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Proposed Law Seeks to Reform System That Jails People Just for Being Poor


Proposed Law Seeks to Reform System That Jails People Just for Being Poor

Jon Queally, staff writer

Civil liberties and criminal justice reform groups are celebrating the introduction of a new bill in the U.S. Senate on Thursday that would overhaul the nation's money bail system which critics have long decried for incarcerating people regardless of guilt or innocence but simply because of their inability to pay.


Charles Dickens was so moved by the “poor houses/debtors’ prisons” that were ubiquitous in Europe in the 19th Century that he wrote a book, “Little Dorrit.” I loved the book and have watched the BBC miniseries of same several times never tiring of seeing it: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00fcm3b Acting is superb, cinematography amazing, and the story spellbinding.

But, I am very sick and tired of the lack of any substantive, constructive policies/reforms/programs that address poverty and how to eliminate it with imprisonment NOT in the mix of solutions. Just lock 'em away out of sight, out of mind. It is readily apparent that the GOP is devoid of any concern, compassion, or caring about the human condition…their mean-spirited actions show their allegiance to their moneyed benefactors…corporate and individuals with persistent proposals for legislation that will destroy our nation’s social safety net…from the cradle to the grave, as it were.


Little Dorrit was a good story! The period sets and costumes of the BBC production was also very good.


It would be great if we had more Senators like Kamala Harris. This is a huge problem that needs a lot of fixing.


In their core, most people are mindless thugs.