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Prominent Birther Conspiracy Theorist Trump Says 'Look at Libel Laws' on Top of 2018 Agenda


Prominent Birther Conspiracy Theorist Trump Says 'Look at Libel Laws' on Top of 2018 Agenda

Jon Queally, staff writer

"This from the birther guy!"


I guess the good news here is that the standard in Sullivan v. NY Times, that makes libel and slander cases more difficult to prove for public figures offended by public commentary about them, rests on Constitutional principles, not legislative ones.

If Trumps wants to change the rules, he’ll need a Constitutional Amendment to do it. Ain’t gonna happen.

This is just care and feeding of his Ignorati Base, red meat carnivores that they are. No need to actually do anything, just whine about being treated unfairly and his sycophants will genuflex on cue.


People can say totally false things about you? Translation: I will not tolerate any more criticism! I plan to change the libel laws so that I can sue the hell out of my critics! Most of the pejorative criticism about Trump looks like it is mostly true, but even if false, what happened to free speech? Trump gets more dangerous and mentally unstable every day he remains in office. The man who calls himself a " stable genius" and is really an intellectual eunuch and criminally insane needs to be frog marched out of the oval office in a strait jacket before it is too late, but alas, the puerile Congress who seem frightened of Trump, will probably do nothing about it until it is too late.


Before he was a birther conspiracist, he was a prosecutor without portfolio. He publicly and repeatedly called for the execution of the so-called “Central Park Five”—who, as it turns out, were proven innocent of the near-fatal rape and assault of a female jogger. He has yet to acknowledge his error (not that I expect that).

Who knew a tin ear for irony was a qualification for POTUS?


This rightward lurch is moving at a frightening pace. Wall Street, the Federalist Society, Christofascists, White Nationalists, and many other powerful individuals and Corporations will be all for this, as those least likely to come out on top in any court case would be those on the left.

Scared yet?

Please someone tell me I’m over-reacting. Sincerely questioning my reaction.


Of course the Trump agenda is based on an authoritarian leader being the only source of the truth, So he has to gut the First Amendment. Trump needs a government controlled press to get in there with actual dictators such as Putin. Putin was not faced with anything like is Trump is faced with, a tradition of over 200 years of free speech, numerous well-established media outlets for the news, a vast number of universities dedicated to free speech, many metropolitan areas that support liberalism, some very wealthy states dedicated to upholding liberal values, etc. But he does have a growing base of white supremacists and patriot militias that are on his side and willing to do almost anything to see their right wing extremists views turn into reality.


Well said.


I would say it is virtually impossible to overreact to the extreme right wingers they are that much of threat now that Trump is in the White House.


The fact that Trumps growing base of racists and fascists is nascent, one has to wonder how long before they will be able to turn their extremist agenda into reality!


Goose step by goose step the US Constitution is being dismantled courtesy of the Patriot Act and the NDAA. Both documents are designed to override the Constitution and will eventually leave us the people without legal protection and vulnerable to despotism of government. Enjoy the First Amendment Rights while you can…


And then there is that whole mass surveillance thing.

I never did understand the arguments coming from Trump supporters on the left, that Trump was somehow the candidate that the “Deep State” was trying to defeat.

Quite the opposite.

If anything, that so-called “Deep State” has an incrementalist faction more in line with Corporate Democratic presidencies, and a no-holds-barred faction wanting to just get this thing done already, favoring Trump.


So an old man with early onset dementia, whose entire life has been devoted to personal glorification and enrichment via manipulation, fraud, lies and outright theft, wants to “strengthen” libel laws…? Not that he can do much about it, considering the laws are written by the legislature and rewriting them will be pretty much last on the agenda (or not at all after 2018 elections)…who cares what he has to say? I just consider it an old man’s mumbles.


Every time I see a report like this it makes me wish there where someone in Congress to counter act by promoting an opposing law. Something like, if a government official is caught in 100 lies within 90 days they are fined $100,000.00 or removal from office and or both if it costs someone to loose their life. Accountability would be a grand affair.


Trump, stick your libel laws up your lily White Supremacist arse.


That doesn’t seem like a bad idea. But to prevent a lying politician from avoiding being fined by quitting lying after 89 days and 99 lies might it work better if he is fined $1000 after each lie daily…


I think it depends on whether they can be effectively countered. Right now the ballot box remains an effective way of stopping them. But also person-to-person conversations are important. The extremists on the right will not change their views but others who are not no sure where they stand may be reachable. The case for democracy and values such as equality and justice has to made in conversations without turning people off.


Sorry but you might very well be telling the truth. The repercussions of this administration will be felt for at least the next generation if not more so. Still we shouldn’t cower in fear but get angry and fight back.


Thanks for your reply, I agree.


Seeing how Trump has not yet been charged with libel for his decade long birther fake news, I agree with Trump that “libel laws are weak”.

The only other issue I agree with Trump on is keeping Guantanamo open…to house Trump and his band of pirates after they are brought to justice.


I’m sure as hell not taping my beak shut.