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ProPublica Retraction, Say Critics, Does Nothing to Nullify Objections to Haspel's Role in CIA Torture Program


ProPublica Retraction, Say Critics, Does Nothing to Nullify Objections to Haspel's Role in CIA Torture Program

Julia Conley, staff writer

Journalists and civil liberties advocates are cautioning against the derailing of the debate over CIA Director nominee Gina Haspel's history of overseeing torture and her fitness to lead the agency, after ProPublica retracted portions of its reporting on her role in the Bush-era program.


If a spade is going to be called a spade, let us call a War Criminal, a War Criminal.


That there is even a debate on this is indicative of just how depraved US “culture” has become.

Some people in this country can’t be bothered by the subject, unless of course they are titillated by it through desensitizing propaganda like “24”.

Feinstein has Haspel’s back, so she should sail through the confirmation process.

Feinstein’s Key Findings provides the roadmap for every rationale offered by the CIA that the hideous war crime of torture isn’t directly attributable to the agency or individual within the agency.

I assert, this amounts to a coverup, and it serves Feinstein’s interests such that she is ultimately culpable for being a party to those crimes, given the fact she was briefed on ongoing “enhanced interrogation techniques” as powerful Chairwoman of the Select Senate Committee on Intelligence i.e., responsible for oversight of the CIA, and other intelligence organizations.

Feinstein has now released publicly a letter asking Pompeo and Haspel to de-classify information relative to her role at the agency, in regard to torture.

This of course offers the opportunity for Pompeo and Haspel to offer whatever fiction they deem necessary to sail through the nomination. I’m certain a lovely defense, following the roadmap Feinstein layed out, is in the works as I cluck.

The heading on Feinstein’s website, calling attention to this letter, has the word “torture”.

The letter to the CIA of course does not.

In fact Feinstein has never directly used the word torture, asserting torture was committed by the CIA.

In her Key Findings, the word “torture” was used once. And that was attributing that to John McCain’s assertion that torture was used.

See the difference?

In her “summary” she wrapped it up saying “mistakes” were made.

And I tell you, she is just so frustrated after her battles with the CIA and Obama to get out the truth!!!

Go get 'em Feinstein!!!


Our Constitution may not support the use of torture but the history of the US, from its birth to now, surely can be seen as promoting policies that amount to torture for at least native and black populations.


This is rewarding and advancing of the TORTURERS and putting them in place
to guide the CIA to more of the same.

This is the agenda – their planned future for all of us.


Additionally, as we can see from the records of all dictatorships they are based
in TORTURE – and as we look at Hitler/Nazis we see a totally threatened German
society with great fear of speaking out on any issue and subjected to relentless

Same, actually, for the US which also betrayed its own citizens by creating an
Elite-Patriarchy by proclaiming “All are equal.”

The Founders endowed them with land grants – gave them immense influence and control
over our people’s government, the nation’s wealth and natural resources.
The dispensing of the “Silver Spoons” by Our Founders to other Elites.

The Founders also saved and supported the system of Slavery for their own benefit, doing
great harm to this nation with the Civil War which such actions guaranteed. Elites further
benefitted from this splitting of the nation into two halves where hatred thrived and still echoes.

As if the brutality and violence required to keep AA’s enslaved here weren’t enough, they set
once again new precedence in violence in their GENOCIDE versus the native people here –
112 million of them. It was basically a replay of the “Christian” Crusades, Inquisition, and
Burning at the Stake.

Corrupt power requires violence in order to maintain their control over citizens.


Torturers need a revealing taste of their own medicine. Not just a frying pan over the rear end or a thorough lashing with a wet noodle.


Well certainly that is the case.

But the incredible danger of what is happening NOW has the potential to multiply past horrors to the nth degree, and bring fully, the horrors, the dark side of US Empire home.

Not that you miss this, but such arguments without that context run the danger of dismissing the historical significance of these developments.

There is in place, right now, mass surveillance, a militarized police, and a right wing armed White Nationalists movement whose loyalty is clearly with a right wing fascist President.

This country, including the original Americans, Blacks, Whites, whoever has never faced such incredible danger.


Liz Cheney sez: (Haspel) has “spent her career defending the American people” while those who criticize her are “defending terrorists.” Cheney also claimed that the CIA’s use of torture produced valuable intelligence that saved American lives.

Apparently the apple didn’t fall far from the toxic dunghill.


This gal is pure evil. John Kiriakou calls her evil, that’s good enough for me. She fulfills Trump’s campaign promise to re-institute torture.