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'Project Trumpmore' Raising Funds to Carve US President's Face on Melting Iceberg


'Project Trumpmore' Raising Funds to Carve US President's Face on Melting Iceberg

Jon Queally, staff writer

To expose the outsize role U.S. president is playing in the willful destruction of planet Earth's natural systems by dragging his feet on addressing the crisis of global warming, a climate activist group in Finland has announced plans to carve Donald Trump's face onto a floating iceberg in the Arctic.

"We want to build the monument for all of us, so we can see how long the sculpture lasts before melting. Often people only believe something when they see it with their own eyes." —Nicolas Prieto, Project Trumpmore


Trump will love it! Until it it starts to melt. Then it will be called fake news.


“Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair…”


Preciously futile act. I love it.


Frightening to see it not last till the end of his first term.


Frightening to see it at all.


Worse than a huge Mickey Mouse!!!


Terrific idea - but I won’t send scarce money when it can be done in virtual reality, potentially with public contribution to the image - oh wait, that could get messy… but it could be a double-down on Rushmore and present the resident orange in the company of ALL OF THE WAR CRIMINALS that are traipsing about as if they’re worth more than the damage they’ve caused.

I dunno, … guess the project would need to manufacture more icebergs than actually exist - which is perhaps a kind gesture to north pole…

Wait! I’ve got it! no, never mind…


Better yet, try cryogenics.


That Delaware-sized iceberg in Antarctica, please. Note, for a number of reasons it may outlast the Donald himself.

And yes, it’s terribly frightening when we need a climate moon shot of exploratory engineering money, particularly in solar thermal heat for buildings, nighttime thermal storage for electric generation, a far better transit system, artificial albedo restoration in polar regions to keep them from melting away and dumping teratons of gases into Eaarth’s atmosphere, neutralization of nitrous oxide and methane in the atmosphere, carbon sequestration and preservation of 1 million or more species from mass extinction. Moon shot? Frisbee shot at least? No, but $500,000 on advertising! The richest woman on Wall Street, Hetty Green, was purportedly too cheap to call a doctor, so her own son’s leg had to be amputated, if I have that story right.


Maybe an image of Trump will freeze the whole place up! Didn’t Heisenberg or someone say that once you measure something it always changes it? Just by looking at something you change it? Well, maybe once you have an image of Trump in that part of the world, it will cause Mother Nature to freeze up (in horror) at the sight and thereby shut down global warming in the Arctic. That means Trump will have done it again, winning in spite of his erratic self, Mr. Magoo style.


A large number of people DO know that climate change is real and still do nothing. I can’t see that admitting it will help.
Sort of like admitting that we are helping ISIS.


Finland, huh? They are financially pretty well off, I guess. Good health care. Good education.

Lots of money for recreation.