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Proposed Pipeline Sparks Widespread Dissent


Proposed Pipeline Sparks Widespread Dissent

Daniel Abdulah
The People over Pipelines march packed the streets with local activists in July who came together in protest and embarked on a five day trek across 55 miles, covering only a fraction of the proposed path for the high-pressure fracked natural gas pipeline we seek to stop. Despite such a powerful and outspoken movement, policymakers have neglected to restrain Spectra Energy from constructing the Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) pipeline.


When the election gets here fire the ones both democrat and republican who vote with these evil corporations of public poisoning and pollution.....They drill and destroy land and water just to reap the poisons to sell back to us, and then they have to create a market for their posion(pipelines are born)so they can ship it to our front door... and as long as they sponsor candidates for election we will get this kind of government.....But seems everyones is only worried about abortion or gays marring gays. The real issues are clouded up and glazed over with these non issues of social preference...Now our election is about voting for evil 1 or evil 2....Either one we lose...nothing to do but hold our nose and vote ..let the shit chips land where they land...


It is offensive that this pipeline uses Algonquin in its name.


Give this kid a hand! May his voice be heard...


Yes... very true.


I sit in my house... reading this... and the only way for me to help... is to just talk to those I know...I did protest against the Iraq war from about 2005-8... or so...and I had signs made and articles printed that I handed out... on climate... in the town next to me... I am really thinking of starting up another ...in the meantime...I will continue to discuss and share information... it's just that... it doesn't feel like enough... I want to see results...


When I quit my profession in 2001 it was because of a proposed shopping center development on one of the worst sites imaginable. Part of the project would have changed the natural course of a large tributary of the Allegheny that was shared by much wildlife and local anglers. It would have become a riprap lined ditch for the convenience of the developed site, and to appease local resistance an outdoor kiosk (think cheap State Park shelter) was proposed at a bend in this ditch which they proposed to call the Rachel Carlson Environmental Learning Center because Rachel Carlson had grown up in a house overlooking this fiasco.

I shit you not. One of the principals of the development/investment partnership - we used to call him the Senator because he was all of the bombast and arrogance of same - got in my face and told me that the Republicans were going to gut all of the environmental regulations. Nice guy.