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Prominent Birther Conspiracy Theorist Trump Says 'Look at Libel Laws' on Top of 2018 Agenda

No, Nancy…it’s not just mumbles…it’s kool-aid and his benighted fans will gladly share it and drink it all to the last drop.

I really wonder if the repubs are so stupid that they won’t realize beforehand that such libel laws can also be used against them. Creating such libel laws will no doubt create an industry of lawyers skilled in libel suits. Conservatives tend to have deep pockets and that could be potential goldmines for such lawyers. Can you imagine conservatives having to start talking nicely and factually about progressives? Obviously rump is that stupid. Lets see how stupid the rest of them are.

I like that, I like that a lot. Thanks

Well said!

:rofl:. Gawd, it’s only January 11, and I’m tired of 2018 already. How much more can we take before…before,…before… before what?
Question: are there any brain neurons firing in the House? Today’s vote FOR increased surveillance???

The covert, Fourth Reich is becoming more overt every day!