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'Promises Made, Workers Betrayed': Trump Gave $425 Billion in Federal Contracts to Corporations That Offshored 200,000 Jobs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/05/promises-made-workers-betrayed-trump-gave-425-billion-federal-contracts-corporations

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Almost every headline and article lately should be a political attack ad against Trump and the GOP.
Trump’s false promises during the 2016 campaign are easy to prove and advertise.

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Did anybody expect different from a guy whose brand pivots on his most famous admonition: “YOU’RE FIRED !” ?

This message need to get to the Trump adoring working class, tout de suite!

The scam of eliminating your jobs through offshoring while making you, the worker, also pay for it by these public money contracts to the very same corporations needs to be frontpage headlines.

Had enough of this shit, yet? Good. Prepare to rumble.


Trump will insist of course this all a lie.

The best way to look at Job creation and unemployment numbers is look at the Labor force participation rate.


Now Obviously COVID had a huge impact and one can not really lay that on Trump but if you look at this chart you will see that even as Trump bragged about record low unemployment numbers the LFPR was lower in all years of his term than back in 2000. Indeed this number has been in steady decline even through the Obama years (where a writer recently claimed Obama oversaw the greatest economic expansion in history).

People that stop looking for work are not counted as unemployed.

Now the differences between a high 0f 68 and a low of 60 might not seem a lot but this is huge when measuring LFPR. The main point though is this. There was a higher Unemployment rate of 7.5 percent even as a greater percentage of Americans (67 percent) were working in 1992.

The numbers are manipulated.

Now here is Iceland. They Currently have an unemployment rate of 6 percent.


They have a LFPR of over 81 percent. (The very best year of Trump was 63 percent)

Now another point to be made. Iceland has a more generous system then they USA when it comes ot Social program spending. In the USA they claim if these programs too generous no one would want to work. They should explain Iceland.

and the trade deficit he promised to eliminate is larger-more people living in poverty,homeless, and out of work–as with his businesses – every thing he touches gets trashed, bankrupted, or is a scam–but then any person with a few brain cells knows he has no connection to the truth as he lies with every breath and only the corrupt Republicans support this fool because he does their bidding–they being constant liars also

and what does that say about the quality of his supporters–in this Hillary was right–his supporters are deplorables