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Prosecution of Assange Is an Attack on Our Own Humanity

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/02/prosecution-assange-attack-our-own-humanity


Whatever the verdict, the self declared democratic powers have already suffocated, silenced, and significantly damaged the pioneering project of wikileaks. The word hero is thrown around easily now days, but Assange truly deserves that title, as he knowingly stepped into this dangerous David and Goliath fight. No matter what the verdict, the self declared democratic powers have already shamed themselves to naked truth for the past decade. And by self declared democratic powers, I don’t just mean Australia, UK, US, Sweden, 2nd Ecuador - but also Italy, France, Germany, Spain and all the other silent witnesses to this carnage. The Assange case has also pulled open the curtain to the decadence and servitude of the western press, and to the passivity and compliance of its people. Such a historically important case. Bigger than the Manning and Snowden cases.


and here’s more on Assange and his current situation

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First they came after Assange, but I was not Assange,
Then they came after Manning, but I was not Manning,
Then they came after Snow, but I was not Snow,


“History will be kind to Assange” only if the ascent of global fascism we have observed during the past 40 years can be reversed. Otherwise the fascists will write revisionist history, a skill that they have proven to be masters of.


“For this act of liberation, WikiLeaks has been declared an enemy by nearly every powerful state. Assange has been character assassinated, arbitrarily.”



Our heroes or demonized while our most despicable sociopaths are revered and quoted ad nauseam.
Personally I would like to see Assange, Snowden and Manning running our government instead of the this evil cabal that currently controls the White House, Congress and the Supreme Court. Unfortunately Assange revealed the corruption of both the Democrats and the Republicans and therefore corporate America wants to send a clear and powerful message out there… “blame anyone you like for your poverty and perpetual misery, but never blame corporate America or else we will crush you!”


Isn’t it funny (funny?) that Assange’s only hope now is Trump? If Trump decides to piss the Clintons and the entire Democratic Party off just one more time, he will pardon Assange (and perhaps Snowden as well) on his way out the door. Of course, that is their only hope, as once Biden takes office the gloves will truly be off and Assange will be imprisoned, tortured, and most likely executed for his most heinous crimes, this crimes of course being pointing out the foibles and murders of the previous democratic administration.
Under the clintonites, the democrats have marched on a road of bones. I fear that Biden will make sure that Assange’s bleached out skeleton will be crushed under the Jack boot of his new justice department, adding to the road base.
Trump is Assange’s only hope. Imagine having to look to Donald Trump to be your only potential savior?

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Good for you rayd, history will judge, if it’s not locked into the
the NYT (ministry of truth); that so many calling themselves journalists
have betrayed journalism for their careers.


Thanks Nozomi. Your loyalty to Assange and his sacrifice for
truth in journalism has been unfailing. And grateful to CD for
publishing you.
What has failed is Western culture, along with “God being dead”
(Nietzsche), so has our belief in humanity.


Is there anything that we can do right now to support Assange? Though I hate Trump and everything he has done to our country (and I know he’s just part of a long sad, destructive process) I would even write to him supporting clemency for Assange if that would help. Or where can one donate a small amount of money? You others on CD are much more experienced in this political world than I so you may know something I don’t. Oddly and sadly, I have so many peace-loving and very liberal friends who don’t know and won’t believe the true story of Assange. And so I have to stay silent about Assange among most people I know. I am extremely grateful for this article by Hayase. This is my first ever post to CD-compelled to do something in reference to this so tragically unknown story.


In an alternate reality where all crime was justifiably punished, Julian Assange would be a National Hero to everyone.

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The great hypocrisy is that when Assange revealed the atrocities committed by the Bush administration , many that claimed themselves as progressives lauded his efforts. When Wikileaks revealed how corrupt Hilary Clinton was these voices suddenly called him a traitor and a Russian asset.

Assange revealed a lot of truths that he might never have anticipated.



This might be of help to you. Paul Craig Roberts has a website up where people are invited to voice their support.


Assange wrote this in response to a letter he received from a supporter.

‘Knowing you are out there fighting for me keeps me alive in this profound isolation.’

Oh and I welcome you to Common Dreams. The more people that care about such things the better.

That this is happening to Assange in this day and age is beyond comprehension and hearkens back to the Roman Inquisition.
Responding to mounting controversy over theology, astronomy and philosophy, the Roman Inquisition tried Galileo in 1633 and found him “vehemently suspect of heresy”, sentencing him to indefinite imprisonment. Galileo was kept under house arrest until his death in 1642.
And now that bumbling, fumbling Biden and his successor, Harris, are in office, there is little to no hope for Assange.

Trump can change this. If he wants to poke a stick in the eye of neolib dems, CNN-Clinton News Network, et al, he would drop all charges against Assange. Assange has been on the run or imprisoned long enough. It is time to put an end to this madness that began in earnest during the Obama administration, one that used the Espionage Act against more journalists and whistleblowers than any other president in history, and allow Assange safe passage home to Australia or wherever he may choose his home to be. Same holds true for Snowden, his wife and child too.

Lends truth to “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose, “the more things change, the more they stay the same."