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Promising a 'Radical Realignment of Our Priorities,' Ocasio-Cortez Tells Los Angels Sanders Rally How the Movement Will Change the Country

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/21/promising-radical-realignment-our-priorities-ocasio-cortez-tells-los-angels-sanders


“It’s called, giving a damn.”

Hopefully, one day our government stops lumping tax cuts for the wealthiest with funds to keep the government open.


Another possible bumper sticker to be pasted right next to: "I wrote the damn bill!"


Here one I did for 2016


What can I say, there’s nothing I can say about it that Cortez cannot say better. We just need another 100,000 more like her now to replace the congress, senate, executive, judiciary and state governments.


As a Bernie (and Tulsi) supporter I have to say, this jubilance may be short lived. The impeachment show is going to implode and the blowback will even hurt serious candidates like Bernie. Anyone associated with or currying favor in the DNC will be tarnished. Can Bernie overcome this debacle? I sure hope so, but we shall see.


Knows that moscow mitch only does it his way. will not permit democrat witness list which has three poison pills/ as an example: John Bolton would use his time to get senators to sign on a war declaration against Iran and place a few knives into Trump.

Knows that the three or four republican senators who might vote guilty are not sure things.

Knows that americans were split on the impeachment itself. She needs about 11% more from the independents to persuade McConnell to provide a guilty verdict.

Do we really want dense Pence?

If Nancy allows the impeachment hang over Trumps neck like a guillotine,through summer, and more details leaks out by Schiff, then they can beat trump in November by anybody.

In a way, yes! Why? Because he won’t have a snowballs chance in Phoenix in the election and the fat, orange asshole will be gone. Two wins?


AOC really failed on her criticism of Tulsi’s vote. And she also failed on Venezuela. Bernie and her really need to show us all what they’re going to do about foreign policy, because I don’t see a change with them.


Whoa that is some strong stuff you’re smoking! Sounds like it’s done and dusted. Except support for impeachment is eroding already. It’s a fools errand, unless playing the fool is how you get paid. That’s the bottom line. This stunt is designed to keep Bernie at bay and make a safe space for Biden or his youthful MIC clones like Pete. And if Trump wins, the DNC wins. And then, it’s business as usual passing his legislation and approving his judges.

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I am not sure that Trumps McDonald diet provides long life.
Please watch everyday for a DC leak that affirms trump guilt.
Today, it is an email from office of management and budget to pentagon.
Tomorrow morning, on TV, who knows?
The shadow do!
I am expecting two incriminations: One by NBC / politico
and another by washington post. That is why they sit in the tavern until 9:30 PM.

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The Bernie rally in Nevada is underway now, and I was fortunate to watch some of it on Facebook.
AOC is giving an inspiring address, and she quoted Dr. Cornel West, “Justice is what love looks like in public.”
Nice Bernie rally in Nevada, and I’ll return to it now.


Is this our system of justice? It’s amazing how eager people are to abandon the principles that underpin our government. And somehow Trump is the only villain? As vile as he is, if you have to become him to defeat him, then you are the same as him. The cynicism is breathtaking.


I have to think that one over.
Usually, evil can be defeated without giving up ones own ethics.

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I was at the Venice Beach rally. Make no mistake, AOC is a political rock star. The ReThugs are right to fear her.


Have you thought about getting your eyes examined? We’re especially concerned if you drive a car, not so much if you are being chauffeured. To a Tulsi rally, possibly?
I hope your vision improves when it comes to seeing Sen. Sanders is not on the same side as Sens. Cruz, Menendez and Rubio. The Three Amigos of Mar-a-Lago Malevolence are the wise guys you need to direct your ire towards, here.


Last chance America, we are damn lucky to have people like Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Cortez and Elizabeth Warren leading our country away from the brink of fascism and military dictatorship a la Chile and Brazil.


Bernie doesn’t curry favor with the DNC. I think he will be elevated, frankly.

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You outed yourself when you used the noun, Democrat, as an adjective, like all RepubliKLANSmen do.


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“…If Sanders wishes to be seen as a genuine socialist he should not be supporting capitalism regardless on how a nice a face has been put on it but rather he should be calling for the abolition of capitalism…”

We require the return to Debs who learned that the two main political parties worked against labor and for the employers.

“To turn your back on the corrupt Republican Party and the corrupt Democratic Party—the gold-dust lackeys of the ruling class—counts for something. It counts still more…to join a minority party that has an ideal, that stands for a principle, and fights for a cause.”

The fake panacea of reformism was something Debs understood:
“Every hint at public ownership is now called Socialism, without reference to the fact that there can be no Socialism, and that public ownership means practically nothing, so long as the capitalist class is in control of the national government. Government ownership of public utilities means nothing for labor under capitalist ownership of government.”

So despite the “revolutionary” appearances of Sanders and AOC, they have far to go.