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Prominent Climate Change Denier Funded by Koch Brothers, Energy Companies: Reports


You are apparently referencing the hacked emails from the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia. Why not reference the conclusions of eight committees, news organizations, et al that completely discredited the assertions by “skeptics” that the emails presented evidence of fraud or cooked up evidence relating to AGW.

Apparently you haven’t given up that cause.


Comparing an individual whose diet was likely chosen for them as a child among meat eaters to a scientist taking 1.2 million as a propagandist from the Big Energy corporations relative to culpability is absurd.


Blaming others but not one’s self is absurd. Your parents still control your food choices?


What is your purpose here? To protect the interests of the Koch Brothers et al?


The irony is that the deniers (Soon, et alia) and those who pay them to prevaricate (Koch,et alia) have to breathe the polluted air, drink the poisoned water, eat the contaminated meat/fish/plants just like everyone else. Their seaside homes will tumble down just like the shanties of any number of small islands in the Pacific. Their money can protect them for only so long. Only when their own personal real estate is threatened or they suffer an environmentally caused disease will they come to believe the TRUTH…but all too late.