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Proposals to Ease Covid’s Blow on the Hardest Hit All But Ignored by Corporate Media

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/03/proposals-ease-covids-blow-hardest-hit-all-ignored-corporate-media

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Thanks for calling out corporate-owned news-media for enabling national cruelty and promoting income inequality.

PS. I prefer this term to mainstream media – which is far from mainstream. Telling the truth about these sources also ends up with a more appropriate acronym – CON…

Wringing hands while their class cohorts wring our necks

The amount of things that Corp. Media ignores would stun a team of oxen!
Notice that it was election 24x7, then covid 24x7, now protests 24x7, no other news,
no mention of the previous HOT 24x7 topic. Is it that these folks can’t walk & chew gum
at the same time? 1 topic only at a time?

In 1968 the 3 networks only managed to cover a war, civil unrest, a space race, an election, etc.
All At The Same Time! 50 years later, with all out high tech, and 24x7 cable “news”, 98+% of what
happens in the US and world never gets reported!

A very sickening state of affairs, Ed Murrow is spinning in his grave!

And as a side note, what we have today isn’t really “News” it’s endless hours of “experts”, and talking heads blabbering on and on with opinions, personal analysis, and spin… It’s “infotainment”, not “News”.

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I’ve just spent an hour this morning reading, with CBS news playing in the background, and they continue to say things like “…the economic havoc caused by Covid19…” Covid19 didn’t cause any economic havoc. Our congress did. On purpose. And they’re being given a free pass for this extremely destructive decision. We were placed under martial law while they looted our treasury and the corporate media are giving them a pass when there were other choice that could have been made. I pray that the current protests become a regular fixture in this country, as a way of addressing all of the very many injustices that need correcting.

Thats because a trade agreement they don’t want to draw attention to took the entire progressive agenda off the table- decades ago.

They cant help people except in an extreme emergency if commercial entities sell commercial products that might help people instead. Like loans, etc. It also trades away jobs.

They did this in the 1990s, but we still have not gotten the memo.

A reply to my own post… I notice even here on CD, where is all the yelling
for the “Next COVID relief Pkg”, that I saw 2 weeks ago? All the concern for
new spikes and crazy pols who were forcing things too soon?

I was talking with a friend tonight, and he may have hit it on the head! The “Media”,
in any form, may understand people better than I do. They realize that folks are only
bright enough, their attention span is only long enough, and the capability to absorb
multiple topics simultaneously is so limited that, info must be fed “1 thing @ a time”!

I read about 15-20 blogs, news sites, etc. in an evening, National & International, just
to try and stay on top of all that’s happening, left, right, and center. But, I once heard a TV
exec say that if they talk about anything international during a newscast, they can watch the
the cable boxes click away.

So, perhaps I blame the media, when it’s actually the consumer who sets the precedent?