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Propaganda and the Defeat of Jeremy Corbyn

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/26/propaganda-and-defeat-jeremy-corbyn


I watched in horror as Jewish organizations unleashed attacks on Corbyn and his closest allies. Corbyn’s response was overly defensive and ultimately counterproductive. Instead of standing up for his allies that were being attacked by the Jewish lobby he threw them under the bus. His Jewish allies who wanted to remain Jews failed to disavow the Rabbis and Jewish organizations that attacked Corbyn, instead setting the tone, counter attacking the Jewish Lobby and it’s connection to the Pariah state occupying Palestine, it all turned on how Jeremy really wasn’t an anti-semite and many of his best friends were Jews. The same is being prepared for Bernie Sanders, all ready there is a new twitter bot “Dems against anti-semitism” The attacks will be wide ranging the goal to turn Americans even more into Palestinians. The Integrety initiative is fully engaged here in the US as well as Britain, we can all expect really bad faith propaganda to disrupt the election not for Russia but Israel.


As any high school gossip knows perfectly well, slander and calumnies repeated ad nauseum are harmful to their target no matter how absurd, and no matter, even, if hardly anyone believes them. Even if literally no one believes the slander, it’s effects are still pernicious, because, after awhile, a significant percentage of those who keep hearing/reading it begin to think, “Well, I know this slander is total BS, but 1) It’s better for me to go with the common tide of perception, and 2) a person who has been so badly and repeatedly slandered is, by virtue of that alone, a political and social liability.”

That is why even the most brazenly false slander against a public figure is so effective. No one wants to be associated with someone who has been drenched in sordid allegations, even if the vast majority knows the allegations are false.


“The Integrity Initiative” also launched a concerted campaign to paint President Putin and Russia as dire threats to Democracy in the West. They in fact used their reach to have a Cabinet Minister in Spain , who wanted that Government to form closer ties to Russia , removed from power. They have infiltrated a number of news organizations the world over.

They initially had a webpage detailing their intent. They were hacked by Anonymous and after that scrambled to rebrand.


Kudos to Margaret K, giving us a sample of her Black AgendaReport truth telling. Esp appreciated the gloves off treatment of Britain, imperialist, NATO and security toadies that they are, and their ongoing treatment of Assange…true bastardy.

As far as the accusations go, it’s probably time to take off the gloves and react with ridicule and scorn when unfounded and/or non applicable charges of anti-semitism are vomited up by special interests again and again. This accusation’s constant use and over-use vitiates its meaning and original purpose.


Slander seems to be the Establishment’s preferred way to neutralize dissidents or perceived threats, and the MSM is extremely adept at the art.

The MSM slandered Chelsea Manning, initially with astoundingly transphobic smears, rendering her person-hood irrelevant so that Barack Obama could allow the army to imprison & torture her with until the last moment of his presidency with not even the barest hint of LTGB backlash.

Julian Assange, falsely branded a rapist, is now being tortured into dementia & likely death, while the liberal press applauds.

And Tulsi Gabbard, whom the media is smearing as an Assad/Putin stooge.

It is so astoundingly easy for TV to slander people, and astoundingly easy for TV-watchers to convinced that anyone 2 millimeters to the left of Benito Mussolini is a dangerous terrorist…


I wish every American had to read your article Margaret. You summed it up very well.


Corbyn’s policies were no more radical than Attlee’s 1945 government or Harold Wilson’s and Jim Callaghan’s in the 1960s and 70s. His foreign policy was no more radical than the end of the British Empire and a shift from the East of Suez military strategy. Talking with “terrorists” all governments - Tory and Labour and Tony Blair - practiced

But saying so, Corbyn’s would have exposed the sham of his claims to being radical. In reality, Corbyn was only a harmless reformist advocating tried and failed policies of Old Labour.

When Corbyn addressed the crowds at the Glastonbury festival and got a pop star’s reception, with the crowds chanting ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ this newly-acquired cult status had to be defeated.

According to the right-wing Press,

Jez Corbyn is a spy;

We’ve no love for faux socialists,

But that’s, of course, a lie.

Our Jeremy’s a true Blue Brit,

With nothing much to hide;

As when in Number 10 he wants,

Big business on his side!

And if he reaches Downing Street,

He’ll find the system’s curbs;

Will nullify the many claims,

In all Momentum’s blurbs.

Its youthful members tend to be,

The ones who don’t recall;

All Labour’s broken promises,

Throughout its strike-prone rule.

“The White Heat of Technology”, (1)

Was wily Wilson’s wheeze;

As it was, at their Conference,

His turn to shoot the breeze!

“The Winter of (Our) Discontent” (2)

Saw strikes break out once more;

As Labour bashed the unions,

That formed its central core.

Since then some forty-years have passed,

And Labour’s lost its clout;

Momentum’s youth should wonder why,

It’s often voted out.

We judge by deeds not what is said,

And Labour comes up short;

Momentum’s members should research,

And give these facts some thought.

(1) 1/10/63. Wilson’s speech promised increased prosperity. A balance

of payments crisis in 1964 forced his Government to impose austerity.

(2) Winter 1978/79 when Callaghan’s Government introduced Pay Caps.

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Black Agenda report, The Grayzone and the WSWS are three of the best for truth telling.


Make the lie big, keep it simple, keep saying it and they will believe it.

J. Goebbels




He expressed sympathy for the IRA - terrorists who bombed and murdered civilians in the name of religion. That won him support among IRA sympathizers and lost him support among people whose families were getting bombed.

He called Hamas and Hezbollah “friends”. That won him support among people who agree that all Jews in Israel should be killed and the country transformed to an Islamic theocracy (Hamas’s position), and lost him the support of those who disagree.

He defended Russia after the Skripol poisonings. That won him the support of those who believed the Russian government are cuddly and adorable and more trustworthy than European scientists and investigators, and lost him the support of those who disagree.

He defended Iran’s government. That won him the support of Brits who like hanging gays and keeping women ‘in their place’, and lost him the support of those who preferred women and gays and dissidents to not be tortured and killed.

Corbyn was what he was. People who thought he was a saint voted for him. People who didn’t voted against him. No propaganda was necessary to differentiate those two groups.

The anti-Corbyn media is no different from the anti-Trump media. They report what politicians say, they repeat the catchy stuff, and they like to sell papers.

By the end of the 20th century the global corporations, their politicians and media had created a propaganda machine that is highly effective. That, combined with computing power that can (at a high level of precision) gerrymander and suppress votes to maximize manipulation of the US electoral college makes it easy to characterize candidate like Sanders (whose platform is no different than centrists’ platforms during the 1960s) as far left extremists.


Azura is simply confirming that Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts” continue to rule the day.


Not so fast, Azura. You do have me researching each allegation you summarize and present here sans any context.

I’m starting out expecting that you’ve larded your second invisible bullet point with the same fearful panic Bibi and Trump along with their financial backers play like the Mighty Wurlitzer of our Cold War years. All those stops, pedals and pipes synthesizing the Mass Communications apparatus made up of compliant corporate-captured mass media and submissive federal regulators soon to be whooshed through the revolving doors and semi-permeable membrane that separates government regulators from the legally structured ‘supermarkets of financial services’ that they regulate. See Whistle Blowing former Bibi Netanyahu appointed Israel Accountant General Yaron Zelekha in the now English sub-titled and U. of Tube posted explanatory Public Interest limited run investigative TV series Magash Hakesef\The Silver Platter to witness that rare scene of a whistle blowing public official, by then run out of government by the nation’s bought off mass media, confronting on camera his own academic mentors who’ve moved over to the other side and have been hired away from modestly paid public service to work for those very trans national lucrative firms they had formerly if only formally regulated.

See not only under Oscar Abu Razak from that documentary but also Sheldon Adelson, Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein et al or the core investor group of the cartel of trans cyber Surveillance Capitalism, those competition killers and anti-competitive market-making riggers aka the Feudal Lords of Financialization to whom is entrusted the portfolios of even State Capitalism’s Robber Barons and oligarchs. https://vimeo.com/90207380

“He called Hamas and Hezbollah ‘friends.’ That won him support among people who agree that all Jews in Israel should be killed and the country transformed to an Islamic theocracy (Hamas’s position), and lost him the support of those who disagree.”

As with your lead-off hit, you seek to target your PR campaigns of terror proliferation by breaking select knee caps and banishing all ambiguity and grey areas from gut issues and media amplified\repeated\reinforced National Security Threats waved wildly like Kissinger’s or North Korea’s or Iran’s nuclear ICBM pay-loads.

Meanwhile the never considered Market Forces that reduce bad regional, rather than global actors such as the IRA, Hamas or Hezbollah to mere symptoms of a set of policies manages to dodge the long overdue media saturation of necessary cost\benefit analyses and public discussion required for any semblance of participatory democracy, or left to elites to clearly re-examine these policy results and scoreboards of winners\losers that have resulted from privileging the Private Interests over the any agreed upon Public Interest.

Torn from today’s Business Media file of diversionary headlined factoids:

Corbyn’s biggest sin when weighed against the itemized summary charges against his term as Labour Party Redirector appears to be the inescapable need to understand the Class Warfare that the .01% of the 1% of winners from the last 45 years of Wage Stag Nation and that has been waged ‘scorched earth’ style against the rest of us, with the defense budget against inevitable monetary inflation being born by Wage Slaves aka Clock Punchers.

That externalized cost of Controlling Inflationary forces has been wholly shorn from off-shore cash hoarders and legal tax evading corporate pass-throughs or money laundering structures such as the Latin American narco cartels who banked with Wells Fargo’s TARP tax-payer bail-out enabled acquisition of felonious Wachovia Bancorp:

These off-shore hoarders, whether legal or not, whether granted immunity and impunity from criminal prosecution and who no longer wish to risk any of their loot on investment or infrastructure costs in the nation-states they do business in while evading tax bills, when they factor reducing the cost of Labor most surely find like our Business Media that unfettering global capital protects the value of their reserve currency. Even if exports fall due to the over-valuation of that privileged and protected reserve currency.

Meanwhile nationalistic movements like the Steve Bannon designed and managed Trump campaign dictate facts on the ground, while social democrats dither in NGO’s or white washing the mass dislocation and pauperization that creates these unprecedented concentrations of audit-resistant wealth privatized into the fewest hands and off-shore accounts in recorded history.

Not to linger too long on the debt-defying budgetary largesse of our President’s recent raise in allowance given to Daddy Warbucks and rubber stamped by the amoral Democrats including Yay votes from many of the most liberal and labor-identified U.S. reps like our local congresswoman and rep from Nike and Intel, Suzanne Bonamici who joined her vote to the immoral budget overwhelmingly approved by their Duopoly partners those business-savvy Republicans.

Globally we find that movements like the UK’s Leavers of the EU via BREXIT or Hungary’s resurgent single issue Border Sealers who harken back to WW II’s NAZI collaborating Magyar Arrow Cross or Greece’s steroid growth legitimizers of the fascist Golden Dawn are seeking to pen up workers behind borders, thereby further eroding any power organized labor had left to defend what Wealth of Nations author and creator of the academic discipline of Economics, Adam Smith referred to as the market exchange valuation and worth of labor.

Okay, let’s call that prevailing set of policies that Jez Corbyn homed in on for decades of targeted critique during the Thatcher-Reagan-Bush-Clinton era the Neo-Liberal E-CON Revolution that was not televised or even covered much via BBC or VOA or RT radio broadcast. Yet that prevailing set of socio-economic policies and Political Economy shifting policy outcomes re- aligned the UK Labour Party make-over to the Political Party of Financialization and Business Needs-driven Gig E-CON and 3rd party agency staffing that opened the door to the Uberization of the once stable work place. By doctrine what was instituted was the de-stabilization of global labor markets.

As per the prioritization of Business Needs over Human and Social Needs came the codified if never submitted to any state’s law (not even labor law) that only market-based solutions may be brought to bear on market-created global crises such as mass displacement, under-employment via a destabilized Gig E-Con that converts vested workers into independent contractors (dba Uberization or taking the Lyft in removing the employer-entrepreneur from any responsibility for maintaining a social pact with the society it does its bid-net in). The socio-economic effects include the rarely calculated much less mentioned in consumer news and public affairs market of broadcasters such game-changers as normalizing de-professionalization, turning pension plans over to investment markets and de-coupled from employer obligations, part-timing and two-tiering of unionized staff while side-lining job experience, earned seniority benefits and employer training as any legitimate criterion for value added to Wage Slaves’ worth by a Corporate Caliphate’s hierarchical standards.

That threats from Hamas and Hezbollah could be conjured as credible even to Israelis who are best at cost\benefit assessments of their own shrinking military budget in ratio to the national GDP (financialized as well), speaks to the effectiveness of not only The Big Lie. Our own U.S. history has been taken up by linked apparatuses and federal funding subsidy schemes that may have included but were not limited to the giveaway of national resources like our broadcast and cyber spectrum to the highest bidders. However, the incalculable and thus surely externalized costs of Blowback from Black, Gray and Red propaganda apparatuses are due an accounting as well.

The militarized threats on Israel’s borders have vaporized. Start with the not so long ago most formidable forces of the Assad Machine of 19 internal security agencies and Russian supplied SAM and ballistic missiles along with air to air gear purchased via cut-outs on Daddy Warbucks global markets, or the corrupt family run regime’s ability to contract with nuclear suppliers of tech, materiel and on-the-ground consultants like the North Korean regime.

Also the transformation of the Egyptian Army (and the national economy it command controls) now among Israel’s closest military and intel partners along with the mischievous and deep-pocketed Saudi Royal Family and Emirates LLP. Even recently ISIS occupied contiguous swathes of territory and natural resources mapped by the imperials to Iraq and Syria were pre-occupied with the hostile take-over by Iran’s Supreme Shia’a Regime and ISIS vanquishing Islamic Revolutionary Guards (especially those Iranian forces trained and led by the tactical master of counterinsurgency Qassem Soleimani, who curiously has never received much U.S. broadcast coverage. Nor has he been elevated to Evil Super Villain or any kind of fearful figure in the Less Than Mighty Wurlitzers of compulsive Tweeters like Trump despite The Donald’s calls for all-out war with Iran and the backing chorus from the Daddy Warbucks wing of the U.S. State Department (see choirmaster John Bolton).

King of Likud Bibi in Israel, however, knows better and won’t bluff with any threat as genuine as the potential limited partnership with such a situational anti-ISIS ally like Major General Soleimani.

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters and Shifters
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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Absolutely. And the effective response is to 1. answer without reinforcing the frame. That is, don’t repeat the lie, assert the truth. Nixon saying “I’m not a crook” cemented in everyone’s mind that he was a probably a crook. The insane right wing has the money not just to attack weaknesses but to go after strengths with all guns blazing; it’s called swiftboating, named after the Republicans’ lying attacks on John Kerry’s JFK-like heroic exploits (in an admittedly unjust and criminal war) may have cost him that election. Every election involving Republicans involves those tactics and worse.

So 2. WE have to defeat such attacks before they start, by talking about Bernie’s many strengths–as this article by Kimberley does brilliantly; we need to solidify them in enough minds so only those already never going to vote for him will believe them. (They’ll obviously believe anything out of the right wing propaganda machine.)

Sanders’ plan to take on the forces of denial and avoid climate catastrophe is by far the most effective one; he’s the only hope for the Democratic party, those Republicans and propertytarian independents whose souls are still salvageable, and the US and the world. He’s the only one even trying to knock the US off its fascism-bound road of increasing inequality, or away from its place as the cruel miser-meister pariah of the developed world–the only rich nation chumming the waters instead of providing a safety net for its citizens… and so much more. Bernie is the one we’re most sure can beat IL Drumpfe der Gropenführer.

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Although anti-semitic smears played their small part, Corbyn’s flip-flop on Brexit played a far larger role in his historic loss. Brexit is popular among the working class in the UK.


And the underlying process continues apace… viz, the hollowing out of the very concept of objective truth… the rebranding of the very concept as a production of some variety of tribalism.

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