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Progressives Warn Democrats: No War With Iran


Progressives Warn Democrats: No War With Iran

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Progressives in Washington, D.C. are pushing centrist Democrats in U.S. Congress to oppose legislation that President Barack Obama has warned could kill a nuclear deal with Iran.


While I agree with most of what she says, this comment is a joke.

"Like the 2002 vote to give President George W. Bush authorization to
invade Iraq, Democrats who end up on the wrong side of it will have to
answer for their decision for the rest of their careers.”

Clinton voted for it and is next in line for the crown. While Pelosi initially voted against the invasion, she voted for funding the war and declined to back legislation calling for a troop withdrawal from Iraq as far back as 2005. Just another self serving millionaire.


dc_rez wrote:

'While I agree with most of what she says, this comment is a joke.

‘"Like the 2002 vote to give President George W. Bush authorization to
invade Iraq, Democrats who end up on the wrong side of it will have to
answer for their decision for the rest of their careers.”

Most of what WHO says? According to the article, the above quote is from the letter from organizations including Credo, MoveOn, and Daily Kos.


Anti-war activists should be just as active when a Democrat is in office. They should vote out all of the pro-war Democrats especially Schumer. A war is a war no matter who is in charge & no matter what party. A war against Iran would be based on the same lies as the war against Iraq.


American citizens should be deeply resentful that Netanyahu is the tail wagging the dog of U.S. foreign policy.


So dissapointing that Elizabeth Warren has to be warned. Did I read this right? If so cross her off the list. She says she diesn’t want to run anyway. As for Schumer, I hope he pays dearly for his stand. Do we have anyone else to back for Senate Minority leader who isn’t a war lover? If not why vote Democratic? I will vote third party as a matter of conscience if I have to. The Dems leave me no choice.


Your ultimate point about mainly wanting to take down the Iranian regime is probably accurate - Obama would like to do so just like repubs would.

However, your other (supporting?) points are off base. Playing politics by making this a faceoff between Presidential and Congressional power is not the point. In this instance Obama is constructing foreign policy, not acting like an imperial president. In a number of ways it would be good if the Prez and Congress agreed with the steps being taken, but repubs in Congress are opposing just to oppose…and some Dems are going along with it (mainly because they blindly do what ever Israel tells them to do - Chuck Schumer).

Whether a deal struck be a fair one for Iran and the 5 UN perm security council members plus Germany remains to be seen. It would not be one if sanctions are not completely lifted when the nuclear terms are complied with. But I’d rather have peace than war (a war built on trumped up charges as they usually are). Blowing up this deal brings things closer to war. It is high time progressives ended support for Dems who are responsible for blowing it up, and for many other reasons as well.


Progressives should immediately form the progressive party.

Democrats in Massachusetts were unable to turn out more than 10% of the voters for the primary election in October, 2014.

Less than 1/3 of the voters turned out for the 2014 California governor’s election. The democratic victor won with about 18% of potential voters.

Non voters are the biggest block of voters and the progressive party would pull them to the polls in droves. I suggest progressives run None of the Above for president in 2016: that victory for the people would shock the DOD republocrats and the propaganda machine and pave the way to a new election.

Imagine a new election where the National News Monopoly was impotent.


Definitely. About the only reason i read articles like this is to say, "I’d love to be proven wrong, but i bet the Dems are shaking in their boots, being opposed by the “progressive dems.” Not. Seems they always fold when the rubber hits the road.


Anyone here remember when progressives were republican? No, that was before any of us were born unless there’s some centenarian progressives here. I just love pointing out how the republican was once-upon-a-time the party of choice for progressives; the republicans of today hate facing that history of theirs.


I think its more about prodding Iran to piss them off enough to justify military action in order to keep up the endless war/profits in the mid-east. There’s no justification for military spending if there’s no enemies. If there’s no enemies, then you go and make some…


If people like Schumer are looking to start a war with Iran, they should be willing to prove to their constituents and the amerikan people that such a war is unavoidable and would be worth fighting. Sen. Schumer and those of his colleagues who support him should be willing to resign their elected/appointed offices, enlist in the army, do their eight weeks of basic training, then volunteer to be the first boots on the ground in the initial assault on Iran! Maybe then, myself and others might believe them!
For the rest of the amerikan sheep who are willing to follow Corker, Schumer and Menendez into the dragons den, just remember one thing, George W Bush and Dick Cheney started a 13 year war with Iraq with the loss of 4,600 amerikans and 35,000+ permanently disabled amerikans all over fantasy weapons of mass deception!
BTW Robert Menendez is under indictment and shouldn’t be writing legislation until and if he clears his name!


Yep you read it right. In fact Warren sponsored legislation that would drag us into war in the event Israel decides unilaterally to attack Iran - giving us no options for diplomacy or negotiation.

On her web site she has commended Obama for each and every Wall St., drone/torture approver and warrantless wiretapping approver that Obama has appointed to his cabinet from the previous administration.

She is a vociferous proponent of the War On Terror ©.

It’s amazing to read the Warren sycophants who only listen to her tirades on the Senate floor, but pay no attention to what she is actually doing.

Warren is Obama redux in every aspect. Look at her past history and her present position. Exactly the same as Obama. She makes all kinds of statements that the sycophants can interpret to their preferences, but she never comes out and promises anything. The parallels are uncanny. And yet wide-eyed pseudo-liberal wannabes just lap it right up.

Neither the Rethugs nor the Democraps are ever, ever going to look out for anyone but Wall St. and the uber-rich.

There are plenty of alternatives.


Sort of. The 2016 Dem Party candidate is actually VP Joe Biden. Any Dem pol can challenge him for the nomination, of course, splitting Dem voters to guarantee another Dem party defeat. Clinton has consistently been pro-war, anti-New Deal, worked hard at promoting the TPP before deciding to run against Biden. A solid neoliberal, being marketed by much of the corporate media (perhaps most notably, MSNBC).

An issue that lib media won’t touch: Clinton/Gore targeted the poor, and took the first steps to dismantle Social Security. In Gore vs. Bush, the poor – and those who see how unrelieved poverty is sinking the US – voted third party or withheld their votes, and the middle class picked Bush. The poor, etc., overwhelmingly voted for Obama in hopes that he could launch a legit discussion about our poverty crisis. He tried, Dems and libs aren’t interested, and lib media have wasted another 6+ years merely maintaining a pep rally for whatever remains of the middle class. The 2014 Dem Party wipe-out was a prelude to 2016.


Is what the people want even relevant? The two power parties control the US, and both are war parties. America is a war nation. We have remained engaged in wars more often than not, almost always by choice, for over a century, going back to WWl (and not even including the many wars before then). War is what we do, and we can no longer afford to do much else. So what are we going to do about it? Nothing. This generation is too deeply divided and subdivided to do much of anything.


What progressive Dems? Seriously. I’ve seen barely a hint of a progressive “movement.” Consider the corporate Dem Party theme that lib media have been pushing at us over the past 6+ years: “Stand in solidarity to protect the advantages of the better-off, the middle class” – and don’t look at the consequences of our corporate state (i.e., our poverty crisis). At best, that’s a call for stagnation, not progress. The Clinton right wing wiped out the Great Society and took the first steps toward similarly ending the New Deal, targeting the disabled. Liberal media virtually ignored this. Now, incredibly, most of this media are trying to sell (neoliberal) Hillary Clinton in place of the more moderate VP Joe Biden. Clinton has consistently been pro-war, anti-New Deal, pro-corporate, anti-poor.


That’s why “progressive Dems” is in quotation marks. :O)


Ah…good point.


I’m glad progressives are backing negotiations with Iran, but why are they silent about our overthrow of Ukraine and threatening of Russia? Is it because they’re still reading the NYTimes and WaPo? Wake up and read Eric Zeusse and George Eliason at OpEdNews. Look at the videos of our guys using white phosphorus on villages, our tanks rolling into Ukraine, prisoners being thrown into ditches before being shot. Read about which way the 1 million refugees are running…East, not West… Read about the desperate efforts of China, Russia, and the BRICS countries to protect themselves against economic warfare before its too late. Read about the soulsearching in Germany and other EU countries about exactly why they are being dragged into a major war with their leading trade partners in the East…

But it’s not in the NYT, so I guess the videos were forged. Couldn’t happen. Won’t look. Won’t think. Think happy thoughts. DON’T think, especially, about stopping your MSM subscriptions and investing in alternative media that will confront our Ukraine policy and look objectively at the legacy of the false flag attacks going on all over the world to win support for more surveillance and repression.


That’s an outstanding point, and I don’t know why this crisis continues to be largely ignored. I suspect people are afraid that speaking up would lead to war, and the US has already been stretched to the limit, “spent out” in nearly every respect. On economic warfare, have you any idea of how we treat our own poor today? Do you know what happens to our jobless poor and many of the unemployable today? Probably not, because libs and Dems have remained focused on maintaining a pep rally for the middle class.