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Proposed Health Insurance Megamerger Could Spell Disaster for Access and Cost of Care



A merger that's anti-consumer, anti-healthcare and pro-Industry?

How can it fail?


Go Bernie!


It's time to NATIONALIZE.


Medical tourism: coming to a cigar-rolling nation near you.


So many of the Republicans are against the ACA. They should give up their tax funded healthcare and turn it over to the uninsured. The Republicans never came up with a plan to insure everyone. The 2 Bushes & Reagan left it as it was.


It's too bad that we do not have a functioning Supreme Court.


This situation is the #1 official systic ping.


Little chance of that happening under The Dictatorship Of The Corportariat. They already own congress. Health, Agra, Finance, Energy, and Media. Neocon bankster Obama is about to make their power absolute with TPP. They will then crash the economy, and using bail-in will take every penny you have. Cash will be eliminated. Freedom will be a tale of yore.


Go Jill!!!


"Many are calling for a universal, publicly-funded health care system to replace the for-profit model behind this dismal performance."

Well why didn't they vote for the candidate that ran on that platform when they had the chance? When O rejected SP, i rejected O ..


neither candidate ran on that platform, the fact is, our trade policy has framed public services as state owned enterprises or monopolies since the 1990s and is pushing to irreversibly tie the ratchet and make them FTA illegal irreversibly. the last chance to prevent this is the vote on Tuesday or TISA and GATS will be upon affordability like the hounds fn hell. After that, profits come first and it will be buy or die. Their fake "emergency" will lead to calls to open the country up to low paid healthcare workers from around the world to drive profits up. Don't say I didnt warn you.


Google GATS Article I:3 - its use in TISA and TTIP and the imminet revival of the GATS itself with all that implies, thats the root of the problem. Caveat Emptor.


Dennis did in 2004 and 2008. Jill Stein did. The Labor Party has had that as a bottom-line plank since the off (I have their bumper sticker on my car: "JUST HEALTH CARE").

But Dennis, Jill, and the Labor Party all got too little support because too many people believed the oligarchy's lies rather than their own personal experience.


Disaster capitalism is certainly on a roll.... Good times..... Good times..... Look to Greece to see the future that awaits us in the near term and Somalia for what awaits us longer term.....


And Obama and the Democrats went ahead and passed a Republican insurance plan anyway. The ACA does not insure anyone either, it only makes many poorer with high premiums and little healthcare for it.


Don't look at Greece and Somalia as far as the US is concerned - look at ancient Rome instead.


Healthcare is far too expensive for most people already. Unless you are one of the few lucky ones still belonging to a union, or you are a politician healthcare in the US is a racket and far too expensive.

The only way to get free healthcare is to try to stay below $15,000 a year and qualify for Medicaid.


The new bubble
Just as when commercial banking and investment banking combined to create wealth for wall street and depression for everyone else, you can bet that wall street has it's greedy eyes on the health care exchanges, and how to duplicate the mortgage bubble disaster with healthcare. Insurance companies will merge, combine groups of high risk policies, have them rated as low risk polices and sell them off as (good investments).
New bubble, new disaster, new bail out.


Perhaps the route to single payer is for that single payer to be an ungoverned Wall Street firm like JPMC or Goldman, Sachs, or BofA, or Wells Fargo, or Morgan Stanley, etc. - another Too Big to Govern monstrosity the politicians are afraid to take down to a size that adults can manage. So only immature children are allowed to work there.