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Prohibited From Holding Police Officer to Account, Federal Judge Calls on Supreme Court to Overturn 'Qualified Immunity'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/07/prohibited-holding-police-officer-account-federal-judge-calls-supreme-court-overturn

“Under that law, the officer who transformed a short traffic stop into an almost two-hour, life-altering ordeal is entitled to qualified immunity. But let us not be fooled by legal jargon. Immunity is not exoneration. And the harm in this case to one man sheds light on the harm done to the nation by this manufactured doctrine.”

Another provocative statement by U.S. District Court Judge Carlton Reeves to persistently quote.

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No One Is Above The Law.

If Cops are given Qualified Immunity, you might as well give it to all citizens as a protection against overly aggressive cops.


Maybe the poIice officers and sheriffs need a Iot more training. Perhaps going over and over the 1st and 4th amendments on a Daily basis would heIp??? was seem to disappear when the so caIIed “peace officers,” so often just turn so demeaning and violent. But what that police person did to that bIack man’s vehicle and that man’s sense of horror and Iack of safety is stunning , as that officer was amazingIy cruel and soooo corrupt.
Perhaps the term PEACE officer is the wrong moniker… perhaps they reaIIy are to be caIIed PIECE officers, as so many of them continue to take a Piece of this and a Piece of that out of the Iives of so many. : (