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Propaganda for Syrian ‘Regime Change’


Propaganda for Syrian ‘Regime Change’

Rick Sterling

Neocons and Clintonites have launched a major campaign with the goal of direct U.S. military intervention and aggression against Syria, potentially leading to war with Iran and Russia.


Hillary says "attack" and Trump says "get the hell out of there". Based on that, who is the lesser evil?


Superb analysis by Sterling of very distressing developments. Many thanks to CD for publishing this. The article should be read by as many people as possible, but alas! will probably be read by only a few.

I'd been noticing the uptick in MSM Syria reports that had an odor of propaganda about them, and this piece confirms my worst fears.

How long can this go on? How can this mass war hysteria be stopped? Has everyone lost their mind or moral core? Are not the Empire's soldiers themselves weary of all the death and destruction?

Take to the streets! Boycott the election! Stop the killing!


Obama's job is to line up the financial half of a one world order and it seems Hilary's job is to line up the military half of the one world order.


Exceptional article. I wish there was a way for the whole country to see this, what an eye opener it would be.
Sterling is correct, there are many things we can do to get the word out, I have already put it on face book. These are the kinds of things our Revolution must do. Quickly get the news out and get everyone together to demand change.
I know most commenters here know how seriously dangerous Hillary is to us and to the world. The Neocons lived past Cheney and are alive and well in HRC, she must not become president.


Thank you Rick Sterling for this article and Common dreams for posting it. Having read most of the alt-media Rick points out I was struggling with all the total bullshit put out by MSM including Democracy Now which has become a lesser news outlet.

The change to this tale of woe I suggest is this......."Regional forces supporting the war on Syria include Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey." Which left out both France and the UK. There are photos of UK troops and equipment in Syria.

Also this project is called Greater Israel. Wesley Clark years ago told the public that the plan was 5 countries in seven years. A neocon plan from Bush and company. Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan and Syria. The five countries. Wow talk about illegal war mongering. Hillary will be and is on board with the greater Israel project.

The letter of Syrian doctors I truly thought was a joke and would be taken as such as I recognize at least four of the doctors names as the names of known terrorists.

What I do not understand is why Assad has not closed his territory, land and sky, to foreigners. When Syria's air force bombs YPG (Kurds supported by the US) when they attacked Syrian people the US tells Syria to back off and sends in jets. Why are not Israeli and US planes not attacked? I say that all US, UK, and Israeli planes and troops should be removed from Syria or killed. Hey its legal. What we and what Hillary will do is not legal. Of course, any one with half a brain knows most of what Hillary does and says is a crime or a lie.


Still waiting for Congress to take up the issue of Syria. Obama cannot not get Congress to act on this. He should not be doing these actions without the consent of Congress but they have left it up to him to take on ISIS without passing legislation to do so. For the public to have any kind of a say in what goes on it requires Congress taking up the issue. We can't lobby our legislators on this if they don't take ii up. And if Hillary Clinton is the next president she also should act only on the basis of congressional legislation. The commander in chief is in charge of the military but is supposed to get the approval of Congress before carrying out a prolonged military campaign. Obama is using legislation passed a number of years ago that was directed at al-qaeda but he has stretched it to cover ISIS which is somewhat of a stretch. Congress is simply not functioning as it was intended to do.


God I can not believe you can be filled with so much wind. It does not matter if it is congress or Obama to attack another country that has not attacked first is illegal. Get it? It is against the law but it is also against all moral conventions. Of course, you support the Clinton monster so I should not expect you to make sense.

I suppose you missed the fact that ISIS was created and is funded and armed by the USA.


Why aren't........? Answer, courtesy of Al Gore. It would be an inconvenient truth.


Good point about France and the UK. France is up to its neck in the shit that is the destruction of Syria, and it's a disgrace.


Seen any pigs flying lately, Lrx?


Thank you Rick Sterling. Suspected ALL of this, but you have given us the proof. Hillary Clinton WILL start the very last war. Humanity is on the ropes. Here is the enlightened leadership of the world's indispensable and exceptional (empire) nation.

I can not say in a public forum what I desperately wish would happen, and soon. Unfortunately, the witch will survive.


This is interesting. British Parliament in debate with George Galloway speaking about the West's and the UK policy in the Middle East.


Actually, this is a sophisticated piece of PROPAGANDA FOR ASSAD. It is imperialist for Western writers to ignore progressive Syrian voices and impose their own agenda on Syria. READ AND TALK WITH PROGRESSIVE SYRIANS. Getting your analysis from Western activists is analogous to getting your info from white activists on Ferguson and Black Lives Matter.


Hillary Clinton has sought a war with Syria since at least 2015 ... https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/nov/19/hillary-clinton-isis-strategy-ground-troops-airstrikes-no-fly-zone-syria