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Prosecution of Assange is Persecution of Free Speech


Prosecution of Assange is Persecution of Free Speech

Nozomi Hayase

US authorities are reported to have prepared charges to seek the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. This overreach of US government toward a publisher, whose principle is aligned with the U.S. Constitution, is another sign of a crumbling façade of democracy.


An interesting article as far as it goes, but there is both an historical and contemporary dimension which is, I would submit, inextricably intertwined and fundamental to the TIMING and rhetoric: the stunning kleptocratic dimensions to a failing economic theory cum military. The predatory marketing oligarchy still pulls the strings their jaw wagging puppets, flip-flopping their way through the week from one jerk of strategy to the next. This is a cabal that uses language like mirrors, and they are shaping the hall / dungeon of mirrors as they go.
Some nerdy messages from earth science day worth repeating


The Truth Hurts...

...Those in Power who have no Ethics.


The "why now" is the big question. As the facts and laws haven't changed. And for some reason, it is not fully convincing that this is a first step towards a broader strategy to attack free speech. The current administration hasn't displayed any strategic wisdom so far. Is it perhaps a threatening reaction in anticipation of something big coming by WL?


The big money is using the gullible to accumulate as much more power and capital as they can before the environmental sh-t hits the fan. They know it's coming; they want to be in complete ascendancy. Also, they know the jig is up and there'll be a huge redux in consumerism and therefore cash flow. Huge die offs of all species of living organisms tend to have that effect. They'll need to co-opt some likeminded scientists who will help them produce purified water, food, and air sources. All this KnowNothingism is just nonsensical cover for their preparation. Power hunger, straightforward selfishness, and a delusional superiority complex are what drives them. We won't all die though, so they're just building a kind of hell for themselves and anyone else who survives. What a world. It's time for us to evolve into our better selves. I hope we can before the delusional supremacists win this infernal civil war.


Assange is not being detained. He's being sheltered by the Ecuadorean embassy and he can walk out the door any time he wants to. There is no mention here of the rape charge he's avoiding.

Usually I agree with what I read on Common Dreams, but I can't agree with this article. A world in which there is no privacy is no better than the one we're headed to right now. Which of you wants to have the entire contents of your computer - your emails, your photos, every word you've typed into that device - stolen and in the news tomorrow?

This doesn't seem a particularly tricky thing to figure out. We can stand on street corners and say what we think, but if we have concealed cameras to obtain whatever damaging pictures that we can spread far and wide, are we protected by our right to free speech? Who had a right to hack John Podesta's laptop? Where are John Podesta's rights? Why is Wikileaks protected when obviously they took possession of stolen information and published it?

Now that technology exists that can spy on us in our homes, we are approaching real 1984 ideas. We assumed it would be the government keeping an eye on us, but it turns out anybody at all can infringe on our right of privacy and make a living from it, and people will write articles demeaning anyone who didn't appreciate that whole process. I don't want my personal life to come in second to the free speech rights of whoever wants to intrude on it.


Our Media began to rein in telling us the Truth a half century ago, and has been De-regulated and Captured so as to not to Have To anymore.

Assange is on OUR side.


The government, businesses, and your neighbors have you under surveillance, Assange or not.

Drones, cameras, hackers, phisherman, backdoors, Assange or not.

An outlet exposing malfesance, corruption, and the plain old truth--Assange runs that.

I'll stick with WikiLeaks, thank you very much.

Oh, and Assange wasn't charged with rape, he was charged with sexual assault and unlawful coercion. Also, the charges were dropped in 2015 after Swedish prosecutors made zero effort to take Assange's statement. Possibly, that indicates they had no case--his accusers no longer wanted to testify, both admitted to having consensual sex with him. I'm not defending pussy grabbers like D. Trump and Bill Clinton--but the Assange charges were suspicious under the circumstances.

Oh, and Podesta's emails weren't hacked precisely. He fell for a phishing expedition by clicking on an email designed to get into his account where his password was so ill-conceived, it was easily parsed by a group of mischief makers in the Ukraine.

Oh, and Hillary chose to use vulnerable servers of her own, despite government edicts declaring this unwise, so apparently privacy something she only thought about in the context of hiding things from open records initiatives designed to stop precisely that.


Last time I checked there was no charge. Maybe that has changed. But he has always said he was willing to answer the INQUIRIES if the Swedish wanted to do that. I think it is obvious that it is a frame up. Are you aware that one of the supposed rape victims tweeted out a celebraion of having bedded Assange only to later delete that and claim rape?


They are not protected. The point is that there is nothing inherently good about governments - far from it in many cases. John Podesta's emails were leaked by a whistleblower because they were so badly at odds with standards that people in power are expected to keep. In general, no one cares about people's private lives. But when someone in power appears to be a pedophile and others are thoroughly two-faced, I think the public needs to know. You are effectively supporting the deep state and its dark dealings by arguing against people who choose to reveal wrongdoings. You are shooting the messenger rather than thinking about what they are highlighting.


... of course, when the heat comes on to get Assange out of the embassy, the UK government will act like the spineless puppet of the US they always have been.