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Proof that Snyder’s Emergency Management is to Blame in Flint


Proof that Snyder’s Emergency Management is to Blame in Flint

Jeremy Mohler

A little over a week ago, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder released hundreds of pages of e-mails related to Flint from 2014 and 2015. One of the attachments, an assessment of Flint’s water system by a private water corporation, is very significant.


No prior experience: this is a microcosm of what Trump would do for 'murca, nukes and all.


More than that, this is a crystal-clear illustration of The Shock Doctrine, and Trump is not the only politician who is eager to apply it (besides Gov. Snyder, of course). It's a standard component of the neoliberal agenda, no matter the nominal political party affiliation of its perpetrator. ("Corporate Democrats" come to mind here for anybody else?)

The feature of this type of thought - and deed - that stands so sharply illuminated in this example is its basic inhumanity. This society has slid terribly far down the road of callousness and cruelty, but the willingness to let an entire population of underprivileged people be poisoned - well, that's a pretty clear marker. How far can a culture go down that road before it can be said to have "lost its soul?"


Good article and accurate accountability analysis.

The bottom line is that when Capital/$ trumps all other objectives, these types of deplorable outcomes become inevitable.

The irony is that these same Mammon-worshippers will go to church and profess their allegiance to Jesus.


You take what's done by a city manager who was never Democratically elected and then turn it around into an indictment of a whole society?

Ridiculous and FALSE framing:

"How far can a culture go down that road before it can be said to have "lost its soul?"

This is what I mean about blaming the wrong targets. It's done on this site by bloggers on a daily basis and suggests a Koch-Brothers' funded think tank's primary Talking Point.


I want to argue that an "emergency manager" is the right wing version of the old Soviet commissar.


No, actually I pointed out "its basic inhumanity."

Wrong again. If you remove what I wrote from YOUR frame, there is nothing in it that "blames" anybody except proponents of neoliberalism.

If you are suggesting that "Koch-Brothers' funded think tank's primary Talking Point(s)" now include The Shock Doctrine, then I submit that you are at some remove from reality.


From the article:

'...Marc Edwards, the Virginia Tech researcher who helped expose the crisis, said that if iron is leaching into the water from old pipes and connections, it follows that lead is also leaching....'

Dr. Edwards has been making some rather absurd statements about the Flint water problem. If Governor Snyder is to be criticized, such criticism should be based on facts rather than on emotion.The old pipes are made of cast iron, not lead. Only at connections is lead used, and it's separated from the water by two inches of oakum. And lead is insoluble in water.


Just to make it more "interesting": The wife of Snyder's chief of staff is a representative of uber rogue corporation Nestle', which is buying water from drought stricken California (Brown's fault). I'd bet that the flood of bottled water going into Flint is returning to Nestle' in profits. Viva laissez faire! Let the free market decide who gets lead poisoning.



70 percent of all Pipes used to carry water in cities of over 30000 in the USA were made of LEAD. The lead industry was promoting lead pipes for delivering water well past the 1970s indeed forming a lobby group to do so at that time.


This atricle details the scale of lead water pipes still extant in Flint Michicgan.

While water main lines may be cocrete or cast iron (with those solder jointa) the feeder lines running from the same to each home were generally lead.


SuspiraDeProfundis wrote:


'70 percent of all Pipes used to carry water in cities of over 30000 in the USA were made of LEAD....'

You somehow omitted what preceded the above: "By 1900".


I disagree the "lost social soul" is a Koch bros. talking point. It is a logical conclusion considering the media censorship of anything which contradicts the narrative. Certainly the swine-boys want us to blame each other and filter out as much information contradicting that conclusion as possible. The over loud media voice drowns out any alternative narrative. Our fellow citizens are losing hope as the MIC beats us over the heads with despair. I agree it is a false narrative but not dishonestly arrived at considering the dearth of real information about what is going on. I know I'd be deeply insulted by your suggestion one might be in bed with the Kochs if that is not the case. We make the perfect the enemy of the good thus fulfilling a real Koch talking point.


Whatever are you talking about? PatchworkCelt's got it right.

Flint is an indictment against the entire nation. We, the People, failed to respond when the community was thrown into crisis by General Motors' pull out during the 1980's. We sat by and did nothing to help that community that was left without the 80,000 jobs that formed the community's tax base. We, as a nation, sat by and did nothing.

We did the same with Pittsburgh when the U.S. steel industry collapsed in the wake of Japanese subsidies. We did nothing when companies that once manufactured our shoes and socks and our underwear moved the jobs to China, Malaysia, and Thailand. We allow millions of America's children to go hungry, undernourished, and without proper medical care for decades. If you do not see that as the indictment of this rapacious American capitalism we have allowed to take over our political system and the governance it exercises, you're blind.

America is hurting - badly, and we don't know it because we don't see it being broadcast on the media. America has indeed lost its soul. That soul had left the building long before the political machine that put Snyder and his cronies in charge of Michigan, and Wisconsin, and Ohio, and Kansas, had accomplished their task.


If your house was built before the 1980's and haven't changed out all the piping contained in it, you have lead in your water system, just as Flint had. Doesn't matter what the municipal water supply has done about the lead in the water mains. It was only during the 1980's that building codes were updated to restrict the use of lead in any form in municipal plumbing applications.


Looks like no one's taking you up on your challenge. Guess we all know you're correct. :slightly_smiling:


Read the bloody article you fraud. It clearly states they continued to use lead for decades after that.

The lobby group promoting the use of lead pipes was formed in 1970 some 70 years after 1900. One more time the feeds from the mains to the home were lead. They also painted pipes with lead paint.

Governments are responsible for these pipes right up to the house.

In the city of Toronto some 10 percent of homes have higher levels of lead than allowed under the limits. The government is aware of this and have indicated things the people can do to make the water safe WHILE THEY CONTINUE to replace the pipes.

All of these homes are in older neighborhoods.

In Flint , not only have they been lax in replacing this old infrastructure but they used water with corrosive chemicals that corroded those same pipes and then they openly lied and stated the water safe.

Such pipes and infrastructure HAS been upgraded in many parts of the USA but this generally in richer neighborhoods. To persons like yourself this translates into the finest drinking water in the USA when you speak of the system in Philadelphia. It quite obvious to me that from your point of view as long as there no problem with YOUR drinking water than any complaints by poor people in places like Flint is nothing more than hysteria.


In the USA the municipality is responsible for the water mains. It is the homeowner's responsibility to pay for the labor and material required to connect the home to the mains and sewer.

When it comes to replacing the older water pipes, most municipalities leave the old stuff in place until a problem arises such as a broken/leaky water main. Then that section will be upgraded with newer pipes without using lead.

Back in the early 1980's I worked for a contractor in Alaska for a time. We installed some water and sewer lines. We used copper pipes but lead based solder.

With most homeowners here, the expense of digging up and replacing water lines is cost prohibitive unless it becomes necessary to do so.


There are multiple levels of feeds. The Water company is responsible for the main water lines. From these main water lines are feed lines. These are made of lead in very many cases as it was found to be cheaper to install the same. These feed lines go up to the homeowners property. Many of these lines are shared with multiple owners.

These are called Communication pipes rather than water mains. Multiple homeowners can share the same communication line just as multiple communication lines run back into the water main.

The water company is responsible for those.

The SINGLE service line that runs through the homeowners property and into the home and which are lines not shared with any other are the responsibility of the homeowner. This are generally called supply pipes. These supply pipes can be the responsibility of a collection of homeowners if they shared this generally being in condomindium tye developments.