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Promoting 'Another Puppet for Corporate Polluters,' Trump Picks Former Oil Lobbyist to Head Interior Department


Promoting 'Another Puppet for Corporate Polluters,' Trump Picks Former Oil Lobbyist to Head Interior Department

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After President Donald Trump announced via tweet on Monday that he is nominating former oil lobbyist David Bernhardt to replace scandal-plagued Ryan Zinke as head of the Interior Department, environmental groups described Bernhardt as yet "another puppet for corporate polluters" and urged the Senate to block his confirmation.



Here’s the partial list of why David Bernhardt is completely unqualified to represent the Department of the Interior. He sought to undo court-imposed protections for endangered salmon in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Berhardt also represented entities such as the proposed Rosemont Copper open pit mine in Arizona. His law firm Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck was involved in representing other mining, oil, and extractive industries, as well as projects such as the Cadiz, Inc. groundwater pumping project in the Mojave Desert in California. Mr Bernhardt is a clear and present danger to our public lands and must be rejected without prejudice.



Make on mistake, this shitstain will be confirmed, the question is how many Dims will go along with it, and further expose themselves as the corporate cronies they are?



David Bernhardt: Just another corporate, fascist that has been chosen by Trump’s, fascist, regime.



It is virtually impossible for Trump to do anything good. It is just not in his nature. He is not serving the best interests of the american people. He is a failure as a decent leader. His time to leave has come. His services are no longer needed. The “Apprentice” president has failed. You’re fired Donald.



I don’t need a list to know he is no good. He was chosen by Donald Trump and that lets me know everything I need to know about the quality of the person.



Washington D.C. is a cesspool of corruption and organized crime. Period. What a disgrace.



Totally done with Trump and his bull shit. He can go to hell. A Hero needs to put this sick bastard out of his misery.



Why does Trump hate America?

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Where are our revolutionists. We need a Jerry Rubin, Abby Hoffman, and Tom Hayden, now!

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As Trump blatantly appoints one criminal after another to government –
in your face fascism.



But when you write or call any senators, using the talking points, especially his ethical conflicts, lets senators know we’re watching. Many are coming up for re-election, so some are sniffing the wind.



Calling the only party in the least interested in a stable ecology stupid names is certainly not the way to meet this crisis. It has become painfully obvious that the Party of No has no interest in the ecology but for the most efficiently expeditious way to rape it to the benefit of none but corporate interests. One can only wonder how far the Party of No Plan For The Future will go to please their masters.



What took you so long to see this monstrous, nay veritable Everest, pile of livestock waste as an impediment to a healthy nation?



Actually most of the people who actually give a fig are online already. Sure we do need to unite as a block to reverse this dangerous loss of intelligent dialogue and move to a corperatocrisy but the time for rousing rabble is over and we need many more forward looking legislators to rout the corporate lackies from our local, state and national legislatures. We have a comfortable lead in the House and the Senate is definitely a doable target with a very shaky administration begging to be replaced. WE must at all costs shun the corruption of the Democratic Party found in the fiscal policies of the neoliberal centrists and build a coalition of candidates who are willing to wrest the power from the reactionary right.



You seem to be under the impression we have two major political parties in this country. I believe past conformation hearings and the vote tallies from those hearings, proves my point, that for all practical purposes, we don’t. I would love to see a difference, but the way the fight for MFA is also being distorted, it’s not happening. But you keep hoping for that change, they’ll come around someday, when their corporate sponsors run out of money.



Trump hates the 99% of Americans…but he loves Amerika’s 1%!



Does Trump even like the 1%, or is he jealous of most of them?






It’s hard to hold back the urgency for change among the babyboomers. Our time is running out. The younger crowd must be confused that there is a lack of leadership. Their elders had JFK, MLK, RFK, and John Lennon.
Do the younger crowd along with our middle aged, finally have a couple of heroes to follow? I hope so.