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Promoting 'Humane Technology,' Former Facebook Workers Aim to Shield Public from Social Media's Harms


Promoting 'Humane Technology,' Former Facebook Workers Aim to Shield Public from Social Media's Harms

Julia Conley, staff writer

Citing a desire to "correct a wrong," several former employees of the tech giants Facebook and Google are joining forces to counter what they view as the widespread negative impact of the companies they helped to form.


I think the only real solution would involve a different way for these companies to make money. As long as the make their money through advertising they will be gather data from people which means they have to keep people using these sites as much as possible. They need to be able to make money by charging for their services if things are really going to change. Giving everything away for free in order to gather data is turning into a disaster. Who can resist freebies? That is the problem. Things were much better when everyone paid for newspapers and magazines and if you couldn’t afford there was the public library. Now privacy is being destroyed and this is turning into a surveillance society all because of freebies to obtain data to sell to advertisers. Glad these people are trying to something to rectify this situation,


From the article:

“…frequent use of Facebook can lead to depression…”

Undoubtedly. Reading some of the trolls and Dbots on CD frequently bums me out too, but I persevere.


A good rule of thumb: If something is “free”, YOU are the product.


When you take everything at face value without questioning, researching, contemplating, then it is potentially all the time depressing. That goes for any piece of information regardless of the medium.


There’s a new platform called “Steemit” that sounds interesting.


For Facebook you are the product and you also provide free labor. That is quite a thing Zuckerberg has got going. Two billion free laborers. That would make any company jealous.


The problem isn’t using social media. It’s social media purposefully manipulating you into using it for hours a day.

But that’s their business model: selling access to you, the sum of all data points.


Wow, you just condensed volumes of scientific works by Chomsky, Herman, McChesney, Klein and a dozen activists with FAIR in a single concise sentence! I’m going to print that up and put it on the wall of my office…


The change in our society is pretty dramatic. I have a friend I have known since the 70’s, she broke off all communication with me because I don’t text. All I have is a land-line and she refuses to sit down an write an email, it takes too much time and effort. I think that’s as good as an example as you’ll get to the disruption to our society. Not up on the latest and greatest then you are excluded.


I don’t text either. I have a land line at home and work, and if I’m anywhere else, I prefer to be unavailable. I only have one friend who likes to have a long meaningful conversation by email. I signed up for Facebook because a friend had it and we thought we’d use the live chat feature, but after the first few times, we didn’t. I ended up deleting my Facebook account because it was full of superficial interactions and no meaningful ones. If I was tempted to try and engage someone meaningfully, I’d think twice with Facebook looking over my shoulder and reporting me to Big Brother.

I just started reading Johann Hari’s new book “Lost Connections” and it’s pretty interesting. He talks about the internet and depression in it.


Echo Echo :-))), seriously, are you reading my mind/living my life :-)))


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