – not religion –

And by the way the CULT she belongs to as a Catholic – People of Praise
and male supremacy –

Sounds very close to Paula White – Trump’s “religious adviser” now working in the
White House - and, yes, we are paying her salary.

Paula White is a millionaire TV Evangelist – and I’m starting to notice that that profile
seems to fit much of the administration – from Trump’s Bible waving - to Pence and
his “Mother” – to Bill Barr who kicked Separation of Church & State in the shins in a
recent speech at Notre Dame – and also with Pompeo who is engaging in some kind
of religious event I didn’t get the name of.

Paula also SPEAKS IN TONGUES -- you can see her on YouTube engaging in that talent –
which should rightly be called “speaking in gibberish.”
Paula also occupies a residence at Trump Tower – and is a con artist pushing her audience
to donate thousands to her – and if they don’t have it – she tells them to mortgage their homes.

Diane Feinstein had some kind of a go-around with Barrett when she was being questioned
for the 7th circuit – and it was termed “ferocious” in my NJ paper … though it was minor in
mind opinion.

There is a danger that right wing will cry "religious test’ –
Well, there have been “Christian” religious tests in America – exactly what was going on in Utah,
for example.


I want to know why how she feels qualified to be a judge when she supports organized
patriarchal religion?

The Vatican/Catholic Church still does not acknowledge the full personhood of females
as it acknowledges the full personhood of males – claiming their “inferiority” – and
barring them from authority within the church – and barring them from ritual, the priesthood, etc.

Especially when the Catholic Church denies the right to free conscience to their members
when it comes to Papal bans on birth control –

Also note that the beloved Pope John XXIII in Vatican II moved to turn the RCC into a
DEMOCRACY – telling Catholics to decide for themselves whether or not to use contraceptives.

And this will be eventually about Birth Control – have no doubt of that –

Long ago the Vatican declared themselves the enemy of women - along with many others …
Jews, Homosexuals, Native People, Africans, Gypsies, Heretics and Science – wrote vile
propaganda against all of us which encouraged intolerance and violence against us.
With their armies they invaded other nations forcing religion on them – or death.
They ran their Crusades and Inquisitions – and Burnings at the take – to destroy the lives
of non-believers and Women, Jews – and they did it with the unprecedented violence and
TORTURES – with specially designed machines and interrogations – which soaked the soil
of Europe in blood for hundreds and hundreds of years. Or was it thousands?
We can only presume that most of us are still recovering from the violence of religion -
The Catholic/Protestant wars alone left 30 million dead –

The threat to the nation and our democracy and our GUARANTEE of free conscience
doesn’t come from the shoe maker, or the barber – or the grocery store – or the
Girl Scouts – it comes from CHURCH.

When RELIGION and POLITICS come together we see how quickly it overcomes reasoning.

The battle against the ERA was funded by both the Catholic Church and Mormon Church
and they used tax-exempt money to do it –

As more and more of us have turned away from organized patriarchal religions – the threat
to the Church grows – and they have a good deal to lose, including tax-exempt status where
many of us feel that ONLY a church and its soup kitchens should be exempt from taxation.
NOT their real estate holdings, NOT their stock portfolios. And as has always been the case,
American taxpayers should not be funding their “faith based” religious organizations.
Nor their schools. Recently Trump moved $1.4 Billion to $3.5 Billion into the hands of Church
from Stimulus funds by waving the regulations.


Great commentary Greenwich, thank you; accurate and comprehensive, as well as central to our fight to restore the Sacred feminine.
The church and men have been suppressing women leaders, teachers, spiritual and healing power in society over thousands of years - exterminated - the Sacred Feminine - and power of women in culture to create their male dominant mechanisms with some of the most barbaric and repressive atrocities ever in the history of humankind - and that male dominance and subservience placed and enforced on women still thrives, including in Stockholm Syndrome slave-women like Barrett - what she represents - not power but submission, not wisdom but dogma.
Our Mother, GAIA, is under extreme threat by the same forces Barrett is part of, and the environmental threats she represents are critical - religionists must not be allowed to destroy the Natural World been built over millions of centuries - serving a human construct of myth, death, violence, and exploitation!

The separation between church and state has been under threat since and before the founding, and this Trojan Horse nomination, like so may others before is part of that attack - so cynical by a person without even the most basic inkling of what religion is. The orange chancre only uses religion and people to feed his malignant ego-madness and ignorance - he knows or cares about people or religion in any identity or form as much as the cat.

All that and more is reason this stealth candidate and its timing fraud must be fought against - unfortunately the “opposition” is not up to the task or rationale, being craven tools of their own infirmities, beliefs, mind slavery to wealth and power, and inculcated male domination and undeserved respect for organized religion in all its subversive forms.
The Sacred Feminine and power of women and wisdom in society, and health of Mother Gaia, must be honored and protected. - and grow. Peace

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Dear Senator van Hollen,
Thank you for your most recent letter. Regarding the now vacant Supreme Court seat, I wish to emphasize that the means to block this nomination is in your hands.
While I am no legal expert, I know that you have at your disposal numerous methods to stall activity in the senate, such as denial of unanimous consent, denial of quorum, force full readings of bills, take the floor of the senate and speak at length, as well as other measures; while over in the House, impeachment proceedings and a renewed War Powers Resolution both take precedence over confirmation hearings. Impeachment and War Powers’ are both still timely, necessary acts that the congress should be taking up, and now is the time to do it. Impeachment for president Trump, for all the crimes that he has committed that did not get addressed last time, as well as his efforts to damage the election and the USPS. Impeachment for Attorney General Bill Barr, for his unconstitutional actions on behalf of the president. A War Powers resolution to redress the previous attempt to stop the war in Yemen, which was vetoed by President Trump; plus an additional, preemptive War Powers Resolution, to ensure that we do not go to war with either Iran or Venezuela.
I fully expect to see all congressional democrats utilize these and any other measures to slow down and grind to a halt the hypocritical republican effort to install a new Supreme Court justice.
As a side note, I notice that the house recently passed a statehood act for the District of Columbia. It is time that got a hearing in the senate. Statehood for DC, and Puerto Rico, if they want it, should be enacted without any concession to the republicans to “offset” the effect of admitting one or two predominantly democratic states to the Union.

I thank you for your assistance with these issues, and quite frankly, nothing short of 100% success in blocking the nomination will be acceptable.
Get To Work: Fight Like It Matters.


Brian Higgins

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And I thank you for this comment and all the reasonable common sense demands on the DP “leadership” and the people’s elected officials; the difference between the two has reached critical mass. DP leaders run roughshod over independent voices and the public. The craven failures approach or pass overt complicity with the trump regime for their timidity to act for the Common Good and the Republic.

The Biden admin. (if that comes to pass) must take the bull by the balls and actually work for the public and republic to RESTORE and roll-back all - every damn one - of trump regime treason and self-interested misapplication of law and who they served - most expecially every action and policy trump worked-for that personally and intentionally benefits him and his family over the people! That very much includes every deal, loan, debt truth, likely influence over him by any foreign government and oligarch that he clearly served (in addition to himself) rather than the good of the public, nation and environment, very much including Global Heating and its numerous consequences!
One does not ever ignore or kowtow to a bully - we all know and have seen in the trump regime and its co-conspirators that agenda- we must restore the rule of law, independence, sovereignty, common decency, truth, justice, and care for all the most vulnerable among us!,

The public needs to be the ones who vote for Supreme Court Justices. Barrett is a religious zealot, a danger to society just like Trump, and needs to be disqualified. If she herself believes women should stay home then she needs to set her own example, give up her career and Go Home!

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Judge Amy Coney Barrett is former Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia‘s prodigy. Remember Scalia believed that god was the source of government power. In a speech at University of Chicago he said that government is the minister of god and that government derives it’s moral authority from god. He never specified which god. I always believed our government derived it’s power from “the people” and if it failed them they had the right to overthrow it and replace it with another government.