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Prominent Scholars Decry TPP's "Frontal Attack" on Law and Democracy


Prominent Scholars Decry TPP's "Frontal Attack" on Law and Democracy

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


Why are We the People almost always on the defensive from corporate and bankster attacks?

Direct Democracy


You already know the answer.

We let corporations (and the wealthy human sludge that own and operate them) buy our courts, our representatives, our press, our on-air media and airwaves, our prisons, our elections, our schools, our banks and currency, our healthcare, our needed drugs, our war power, our infrastructure, and last but not least, our rights as humans.

Corporations and owners rule America, and when TPP passes, they'll rule the world. The Clintons, the Bushes, and Mr. Obama were instrumental in greasing the skids for everything that is necessary to weaken our sovereignty as well as the rule of law by the people.

THIS is what rich people want, and until we silence them and claw back everything they've stolen from us, we will always be defending the scraps and crumbs tossed to us.


I've heard that Obama could be selected for the Supreme Court under a Clinton presidency, or that she might even offer his name as the current nominee to the Court, should she win. I was aghast at the notion. This article pretty much sums up why I think so little of his presidency and what a big failure his appointment would be.


Obama's support for TTP shows he is anti democratic, and the best thing you can saw about him is that he is a corporate whore. If he cared about the American People or our planet he would not be championing this horrible corporate power grab. Obama is the worst president in US history


Tell me something factual about TPP.


Since when did congress listen to scholars opposed to corporations?


The best congress money can buy listens only to those willing to pay for the best congress money can buy.

Each week for the past year has seen additional evidence presented that confirms that TPP, TTIP and TISA are regulatory capture disguised as trade deals.

This push back on Obama's number one agenda item has resulted in ever more Obama globetrotting to promote these deals. How much carbon has been added to the atmosphere by Obama's 747, support aircraft, vessels and vehicles each time he makes one of these trips ?


It appears that the oligarchy has given up on the TPP. For the time being.
There's no stomach for it on the Republican side and the Democrats have been beaten at their own game by the Left.
So we'll have a pause for a year or so and then the oligarchy will come roaring back when they think the electorate has all fallen back to sleep.
We need to continue this battle after the election.


I was thinking in terms of Nation States and not really understanding why Obama, Clinton, others were so determined to pass trade deals that obviously were NOT good for our country.... then another poster quoted a section of this document....

The full document puts a new light on their motivations....

Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity
by William I. Robinson

I found a PDF by searching Google.... note not the links that are reviews (or Amazon)


These underhanded deals not only legalize corporate takeover of government, but siphon billions from the taxpayers to transnationals via the ISDS claims. What a scam!


The Leviathan's head can be chopped off but it continues to grow again. Like this twisted corporate power play it will rise up again and again until it gets what it wants or is mercilessly and completely destroyed.
I was just sickened, I MEAN SICKENED when I read this:

Examples of Corporations using Trade Agreements and ISDS to Undermine Domestic Laws.There are over $14 billion in pending claims filed by corporations against sovereign governments using the ISDS provisions of trade agreements that have language similar to the TPP. The corporations are challenging the laws and regulations in a number of countries relating to environmental protection, labor standards, energy, public health, land use and transportation. Here are just a few examples.
— A French firm, Veolia, used ISDS to challenge Egypt’s minimum wage.
— A US corporation attacked the Peruvian government’s decision to regulate toxic waste and close a dangerously polluting smelter. Peru reversed its decision after the US Renco Corp filed an ISDS case demanding $800 million in compensation.
— Phillip Morris used ISDS to challenge anti-smoking laws in Australia and Uruguay after failing to undermine the health laws in domestic courts.
— Lone Pine Corporation is using ISDS to sue Canada for $250 million because Quebec instituted a moratorium on fracking in order to conduct a study on environmental impacts.

"$14 billion in pending claims filed by corporations against sovereign governments using the ISDS "
How much does it cost to solve world hunger? A price has been set and estimated by the United Nations to solve this crisis – $30 billion a year. It may seem like a large sum of money, but when compared to the U.S. defense budget – $601 billion in 2015 – not so much


The URL to the PDF:

Robinson's argument is that we've gone from international to global capitalism. Quoting:


Didn't Marx warn about the accumulation of capital?


Is it politically incorrect to call this thing what it is, treason? The Clinton's and Obama have sold us to the corporations. The rule of law is no more in the USA you can already see it everywhere. There is no justice for them, only strict laws for us.
This country has been set up for the take over by our last presidents and politicians, all of whom should be tried and sentenced for treason. They have incrementally dismantled our democracy.
When people in this country, fully armed as they are, wake up to what they are really doing it won't be like they think it will.
No justice, no peace.


RIGHT after the election. Don't go to sleep because Democrats say they can't sign it without unspecified "improvements" and Republicans hold out for even more corporate giveaways. As soon as the election is over, as Wallach said the "retired and fired" can easily approve it without any concern for public opinion, secure in promises of corporate sinecures in return. Even the ones staying in Congress know they have at least two years for voters to forget. Likely both Republicans and Democrats will be happy with a fig leaf--the Republicans can introduce it and vote for it and say to their corporate johns "But Obama PROMISED me he'd knock out the exclusion for tobacco/longer patent protections for drugs" and the Democrats can say "But we got whole additional PARAGRAPHS of flowery language in the toothless environmental/labor/public health section--what more do you want?"


The biggest enlightenment I got from reading the document is that they have ZERO loyalty to any particular Nation State..... they are only loyal to their goal for Global Corporatism.

PS It's only incidental to their goal that they reduce to common folk to the lowest denominator (via austerity) so that they can maximize their profits. They will use MIC to keep us in line.


it's important to note that
viewed from the perspective of several hundred years
of experience, development, and legal academic work on jurisprudence
TPP, ISDS & The End of Democracy SEARCH YOUTUBE
and in addition .. see this awesome video where he explains
how the ICSID / ISDS legal structure or framework
FAILS on all the KEY REQUIREMENTS of a valid legal / court structure
that has been worked out over hundreds of years
start at 2:35
Requirements for a Valid Legal Framework
- Separate from State and Executive
- Independent Arbitration
- Precedent Law
- Appeals Process
- Transparency