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Prominent Climate Change Denier Funded by Koch Brothers, Energy Companies: Reports


Prominent Climate Change Denier Funded by Koch Brothers, Energy Companies: Reports

Nadia Prupis, staff writer


This should warrant the death sentence. Faking info that we all depend on to survive is beyond criminal.


I have been struck by the ‘trickle down effect’ of corporate marketing mandates in the social sphere. Just like anthropogenic climate change - all too often portrayed as not including the scale of impacts of corporate land and water pollution, land usurpation and biome destruction - , the ongoing ethnocides and genocides by this corporate monoculture all too frequently elicit an ‘I don’t want to know’ in responses in attempts in civil conversation to even broach the subject.

To not recognize the institutionalized bulldozer of plausible deniability is to intensify the infantilization legacy strategy of colonizing mindsets dependent on domination rather than knowledge. Race to the bottom, indeed (in deed). My, how convenient in stirring the “terrorism” pot for militarism-is-the-only-option.


“I think that’s inappropriate behavior,” Dr. Alcock said. “This frankly becomes a personnel matter, which we have to handle with Dr. Soon internally.”

No, this is not a personnel matter; it is a policy matter.

If this dude made his work public under false pretenses AND under the aegis of the two institutions then their failure to terminate their relationships with him constitutes acceptance of his flawed findings and his unethical practices.



You beat me to the punch! That’s what I was thinking. By using the Harvard-Smithsonian “nameplate” to lend legitimacy to this idea that DEBATE exists between a 98% consensus of actual scientists, and the 2% cronies willing to use their credentials to further the DEADLY aims of Big Coal, Big Frack, Big Oil, and Big Nuke is not just about “the money.” These people are helping to put a roadblock in humanity’s path just when the need for an energy-based paradigm change cries out.

Meanwhile, similar is happening with the “better living through chemistry” crowd as it by turns poisons, mutilates, and genetically “modifies” the same miraculous natural world that the Great Mother Nature took eons to lovingly weave together. In the place of balanced, complex communities–the webs of life–the bastards plant rows of one uniform crop. It’s an enslavement of the plant world.

The mindset is that of conquering and controlling nature rather than working with this life-giving and life-sustaining Force. It is the same mindset that uses weapons to conquer tribes and seize their lands, people, and assets. It is a mindset that should be criminalized through an international class action suit. The People of the World challenge “the controllers” for their ruinous decisions and the FACT that THEY put all life at risk.

Typically, this is where the forum’s “guests” would remind us that it’s citizens who buy that coal and oil… as if the hegemonic controls of the giant energy corps. allow for much in the way of viable alternatives. Or they will say that those who oppose bio-tech are anti-science. A number of oft’ repeated Frank Luntz style manufactured Talking Points too often saturate forum threads to block readers from seeing the real truth.

Unfortunately, since some of the most diabolical soulless persons happen to have amassed fortunes, there are always scientists, assassins, mercenaries, politicians, and other sociopathic types available for hire… for the right price. A million bucks is compelling considering there is ample evidence that in U.S. Mars-ruled society, plenty of people have been gunned down for the equivalent of $100.


The climate change denier that took bribes is only the tip of the iceberg and I can only wonder how many others the Kochroach brothers have bribed that we are not aware of! They have a potential to make billions off of the XL pipeline, so a few million $ in bribes is just the cost of doing business from their perspective.


We’ve known for a long time that the right-wing playbook involves tons of projection (accusing your opponents of moral lapses which you yourself have but don’t admit), but this is an especially striking example. Of course the deniers accuse real scientists of manipulating the data and being in it for the money because they know that their scientists manipulate the data and are in for the money, so the other team must be doing it, too. Except, of course, that they’re not - the majority of scientists are ethical. Whenever the right accuses the left of doing something nefarious, you can be sure that the right is doing it themselves. That’s their ‘tell’, as we say in poker playing.


Humanity is the battlefield of the planet. The primary weapon is propaganda.
(It be cheap and aimed at the not too deep…)


The fact that both Harvard and the Smithsonian continue to employ this man despite his obvious acedemic fraud is very telling as to the true nature and mission of these supposed institutes of higher Learning.
You can usually judge someone by the people and institutions they choose to cavort with. By that standard, mr Hoon is a scumbag.


I recommend Oreskes and Conway’s (2010) Merchants of Doubt, which details the manner in which big corporations have been seeding doubt about inconvenient scientific discoveries since the 50’s (big tobacco). It seems the same players have been called upon time and again, often individuals with some scientific credibility but not in the fields they are commenting upon.


“While energy companies have long funded the work of useful allies, the
new documents shed light on the role of scientists like Soon who help
fuel the debate over climate change and its causes.”

Pardon my nit picking, but that statement inadvertently suggests that the “debate” that those like Soon “help fuel” is a legitimate debate. The whole point of these revelations proves otherwise.

Soon has helped fuel the industry’s propaganda machine. That isn’t an allegation at this point so it is completely legitimate to just say so. It has nothing to do with actual “debate” in the realm of science.


So the guy that has the most free speech in his wallet controls the conversation and the profit flow.


These are very bad lies, completely corrupt, to my mind criminal.

But really almost all of us are lying to ourselves and to each other every
day, implicitly and explicitly. We all go about our lives, mostly not thinking much or talking much about the consequences of our daily actions and lack of action.

Even most climatologists, who I hold in great respect, mostly don’t want to say in public what they know about how bad things really are.Near the beginning of this lecture
(which is quite good if you can get over the bad video quality), Kevin
Anderson, Deputy Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change
Research, asks a room full of climatologists if they think it is now
possible to stay below 2 degrees C of warming (beyond pre-industrial

Basically, no one does.

They all think we have already committed ourselves to over 2 degrees C, a temperature that is
far beyond anything human civilization has ever experienced. Anderson
says that this is what he has found whenever he speaks to climatologist
in groups or individually. But in public, he says, in front of a
microphone, most won’t state this blunt, brutal truth.He also
points out that all the models assume that we will be able to sequester
massive amounts of CO2, when in fact we don’t know how to do this
reliable on anything like that scale and we don’t know if we ever will.
So all the models look much rosier (even the rather grim ones) than they
should be.

Perhaps we all have to tell little lies to ourselves and each other just to get through the day: “Yes, you look fine, dear…”

But we have to start telling ourselves and each other big, ugly, hard
truths about our actual situation if we want to have any chance of
getting collectively through the next century, probably even the next
few decades.


I’ll make a safe bet. This story won’t be seen on Fox News.


Another John Yoo, doing whatever it takes to get money and attention, albeit short lived one in his case as was the case for John Yoo. I agree that this man should be locked up for life.


TJ, that’s a little harsh. Besides that, the punishment should fit the crime.

Stake them at an ocean shoreline during low tide and let them contemplate the effect of rising sea levels.

For about 12 hours.


In the voice of Gomer Pyle: “Surprise, surprise.”


I guess that’s maybe why I seem to be able to deal with hard truths more than some!? '-) :-/

But it’s time for more of us to get past high school fears of being left out be the cool kids, and start telling our truths, hard though they may be, in whatever forums we have available to us.


A theory in science is a generally accepted understanding. Which means that your statement “AGW remains theory” implies that it is true and that people are operating under that principle that it is true. Don’t confuse the scientific meanings of the words theory and hypothesis as too many people do.


If you are not a vegetarian you are part of the problem - a large, significant part of the problem. If you are not a vegetarian, please report to the executioner along with those you have condemned.