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Promising Signs That America Is Waking Up to the Student Debt Crisis

Promising Signs That America Is Waking Up to the Student Debt Crisis

Sean McElwee

The revolution to end the burden of student debt continues, with a recent proposal from presidential contender Elizabeth Warren to cancel $50,000 in loans for households making less than $100,000 a year, with lower amounts for those making up to $250,000.

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If so, how is Joe Biden leading all progressives including Bernie Sanders by 9 percentage points?

Granted if progressives didn’t split their vote among multiple candidates, the leading candidate would beat Biden.



Good- seems everything is for sale in the USA, and this has to stop.


You mean like Warren trying to buy the votes of millennials with free tuition?


Many college students these days also I was thinking are actually middle aged- it is not just millenials.

The identification of the problem known as “The Student Debt Crisis” is a hedge fund managerś wet dream in rhetorical construction.

Think about it: It exists BECAUSE of financial policy, NOT because of students.

Think about it: WHY is nothing done about the $#!t load of "charter (!?!) school felonies NOT being prosecuted?

Our reality is that the term is used to make you think FIRST and foremost of a student context. Screw that!! This about societal cannibalism by interests that have seen nothing but the metrics of “consumers

A ‘consumer’ does not have dreams unless the market profits from them; nor are there autonomous human qualities recognized, unless the marketplace defines them. EG: medical education based for centuries on the male model… Why? because its origin was at a time when women were “chattle”.

Our present is shaped by our past and only to the extent that we are aware of it can we shed the imprisonment of advertising ‘shorthand’.

The crisis has already been perpetrated. Students are just one of the most recent siphon sources to hide the felonies.

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At $50,000 per loan, they could forgive the debt of 30 MILLION students to have the equivalent of the $1.5 trillion given to what - a few hundred people?