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Proposed Withdrawal of US Troops in Syria

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/03/proposed-withdrawal-us-troops-syria

This is an excellent article. Alas, calls for “the US elite to renounce US imperialism” are misplaced. One might as well call on the Pentagon to renounce Lockheed.


Good article.

But why keep repeating this shibboleth that we didn’t know about the plan until Clark told us? Anyone who was aware of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) and their founding statement on June 3, 1997 knew about this plan.

It wasn’t a secret. They laid it out in detail. It was published. It was available to read by anyone who wanted to know what the Bush administration was all about since so many of the NeoCons behind the PNAC were in the Bush administration.

This continuing reference to Clark telling us about this is to me more proof about how terrible journalism has become. Once upon a time journalists were curious, skeptical, and committed to doing investigation. In those days journalists would have wondered about the people in the Bush administration, would have been skeptical of what they were told, and would have investigated them. Then they’d have reported early on about PNAC and their plan.

But by the early days of this century journalism had been reduced to repeating without skepticism or curiosity (and often without fully understanding it) what some authority told them. It had even devolved into most journalists not repeating what the supposed authorities told them but what other journalists told them they said. The few real journalists were drive out of the corporate owned business: Robert Parry, Chris Hedges, etc.

So for these journalists the only way they could in any way find out about this plan was for Clark to tell them. Because they couldn’t possibly find about it on their own.

So I call on Professor Forthofer in his next article to dump the Clark reference and just cite PNAC from the start, ok?


The Lil Jimmies don’t know about PNAC.
Let the Reagan Library burn!

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… It’s past time for the US elite to renounce US imperialism.

The US elite aren’t exactly spectators, here. They’ve invested in imperialism, militarism and endless illegal wars to further enhance their power. It’s left to the rest of us to renounce not just US imperialism, but the very elites and the corporate media they own and, sorry, it’s going to take more than a few weekend protests or voting for the lesser of their two evil puppets to get it done.


Great article! Thanks to CD for publishing this. Maybe it will help with every critic of US policy or MSM propaganda towards Syria being labeled by progressives as an “Assadist”, “Putin’s puppet”, or “tankie.” Just maybe???

Where to start though? PNAC wasn’t the first policy document outlining US Imperial policy towards the ME. US involvement goes back to at least the end of WWII. I think your criticism towards the author is misplaced.

Thanks to Roberto on the Julian Assange page,

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I’m being serious when I say that I actually support Putin’s position as a bulwark against the US/Israel/Saudi/Gulf coalition running roughshod over the MidEast and the Shia Crescent in particular.

I fully realize it’s primarily about protecting Russian fossil fuel interests but the fact that Putin now holds so many cards as a side effect is a boon to the safety of lots of Arabs who would otherwise be in PNAC’s crosshairs. Putin is sizing up Libya next – a place we left in ruins. And Israel and the Saudis are making their deals with Putin…let’s face it, he’s the semi-rational alternative to PNAC maniacs and clueless Trump.

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