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Prominent Rights Group Says Israeli Rule Must Finally Be Seen 'For What It Is: Apartheid'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/12/prominent-rights-group-says-israeli-rule-must-finally-be-seen-what-it-apartheid


Jimmy Carter denounced Israeli apartheid years and years ago. He was excoriated for that. So, when is the world (especially the USA) going to shout out the truth?


Two main problems that secular Humanism must transcend ,Organised Religion and Nationalism.

Both separate people and drive them further apart.

Separation is the opposite of Evolution .



Get back to us about change when the U.S. at least stops financing the Israeli military. That would be a first sign of hope for change.


there is much to criticize in Israeli policy but “apartheid” is a totally inappropriate word for a society where Jews and Arabs mix at universities, hospitals, stores, sports, symphony orchestras, even Parliament. Using that word is so disrespectful for the kind of horrors faced in South Africa. I think if this group were truly concerned with human rights, instead of foolish name-calling driving people further apart they would try to brig people together, the only way to actually improve the situation

Jimmy Carter has been the most humane President during my lifetime. This would explain why nobody knows about him.


I agree. In my lifetime (60 years) he has been the only president I have respected.

And to @barry_schiller Your bias or lack of knowledge does not change the facts. Reread the article. Equal treatment does not exist by LAW in Israel.

Then I can send you hundreds more articles saying the same thing. Including those that gloat over the regime Israel has created, and how Palestinians are subhuman and deserve it. Your protests against a word that is fully accurate is an old ploy and has been repeatedly proven lacking in reality.

Sound familiar though? The first two of your sentences sound a lot like the racism we face here in the USA. Though we have yet to pass a basic law saying that the nation is just for one subset of its citizens based on religion or ethnicity (which is also questionable - Many in control are of European descent). But Israel has such a law.

And “this group” as you call them is a well respected Israeli human rights group. Not something you can dismiss with a few words.


Except for the US war in Afghanistan, over 10% of the population dead. Carter admin, via CIA, incited USSR to invade, a million dead more or less by 1990, lesser numbers later due to leftover weapons, many of them supplied via USA. This led to the creation of the mujahideen and its successors, al-Qaida and DAESH/ISIS.

It is really sad when Carter’s record makes him one of the best of a bad bunch.


I really doubt you are ignorant enough to believe this. There is some tokenism, but when I was an official friend of Israel and was paid for it, it was explained to me why the two quiet brown Israelis were socially distant from the white Israelis: they were Palestinian Jews, not white European Jews.


In 2015, African-American Jewish mother Idit Malka and her young son attempted to visit Israel as part of an extended family celebration. According to the Jewish news agency Mondoweiss, “Malka was not even able to make it out of Ben-Gurion Airport. She and her 10-year-old child were, upon arrival, promptly detained in a holding cell for close to 48 hours.” Both Mondoweiss and the Jerusalem Post reported that, before being deported, an Israeli woman official screamed at Malka that “Eretz Yisrael isn’t a country for cushim [a racist Hebrew slur for Black people]”.

Israel has subjected Black Jews to forced contraceptive injections. In 2013, Haaretz and the Times of Israel put the figure of suppressed Black Jewish reproduction at 50 percent. That is, even according to Israel’s own media at the time, over 130,000 Black Jews have had, as a matter of institutional practice, their potential reproduction forcibly curbed by up to half.4 Invoking the horrors of Nazi practices and illuminating the reality of modern-day eugenics, even Forbes magazine described it as “forced (if temporary) sterilization.

In 2009, Israel’s Ynetnews revealed that there were Israeli neighborhoods operating whites-only housing polices—designed specifically to keep out Black Ethiopian Jews—citing the town of Ashkelon as an example. The irony of white Western settlers keeping Black Jews out of the town is that, prior to the Nakba, Ashkelon had a ten-thousand-strong Indigenous Arab population. In 2012, Israel’s Jerusalem Post was still citing whites-only housing practices. One resident in the city of Kiryat Malachi was cited by the news outlet as supporting the racist practice, proclaiming that “a good Ethiopian is an Ethiopian in a grave."

Gavin Lewis, A racist endeavor: Zionist Israel’s Black Jewish victims of color, MR Online, 4th December 2020


Unfortunately, you are not incorrect here.

A bit off topic now but I remember, too, how India was berated by the UN choir group for its even handed appraisal of the invasion of Afghanistan. Up to today, Pakistani news rags still label India as Communist - the flavor-of-the-day all-encompassing catch-all term for evil … as “ Iran Man Bad not yet” - based on this … this as opposed to the accuser being a bought-and-paid-for US and Saudi vassal.

Then again, India should have been used to being the whipping boy by now, ever since they had the gall to reclaim Goa from the Portuguese … and this after having being raped by the British for two centuries. How dare they, those Indians?!!

What I admire most about them, though, is that they don’t continually whine over the past from a position of privilege - no claims for reparations, etc. Some of us can learn a thing or two from them.

India then, Venezuela now … but never, ever is criticism of the US-funded illegal regime in Tel Aviv permitted.

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others, in spades here … .

Spare the rod and spoil the child - this way, everyone wins: We solve our chronic educational system shortfall by having our citizens who otherwise couldn’t man a counter at McPizza magically transform into (now, say it with me) “our brave men and women in uniform” and slavishly maintain our sick, Faustian pact with the Zionists, those both within the illegal colony and otherwise.


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